26 thoughts on “Let's hope we can avert a government shutdown: Rep. Fleischmann

  1. Just so you know – the higher GS ranked employees have it in their contract that they cannot be furloughed. They will take the "shut down days" off, but still get paid. The only people who will get stiffed by a shut down are the lower GS peons. So……..Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Democrats want border security, they just don't believe it has to be in the form of a big beautiful wall that will take decades to build and will end up costing twice as much as Trump claims it will. There are a lot of private landowners whose properties will be impacted by the wall, landowners who will challenge the government's right to build a well on their property and will tie the issue up in the courts for years to come.

    I can't wait to see Trump shut down the government while he enjoys his holidays at his Margo Largo resort golfing every day.

  3. If shutting down the gov. means congress not getting paid, then do it. That way that Cortez hag wont get her first paycheck. Hahahaha.

  4. The U.S. government using their own employees as hostages.

    A government shutdown = hundreds of thousands of government employees working without pay, and at the worse time possible for those trying to spend time with their families over the holidays.

    But the Elite's will still get their pay, and their days off unaffected.

  5. France is Fighting over taxes….The American right needs to wake up and stand against the Democrats instead of negotiating with Terrorist.

  6. A Government shut down is useless, Congress still gets paid…….What REALLY happens during a Govt Shutdown?….Nothing.

  7. On the topic of why not more women are serving in congress, I think is kind of a blanket accusation of the party. The jobs should ONLY be based on QUALIFICATIONS and NOT GENDER!!

  8. You see now! Nancy and Schumer hate our President and the American people, because they have another agenda in mind and it’s the destruction of this nation. In front of the cameras don’t want to admit that they are denying what the American people wanted in 2016 , Nancy and Schumer hate President Trump because the won the election in 2016
    Mr President Trump as the leader of our nation we want you to be strong leader and make these radical democrats socialist Globalist traitors recognized that our nation needs that wall, and shutdown the government!!!!!!!! Now !!! Because the American people are supporting your decision!!!!!!! God Bless America!!!!!!

  9. Donald J. Trump
    -A weak man’s idea of a strong man.
    -A stupid man’s idea of a smart man.
    -A coward’s idea of a brave man.
    -A graceless man’s idea of a graceful man.
    -A selfish man’s idea of an altruistic man.
    -A foolish man’s idea of a president.

  10. fun fact;
    shummer shut down the gov't last year because Obama didn't fund a promised $billion tunnel project under the Hudson and wanted to cut a deal with president Trump to restore this project.
    Our president agreed but wanted funding for border securty which the dems then blocked in a filibuster.
    The shutdown was the result,,,,,, great work chuck!

  11. I bet if these elected officials pay checks were part of the shut down, they'd get business done. How about it affect politicians more then the working man?

  12. They do not want a wall because they do not want Trump to win 2020… they will say hey look he did not keep his promise… they are willing to drag the American people and America to hell just to keep Trump from winning 2020.

    trump if you're reading this stick to your guns. shut the government down ever how long it takes!
    do not give in. American people are standing behind you do not let us down

  13. Simple…fund the wall or else the Dems will suffer the consequences and the blame for a govt. shut down….. again

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