Lego Technic – Vlog #4 : News and featured channels

Lego Technic – Vlog #4 : News and featured channels

Hello everyone, this is Nico71, for a quick video to present you where am I in lego, end of the move on, current creation, and featured channel. I have finally move on in the new flat, then take out the lego, and start slowly to make the current creation. Let’s go to the current creation. This is a RC car inspired by futurist nuclear powered post-apo car. design like fallout 4. Or the future see from 50-60’s. I have tried to make a smooth and good design, using many panels. There is a buwizz in, in order to test it. (bluetooth controller including battery, 4 output ports, without need to have receiver). I have prepared a special opening for doors and top. Doors are tilted down, and roof slides. I will make the video in the next weeks, and hope published on youtube and my blog before end of april. Let’s continue with the featured channel, four channels who deserve way more subscribers ! First is Hugolin, a french creator who has 300 subscribers and deserve way way way more ! He is specialized on walker, with a good walking pattern and nice opening head. He has done also some loom, including 8 reels braiding machine with central bread, and with sequential motion ! Subscribe to him, he deserves it ! Let’s continue with aeh5040, 1000 subscribers, and oriented to kinematic creations. He has done many machined, and also a good one, the pen drawer based on mechanical principle. Which can be programmed. It is very awesome to see the regularity and accuracy of this mechanism. I let you explore his channel, the video quality is not very good sometime but there are plenty of good idea. Let’s go to Alex Allmont, he has 1000 subscribers. He has a little special channel because he has done 4 videos of mechanical principle in lego. Where he explain how to make rotation and translation mechanism, counter, mechanical programming, I encourage you to go to this channel, the 4 videos are a big long but it is well-explained. Let’s finish with slfroden, he has 2800 subscribers and is not specialized. He makes cars, machine, GBC and so on. Here is a translation counter with average. A 3 reels braiding using a pallet. Or here a GBC module which is very interesting. Using oscillating motion, which is very nice and purely mechanical. So, here is the end. Thank you for your attention, I hope you like. We will see in next month for news and lego creations. I will finish my current creation and then make the video for publishing in next week. Bye !

17 thoughts on “Lego Technic – Vlog #4 : News and featured channels

  1. Awesome video! I still appreciate you including my channel in the first video you did ;D some awesome channels there.

  2. Bonne vidéo bravo !

    RIP, je pensais être dans les chaînes à découvrir…
    N'hésitez pas, venez voir !

  3. salut Nico je voulais te dire gg pour ta voiture elle et vraiment sublime .

    ce serait vraiment simpa que tu jette un coup d'œil a ma chaine et si tu va dessus je voudrais que tu me laisse un petit commentaire se serait simpa de ta pare

    et répond moi stp

  4. Hâte de voir ta vidéo sur ta dernière création qui m'impressionne déjà avec le petit aperçu que tu nous a donné. 🙂

  5. Sympa la bagnole !
    Et une excellente idée d'avoir partagé ces chaînes, je vais aller m'instruire sur tout ces mécanismes !
    J'étais déjà abonné à AEH, mais il me semble que ça fait un out de temps qu'il n'a pas publié… (ou alors je ne l'ai pas vu passer ^^)

  6. I can't wait to see the details of your retro future car. That thing is beautiful! Nice job featuring some smaller creators. Was excited to find more LEGO builders to follow and, of course, I was already subscribed to 3 of them! 🙂

  7. Salut. Je me demandais pourquoi j'avais eu des abonnés en plus ces derniers semaines… Et bien voila je sais. 🙂 Bon, je ne cours pas après les abonnés (d'ailleurs je ne fait rien pour), mais ca fait toujours plaisir. Merci donc. Sinon petite erreur dans le commentaire : la tresse du cordage c'est 12 fils et non 8… pas bien grave en même temps. A+ 🙂

  8. @Nico71 – Thank you for including my channel on your Vlog 🙂
    I saw your Retro Futuristic Nuclear Car on the Eurobricks forum and on your channel, and I like the way you achieved that retro styling, and of course that roof and doors!

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