49 thoughts on “Life Aboard Tropical Storm, Anchor Dragging, Groundings

  1. These two idiots are a hazard to navigation.Basic anchoring is written about extensively in a LOT of books. These folks seem intent on re-learning everything sailors have learned over hundreds of years..good grief

  2. When you get your next boat think about adding a Aqua Eye monitoring system. I just installed one on the yacht I work on. If your interested I have a video on the install.

  3. 2:51 just a friendly tip. On the end of your open face reel there is a dial. Loosen it to loosen your drag. You will loose less fish.

  4. Hi ……

    Thanks for a nice "fishing" video …. (big smile) Now…. that little book with the fish descriptions… I really looked pretty hard after something like that. Often I dont eat what I get on …. just to be on the safe side…. Who sell that book please ?????

    Good winds

  5. He guys, what are you gonna do when you got hit by lightning in the middle of the ocean…? Can you call the coast guard even when you are thousand miles from land…?

  6. Most people with the eye on the Wx will anchor between the Majors ( current -less N area) good holding, not to comfortable but safe —– or on west side of Big Majors( prettyest, most comfortable, and for NW or W tuck in 1 to 200 ft from N end but stay away from the cut there as you will lay to the current and not the wind), and in S wind anchor farther south. Good thing is you can get to any of those spots with some warning. Stay away from E side of the Grotto , south side of between the Majors and Staniel Cay's small hbr.

  7. did you like like like check like like like like the like like like weather report like like like every day . you would have been.more prepared

  8. Suggestion: Next time another boater, including a stinkpotter, needs assistance, you might offer yours … instead of filming their difficulties.

  9. You two are an awesome couple! Matter of fact your channel has inspired me to save up for a boat of my own. Keep being awesome guys! Cheers!

  10. For those interested in the fish species book I have a similar one they are a series: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0936240172?keywords=sportfish%20of%20the%20atlantic&qid=1450219124&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

  11. We were in Georgetown when that squall came through. One of the scariest moments I have had sailing. We got 52kts recorded from another boat. Definitely a stressful night!

  12. I love the innocence of these two,( not meant to be condescending at all). I remember the first passage I ever made, the world was just so alive and everything was on high alert. Good on ya crew sailing has its ups and downs but its all worth it

  13. +Wicked Salty Hey, my name is Luke McCollum. I stumbled upon yal tonight while studying my charts and plundering through YouTube. My Grandfather and I are striking out from Pascagoula MS on the first good weather window we get in the new year. We are headed over to the northern/central Bahamas. We will be sailing my grandfathers Hunter legend 40.5 named the Blue Dolphin. Just curious as to how long yal plan on staying and would love to get together if we cross paths. At least to enjoy a rum & coke and some fish.

  14. "i would not want that to me my boat " but it doest seem that you have much sympathy for them … think if it was your boat , then what . ?
    i help everyone as soon as i see there would be a problem or there is a problem . only way !

  15. I thought ya'll left the Bahamas and now I just heard that Kate is threatening the place ! LOL
    Can't wait to see some more videos ! Be safe.

  16. Arrrr you scurvy salt dogs, way to weather the storrrm Ahewww. Good job on keep'n that rum secure. …Stay safe hoimies and don't sweat the small stuff.

  17. With that clouds like that on the horizon I would have re-set into a V formation with two anchors or used a straight line double tandem set. Keep developing your skills and reading..It was a great video of life and squalls in the islands. Love your stuff !!

  18. @milanothecat no I know exactly what I was asking. I was wondering if wicked salty had ever come across waves with a soft reddish to alabaster tint. allowing them to cover bad skin before a blind date. I thought the question was rather clear. Regards.

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