100 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham called out on impeachment contradictions

  1. This system was same the Republicans used in 2015 . 1st the investigation in closed sessions .And then the reading of the charges.

  2. Quid pro quo… What do you think has been going on throughout the republication party..

    The Ukrainian scenario is public, yes, however, what do you think has been happening with all these tight lipped republicans, who appear to be frightened to speak out.'…

    Is their leader pulling a quid pro quo on each of them..

    IF you don't do this, I'm withholding this or I'm releasing this information about you…

    The questionable behaviour of the entire GOP since 2016, where an entire party has turned into nothing more than sheep, would warrant serious questions to be asked.

    What has this leader got on these people?

    They are petrified to say or do anything, their moral compass is gone awry…. that's the real question here, how a party, that stood for something, now cowers afraid to speak out for truth…

  3. US Senators… for life? I know they're not, but some really seem to be. That's what makes some of them nonchalant and make them think they can do anything they want. Addicted to power. Think about it – that clip of Lindsay Graham is from 21 years back. That's way too long. And during such a long period some people (without true integrity), see the possibilities of self serving behaviour. Again – addicted to power, with very little real thought about the voters, more than their votes.

  4. He violates the Emoluments Clause everyday from day one, that alone should be enough to impeach. He's defrauding American citizens.

  5. Everybody in South Carolina knows Lindsey is a closet homosexual. His entire life is a living lie…so who cares about what he thinks. Has anyone EVER seen Lindsey with a woman? No.

  6. not only do I have a pig's penis and morals, I believe South Carolina has the best school system in the world! Where be my negros… w here they be? Dag nabbit, I am a sophisticated fellow and need not deal with the"help" issues…. where has Florence gone? Us whites need them there coal colored folks to serve us…. A billion dollars if Graham does not say shit like that.


  8. Poor Lindsey. An old man who built his reputation on being a straight shooter to a straight lying idiot. Can't wait till someone makes a movie or write it in the history book and show it to his grand children. What a total loser.

  9. "The Truth is not a Godless Left-Wing Hate America Value"………….This Nam Vet says..FK you CNN…and the rest of you evil treasonous sob's!

  10. Why even interview Graham? Why keep giving him "15 minutes of fame" time? In the end, we ALL know that he, McConell, and the rest of the GOP sellouts are supporting their Dear Leader no matter what the crimes and offenses are.

  11. Politicians (I’m a businessman) lie – get over it; businessmen (I’m a politician) get the money they’re owed before doing the deal – get over it; Republicans (I am American) work for Vladimir Putin – get over it!!!

  12. Disgusting how CNN is manipulating videos and pictures to influence the election of the democratic presidential candidate. Here's the proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuHlWe_aydE

    Shame on you, @CNN

  13. HEY fnn…when are you going to front up again and promote your number 1 pick for POTUS 2020 ? What's his name again ? Averti? No Sleaze bag? that's his middle name..
    got it AVENATTI your 2020 Election poster boy… how's his other LAWYER friend going ? You know the one who USED to work for FALSE NEWS NETWORK…that's U
    LIARS. A bunch of losers and its only just started… the TRUTH will prevail no matter how many LIES you and your MSM hacks spread ok!

  14. Okay Lindsey, that is "hear say". So when you go through the drive thru at McDonald's and you tell the order taker what you want. The crew should ignore what the order taker said because it was hear say? Take it a step further. The general gives an order to a company commander. The soldiers should ignore the order from the company commander because it is hear say. Those soldiers didn't hear that general.
    Hey Lindsey, pssst, John McCain.

  15. So these diplomats have all lied under oath. If that's the case why isn't Lindsey Graham pursuing perjury charges against the lot of them?

  16. Your going to lose BIGLY..
    and it's all your fault.. 3 years of wasted energy, and you still continue to waste energy..
    Good luck democrats..

  17. You're of the assumption that Graham is a man of integrity or was at one stage in his life. No. Graham does and says whatever will benefit him, not the country. The republican party are cannibalising themselves and the entire country is going to go down in flames with them.

  18. The Democrats Started this and the American People are going to get the Truth to this Attempted Coup by Hillary and the Obama Administration against an Elected President by the Media CNN, MSNBC etc. …. You, Democrats, are about to get what you gave out..this time there is a warrant for what you're going to get. And when the Truth comes out that it was the Democrats that Colluded with the Russians…Not Trump….Eat Shit CNN……….

