Life Update & lammasseikkailu 🚐🍂🐑 | PAKUELÄMÄÄ (Vanlife Suomi)

Life Update & lammasseikkailu 🚐🍂🐑 | PAKUELÄMÄÄ (Vanlife Suomi)

Helsinki, Finland IG: @pepethevan Today we finally have time to film a new video! We are currently in Helsinki and today we are going to do a little Autumn trip to Lammassaari and Kuusiluoto Islands Those islands have always been ones of our favourite Helsinki day trip destinations We love to visit those There are duckboards, reeds and rushes on the way and from Kuusiluoto you can see the sea Views changes a lot there, which isn’t so typical here in Finland There are also sheeps in Kuusiluoto Islands I think the sheeps are living there until the end of October So maybe we will see those I think we have done only one video from Kuusiluoto Island earlier That was about our winter biking trip to there We biked there across the sea, on ice from Arabianranta seashore This time we won’t go along the sea – water would be freezing cold to swim, or something 😀 It’s nice that the sun is shining At the same time it will load our van’s batteries We just ate some breakfast and now we are washing the dishes It’s nice to wash those quite quickly so that the pile won’t grow too big Now we will get dressed enough warmly There has been kinda chilly autumn weather already – and then we will go! Lammassaari Island From Vanhankaupunginlahti there goes the marked path and here are kind of fresh and new duckboard which is wider than the old one was After this bridge, there starts the proper duckboard trail to the Lammassaari Island and from there the trail continues to the Kuusiluoto Island Lammassaari Island to Kuusiluoto Island Now we are walking from the Lammassaari Island to the Kuusiluoto Island And while the duckboards to Lammassaari Island are accessible and wider ones, these duckboards from Lammassaari Island to Kuusiluoto Island are the older ones and kind of narrow There are this kind of bypass areas where you can give a path to other people And the sea is flooding here There was a couple of spots were it was hard to survive without getting your socks wet And Simo almost did it already “Oh!” But we are at the destination (the Kuusiluoto Island) quite soon, so maybe we will survive with dry socks and shoes It feels strange to walk while the sea water rises up with your every step Sun is shining and it warms up the weather as well I would say that we have almost too much clothes on But what a lovely autumn day we have! “There are sheeps in the Kuusiluoto Island” The Kuusiluoto Island Yay, we survived with dry socks and shoes! It would have get cold if we had had wet socks and shoes It’s a bit chilly especially in the shadows It wouldn’t have been nice to dry our shoes and socks in the van either But we love the sunshine and this sunny weather That blue sky is so nice, and gives energy Now that we have arrived to here, Kuusiluoto Island we will walk around and see if we can found any sheeps We already spotted some sheep poop.. 😀 We are now on top of the island and still haven’t seen any sheeps :/ We are not sure if there are any sheeps anymore or not Let’s see Normally those sheeps have already been kinda tame and brave in Autumn in our opinion at least Those have attacked and tried to steal our coffee and buns once :S Here are this kind of post box where is the guest book of this island and I will now go and see if there is still that our winter trip’s note Hmh. This guest book is new and it has started in the middle of Summer So there aren’t our note But I will do a new note now 🙂 “Sunny autumn day, but no sheeps :(” According to people’s notes there have been sheeps yesterday on the island! So we will continue wandering around and try to find those! Hopefully we would find at least one 🙂 Summer went so quickly again! And just like we predicted: mostly working It surprises every year how fast the summer goes past It comes so green so quickly and suddenly, but then it dies so fast Yeah And it feels that it just was Midsummer and we filmed that summer cottage video, but oh how many weeks are already from it Time flies Yep Unfortunately we didn’t yet have time to do any longer road trip We have been in the Southern Finland and have done just some small trips So not any longer ones yet, even though we had wished so We have been in the Southern Finland and mostly just worked And oh no, how many weeks have gone without uploading any new videos! It feels so strange and terrific, but the weeks have just gone and we have had such a hurry I wish we can now start to upload new videos more constantly We have missed filming and editing these In the meanwhile, we have celebrated my birthday, I crafted this birthday card for Piia I’m not good at crafts So usually I just google some nice picture, which I use as inspiration and help I couldn’t do and create all by myself without any inspiration picture I think this was maybe one of the best cards visually that Simo has crafted! I love it So today is Monday and it’s Piia’s birthday today She’s turning 27th years! 😀 We have been working just normally, but now we cooked some burgers because we had some burger buns already in our freezer as left overs – so now we cooked and ate those 🙂 Piia started to bake a cake now I’m doing all the preparations and baking before Simo goes and brings our oven here which we store in our garage in that accessory box – maybe you can remember it? And then the cake goes to oven This is a same Brita cake I made also to Simo’s birthday in last Summer It was so good that I wanted to do this again for us 🙂 Soon it’s ready for eating! We have also done some yearly renovation repair to our van We have done some changes to things that have turn out unpractical etc. Major changes aren’t possible to do, but some smaller ones was So we have done those smaller changes We also had some to do’s as undone which we didn’t had time to finish or do while the van build So we have finished up some of those things now too So I think we could call it as “yearly renovation repair” We can do a video of that also, if you are still interested in renovation / van build videos? Feel free to leave video suggestions or ideas in the comments section as well And we wish to hear how was your summer! Did you do any road trips? In Finland? To Scandinavia or Europe? Or somewhere else? With your van, campervan, RV or caravan? Please leave a comment! So Summer is gone and Winter is coming after Autumn We are still dreaming of some longer road trip Like we have dreamed a long now Our first plan was to leave after van build, but it didn’t come true / it wasn’t possible It would be awesome to fulfil those dreams Some longer road trip is still one of our biggest dreams right now But let’s see how everything goes and how “pieces will find & click on their places” It’s a bee! Run! Is it on me? No It’s on that barbeque grill Once again?! It’s there! Keep a eye on it A bee again! We had to run away for a while 😀 But – you were saying something? Yeah. Time will show what will happen, and how our autumn goes Even we don’t yet know that 😀 We will see But we will try to release videos more often here on YouTube at least as often as we can but hopefully more than for a while I’m sorry that the end of the summer was so quiet here on my channel On Instagram we are uploading photos quite often so you can follow us there if you want @pepethevan 🙂 Yeah! We will now start walking back to the van We will make some food and and have a showers in our van today So nothing special, just normal things Have a great autumn! And thank you so much for coming to watch our new video! That means a lot for us Just when we were heading off from the island, we noticed couple of sheeps! Piia said hello to them Those were cute and calm! It was nice to meet those We had wished to see those, and they came there to enjoy sunshine, I think We will now walk back to the van along those same duckboards If you liked, please click the thumbs up and subscribe my channel! 🙂

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  1. Viimeinkin uutta videota! 😊🙌 Mitä teille kuuluu – miten kesä meni ja millaisia syksysuunnitelmia teillä on? 🚐🍂

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