Life As A Journalist

Life As A Journalist

so I'm a journalism student here at CU and I'm taking the capstone class for seniors in the journalism department it's called Cu News team so I'm going to be a reporter today we shall see what happens I'm excited I like doing this it's early mornings but it's fun I think the fact that I like making these vlogs and I like doing this project is evidence that I am a journalist at heart really like taking real situations and reporting on them and showing them to people just like there's so much beauty in everyday life you know and I love to share that with people and I think that's cool so I think I'm in a good major and I think it suits me well and plus I'm not afraid to look completely stupid walking around talking to myself with my cell phone on a selfie stick as I cross the street wanna say hi hey Carol it's Paul these are my teachers for a news team I've been making a vlog oh my producer jammer hey guys tell me what I mean you say hi so we know what are you doing then what do you do and then I edit it you want to see the one I did today um I need a mic you know why she's doing this is my best friend Joe Paris hi mom okay he is a what you're a TA for this class today it's the best I'm doing a store in windstorms and broken trees so I got to call some people so for my story I have to talk to facilities management and luckily facilities management is directly behind the armory where it's at sure like your guys's little little house man this is cool yeah man I our team today I mean she's gonna be shooting all of our video I'm gonna be reporting I feel great so in news we just get infinite amounts of dear ol infant the good news is there's an infinite number of broken trees on campus so Sam and I have a ton of subsidy of you and I Oh Sam it's time to put the story together that guy's a big bully that confirm that you're okay guys I almost died at News team oh she's okay it's all for fun it's all for fun it's two minutes before we go on air my story just got on the server we killed it like it every gal so they're just going over when we don't hit the time we have to banter we have three minutes bad girl I say we usually talk about Louise had like webmaster it's insane matter Oh three minutes of banter that was awesome I can't believe you I just did that our reporting was great and our anchors bantered for 30 seconds three minutes I worked out Joe killed it I found Luke has gun it's looking good what do you have – today just walk in the classroom I saw how annoying I wasn't a member sign I just go into like mischief modes I'm gonna try to just no you're good everyone loved it everyone loves Luke on the vlog I'm not your vlogs biggest star

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  1. If you want to do journalism keep in mind that its a difficult crowd of ppl you are dealing with. They dont care how you get the story as long as you get it .
    If you even ask for clarification from a journalism professor they will make you feel weak and like you cannot approach them because they will just say how many decades they have of experience in the industry. And “ your not worthy” to even talk to them.

    Go for it if you have what it takes but expect to that there are ALOT of unfair things that go on in journalism.

  2. This was fun! Thanks for sharing these insights. Really interesting to see what you guys get up to as journalism students.

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    This free digital e-Book on journalist ethics (2018) may aid journalists and student journalists.
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  5. Im 17 and am interested in journalism and am just learning about the field so sorry if theres dumb questions, how many diffrent types of journalism is there and do we have to be on camera cause i can get nervous
    Thx 4 anyone who answers

  6. Uninformative. It was more of a like a "Dear diary, this is why I want to be a journalist" scenario, and home movie of Mr. Vickery and his college "peeps" than it was about a day in the life of a journalist. Not mention he's not a journalist yet. In your heart doesn't count. Trollometer reads…..abysmal failure for lack of substance.

  7. I'm 14, but I want to be a journalist. My family was shocked yet supportive when I said what my major was going to be (:

  8. Who would want to be a journalist, a paid liar for governments and media moguls who is now seen as being the lowest of the lowest.

  9. Is this background music public domain? I know of another channel that uses this exact sample as their intro. Total Pro Sports if you wanna look it up

  10. Hey, awesome video! I'm also a journalist, and decided to move to Lebanon and launch my own YouTube channel to tell stories on here. Here's my most recent vlog:

  11. It makes me cringe when people put the camera and show themselves walking away because u know they walked back to get the camera

  12. im intrested into being a journalist hows college life while majoring in journalist do you get a lot of hoework or is it alot of hands on things i intrested in majoring in journalism

  13. Hi, im currently a highschool student looking forward to studying journalism later on after i graduate, any adivce?

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