  19. Remember when Chris Cuomo said little girls need to get used to seeing the penises of grown men? I do. #Pedophilia #CNNisFakeNews

  20. Remember when Don Lemon had a sign that read "NIGGER"? Remember when Don Lemon said all White men were terrorists? I do. #CNNsupportsRacism #CNNisFakeNews

  21. The way these republicans are acting will dictate whether a republican will ever hold the presidency again. I didn’t see Democrat’s do this kind of stunt when Bill was getting some head and facing impeachment.

  22. I hate dictators wherever they are and mostly their sychomphants! Sen Graham sounds like a true sychomphant, a total hypocrite, a liar and portraying a disturbing deliberate abandonment of reason!

  23. I wish politicians were slimy like they used to be. They used to jump ship at the first chance to protect the party. We’re in a new era folks

  24. CNN recipe for success. Russia Russia Russia, wait,, Stormy Stormy Stormy. Oh shit. Russia Russia Russia, Mueller Mueller Mueller. Oh shit. Impeach Impeach Impeach.
    All of there plans fly into Don Lemons black hole

  25. So according to Lindsey Graham, it's OK to impeach a president over a sexual affair with little lie that had no danger to the country but it's not OK to impeach a president that committed extortion against a foreign nation to help him win reelection? That was a threat to our national security. How does any reasonable Republican find this OK?

  26. Whatever happened to the Russian Collusion you Treasonous Democrats put the country through for three years you sob?..Just like this ..you LIE!

  27. All these moron republicans are asking to show where Trump committed a crime but according to their Lindsey Graham (1998) "the President doesnt even need to commit a crime to be impeached"

  28. A Criminal Investigation is now on against those who set up this Coup….Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, Rice, Obama and many more are going down for an attempted Coup against an American citizen and an elected President……Treason.

  29. The bookies odds on Warren to win in 2020 are 4/1, Biden 8/1. Trump is even money and the clear favorite. The bookies aren't worried about impeachment and removal apparently.

  30. Lindsey Graham has such a "spiteful, little, old biddy" way about him. He reminds me of a particularly waspish old aunt I had. The kind that would yell at the kids playing in the street for making too much noise.

  31. graham has got to be one of the biggest hypocrites around, It is not about right or wrong with him it's about clinging onto what little/reflective power he has

  32. why would throw your co. into oblivion for this crap ? do you really want to tank ? go belly up for bullshit ? are you that rich that you can throw it all away ? and you cant say its all true because i watch it all …. all …. NEVER MIND GO AHEAD ONE LESS SOURCE TO WEED THROUGH

  33. Karma, oh my how Clinton Impeachment come back to haunt the Republican in all things.
    All good things have a meaning right, so Republicans greatest victory, are now turning into their greatest defeat.
    One person gotten consensual blowjob in public place and lied about it.
    Another person committed treason and crimes against the constitution and openly admit about it on national television.

    Oh my lets get the one with a Blowjob, and lets set free the real criminal.
    Blowjob BAD EVIL the DEVIL Where is the DECENCY , the other person NO EVIDENCE NONE …WITCH HUNT, SECRECY… I see the downfall of America is with the Republicans and Fox News.
    Everybody LIES who cares, Oh my so Clinton lied you shouldn´t have cared right ?
    That was then and this is NOW. well this NOW looks really bad for the Republicans.
    When they are interrupting a DUE PROCESS of a inquiry. which the Democrats have legal rights to.

  34. Lindsey alt to be ashamed of himself… The people of his good state of So Carolina should not vote for him next term

  35. Hey Graham…whats that on your neck? Oh…its Trumps golf cleat. As more evidence is uncovered I'm sure the GOP will vote to impeach at the very last second. However, so many Republicans have crossed too far over the line and can't come back.

  36. Like it or not, Lindsey Graham is not there by accident. He was elected by Americans. Americans appear to like being governed by spineless, cowardly, scam artists who enrich themselves by their offices. They like being governed by rich people because they equate wealth with intelligence. In that case Pablo Escobar should be POTUS, he was a very wealthy crook. I dont see any difference between them. Matt gaetz is a complete moron who tantrums like a child. McConnell is so far removed from the average American it's unreal, Graham is sleazy beyond believe. But a lot of Americans like sleazy, rich, children leading them.

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