35 thoughts on “Life under Taliban in Afghanistan – BBC News

  1. I'm Pakistani and mahsud … I just want to clear that these people love how they live they like Taliban rules.. in 2009 also Taliban here in my Country but our PAKISTAN army
    fucked all talibans in 3 years … Because we want peace Pakistanis wants peace. .. so tha clear things that Afghan people are idiot and fuckerz because of them our peaceful religion is now got annoyed ….

  2. Afganistan was once a buddhist country where afganes are farmers with humble and peaceful human beings.
    Why now there is such great differences? Killing in the name of religions by warlords are a norm now days.
    If a religion teaches and preaches killings, then i find that it is time to look for another religion that doesn't.

  3. Ok I may hate the taliban but I’ll give them credit where credit is due
    They are doing a pretty good job making the US intervention hell

  4. Like any gutless cowards they hide their faces .inhuman barbarians who can only blow themselves for fornication in paradise,why don't they go to Bangkok and experience it here.

  5. This is why we should not get involved in the whole nation building bulshit it always backfires we need to just have the stomach to crush our enemy and move on I forget about the politics

  6. Afghanistan is a lost cause, every one in Afghanistan is apart of the taliban. America completed their mission of taking down al quadea there, but unfortunately they stayed there to see if they could step up a government. They did but the government failed. NATO was winning until they started the Afghan national army and Afghan government. Then they left all of the work behind. Just left. Disappointing.

  7. This man lied about the medicine sometimes taken by Taliban for themselves. The doctor in the hospital didn't say that………..

  8. I think I am part Bactrian. I think Bactrians are Indian and Greek people. I think Bactrians are part India Indian. I want Bactrians to get Bactria from Afghanistan. I want India to get Bactria from Afghanistan. I want the Taliban and government of Afghanistan to give Bactria to Bactrians and India. I want Bactrians to get Kashmir.

  9. My #husband is from #Afghanistan, so I find this to be interesting. Especially, since the #taliban is labeled as a #terrorist organization in America, yet they work peacefully with their #government in order to receive funding for their schools

  10. Thanks God no one is allowed to waste their time on
    garbage of the Waste (West) or East !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I hope to one time visit afganistan and maybe see some of the old buddhist and other cultural things. Afghanistan would also have a lot to gain to making it more tourist friendly. wish you all the best from Norway

  12. then usa was funded taliban againest russia
    now pakistan is funding taliban for money & blackmailing usa.
    but india never support usa for deatroying afgan in 2002.

  13. We(islam) dont trust taliban or al qaeda start from 2006 cause why? Cause we have a new jihadist group. Islamic State and our Caliphate was rise until today Alhamdulillah.. dont make a joke ya america.. in our eyes we dont see any jihadist group accept Islamic State..

    We(Islam) only have one hero..the truth hero is Islamic State Fighter..

  14. This is how taliban want it to be poor and dirty, if you are rich and clean you are not muslim, this is the mentality of these dirty ass terrorists. drug dealers and warlords, may Allah punish you all and grant you Duzakh.

  15. I am Afghan and i stand with those Afghan fighter who fight against america , nato and pakistani army and pakistani government

  16. Indahnya negri muslim.
    Tak terganggu oleh gemerlap duniawi.
    Semoga Allah aja wajala senantiasa bersama mereka dan kmi di sini.
    Allah hu akbar !!

  17. Americans biggest mistake fighting a country not having enough knowledge about the country nor its people.

  18. Afghanistan is an Islamic country and the west should shut up wiv their feminist crap because feminism is destroying the west! We Muslims have a superior religion and way of life that protects our women folk and families from your hedonism. The subjects taught in our madrasahs are not even taught in the west anymore like logic and the like! The books they teach from are often books written my Imams of Islam who are absolute authorities many books written 1000 yrs ago real classical knowledge and this is what the Taliban studied for years! They were never against girls education they were against FEMINIST INFECTED EDUCATION being taught in Afghanistan! The infidel has tried everything bombing and invasion but still the Taliban stand strong!!!

  19. The beauty of faith. Salaam Muslims all over the world. Very soon we will conquer The World. InsyaAllah

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