45 thoughts on “Lemon: Trump administration trampling government norms

  1. LOL Oh Don you are such a slime. Here's something much better to watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4ZJFQTcsOg

  2. Donny, Donny, Donny 🤦‍♀️… do you see how your videos have more dislikes than likes? Talk about something other than trump. I know you rely on trump for ratings, but you do realize that after his term (or 2nd term), there will be a new president…. you do know that right? It’s not like he’s a dictator, stupid!!

  3. 男士们,女仕们,在矛盾国会很矛盾分不清什麽教意?,乃至教父族也差点受槍毒污名,所以三合共济很久了,而且東或西德志也有受唬哢而乱弑过,卻不知电磁风学術,皆修女众祷助発明电磁风主之学術,SO??。

  4. Mueller can't testify !!!! You have a two year report !!!! You can add or take anything away from the report. How stupid is it to question the guy ???? AND you morons !!!! He can't talk about speculation. Or what could've happened or MAY have happened. You're such a joke Don Lemon. A complete joke. Oh and ps. Dems won't win again in my lifetime.

  5. Get used to loosing. CNN's ratings are under the cooking channel and Nick at Nite Cartoon re-runs!!! Hillary and the rest of the weirdos will be going to Guantano Bay! Haha! What a dipshit!

  6. Hey lemon TRUMP won! And he will win again. I love it when discussions come up and I say nope wait this will not happen and sure enough you come out to be nothing.😁😂

  7. Don, Whats happened to u? What a waste of talent. U now sound like a school tattle tale really stretching incorrect theories. Really sad my friend

  8. Hey Don! I was wondering whether you accepted CNN's buyout like the other 100 CNN employees. It would be ashamed if you were left out in the cold because we all know there's no one in their right mind who would hire as big a loser as you.

  9. Don and CNN in general are a disgrace to journalism. You guys have gone so far off the rails you will never have any credibility again.

  10. So you get a report from Mueller saying No Collusion, but now you want him to testify….which implies that Mueller has no integrity. Trump 2020

  11. This was all over the papers in late 90s to early 2000's. I think Netflix even put out a documentary about it. Why is this like a big deal all of a sudden on this network? Does CNN have so little new news that they have to dredge up this old hat or are they just actually this lame. Maybe they should change their name for Fake News to Old News!LOL!

  12. Give it up Lemon – no one believes a thing you say any more. You have lost all credibility – your past audience chuckles out loud every time they see your face.

    bet-u can't stand the dude then.

  14. Hilarious, coming from the mouth of worst journalist of the year Don Lemon, Don Lemon, worst journalist of the year.

  15. A good title for this is diatribe to the stupid. What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine? Sure sounds like it. They can take taxes when you make a net profit but you can't take deductions for loses related to business? Last time I looked, his hero, Obama used TAXPAYER money to bail out Obama's favorite businesses. But to this deranged queah, that was okay?


  17. I would like oh very to beat the shit out of this fuckin fake ass loser please do us all a flavor and go jump in the Ocean

  18. Don Lemon needs to change jobs. I hear James Comey is looking for someone to introduce him at his book tours and press interviews.

  19. DON LEMON ACTUALLY LOVES TRUMP. This is all about, and only about, ratings. The more he trashes Trump, the more people watch. He loves Trump, and makes most of his money off of Trump. If you don't see that, you are being played.

  20. Imagine that, a Great President ( Trump ) this day and age getting ran down by a P*ervert Soda*mite ( Donny Le*mon) wow!

  21. Don Lemon committed sodomy raping his daughters and Clinton News Network had the evidence and covered it up. Don needs help and will not be able to get help as long as they keep it covered up, think of the children.

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