20 thoughts on “Legal vs. Ethical Liability: A Crisis of Leadership and Culture | Mel Fugate | TEDxSMU

  1. "Take-Aways:
    1. Unsanctioned bad behavior (e.g., unethical and unprofessional) continues.
    2. Leader's (in)action speaks louder than any policy or code.
    3. Ethics is everybody's responsibility
    4. Because something is unethical does NOT mean it is illegal… Nor is all legal behavior ethical.
    5. Leadership 101 – NEVER DELEGATE ETHICS!
    6. Communicate Both Compliance and Noncompliance.

    It therefore is the responsibility of each individual, and if/when they fail, then the ethical buck stops with their boss!"

  2. Wow! If we had a few more Mel's in this world, maybe some of these places would feel the pressure to back laws that support legal options for targets of bullying in the work place.

  3. I work for the county in central California and where I work most of the managers I deal with and supervisors are very unethical. It’s created a very dark and scary place to work and turnover is high. In addition our HR department supports those who are perpetrators of abuse and bullying and does not support the innocent victims. It’s very sad situation and I am sure the high turnover has a huge cost to the public. After I participated in an investigation as a complaint was filed against one of the managers and supervisors that was grossly and ethical my file became peppered with complaints. I work there 15 years with no issue and suddenly I was being retaliated against. HR found me guilty and did nothing to prevent further retaliation it was truly the worst year of my life I felt more betrayed then when I was in a relationship where I was cheated on that’s how betrayed I felt. Always working hard alwaysHelping out, always volunteering to go the extra mile. I no longer do any of that I now just take care of myself and go home and whenever they need help I don’t.

  4. Now the ultimate bully is in the White House – and he clearly has signaled that unethical behavior is not only okay it's expected behavior. Van Jones said it best yesterday. What do we tell our children today? We can't have a go along get along culture –

  5. We just saw many of his point play out more recently with the Wells Fargo fraud: 5,000 lower level employees fired yet NOT ONE of the higher ups implicated–that was the biggest fraud.

  6. Excellent Video, he did a great speech. Thank you and thank you as well to TEDx Talks for such an amazing videos as this. Keep posting and educating the world.

  7. How did this TED Talk ever pass the quality control bar expected of a TED TALK? It looks like the professor used the first half of the talk about ethics and leadership as merely a set-up to launch a public attack on his colleagues. Why did TED and SMU permit someone to present a talk with such a focus? The treatment of the audience was boorish. When the audience didn’t provide the speaker with his desired reply, he derided them. Based on his audience treatment, and the use of the TED TALK platform to publically attack colleagues, it’s ironic that the speaker’s talk was about ethics and leadership. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this TED TALK eventually get rated in a category such as the most offensive TED TALK or the most disrespectful TED TALK.

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