36 thoughts on “Left vs Right: Which is best political ideology? | By Dhruv Rathee

  1. One correction someone may have misunderstood, by supporting economic left in education and healthcare sectors, I meant letting the government provide subsidy in education and healthcare. This is a great thing and done in almost every western country.

    Also regarding the what's app number, please only send a what's app text to that number if you're interested in receiving forwards of my videos. I will add you to a broadcast list, so you can just copy paste and forward the message to a lot more people, to start a chain. (P.S. Although I'd love to chat with you all, please don't expect me to chat with you or reply to your other questions there 😁 ,I purchased another SIM card and another phone especially for that, so this is not my personal number 🙂)

  2. Best ideology is ideology revealed by God, our creator, i.e Islamic ideology. If you disagree, its your choice, lets start friendly dialogue. 😊👌

  3. I think its depend upon culture , social conditions and economical condition which decides whether left wing is best or right wing is best. In ancient indian culture many taughts are supporting induvidual right , responsiblity against society ,nature which are good and require to be conserve , but like sati , castism have to be finished . In economical aspect if an country have high taxes it is difficult to start industries. Like this we have to stand on middle ground which having both qualitis of left and right according our country's economy and culture and social conditions

  4. Yaaar please have better understanding and read a little before making a video because u cant explain thing with americans as example .

  5. Dhruv you have always been an eye opener for me , learnt such a lot, now that cat is out of the bag and next half a decade of consolidation of false promises is on the way…let us look at the world and pray give a talk on immigration reasons, results and implications on countries that are party to this phenomenon

  6. TMC- Islamic Party

    Khud bol diye Middle Eastern countries k baare me n Muslim ab bhi victim card play kar rahe hai.

    There is not a SINGLE muslim majority nation without an Extreme Right Wing Mindset. Although Hindutva agenda is condescending wouldn't want India to be a Muslim majority nation under the cover of secularism… we all know what happens in Muslim majority nations… Hindutva is better than any form of Gazwa-e-Hind.

    And India is proof that secularism can only exist in Hindu majority India.

  7. Leftists politicians hum leftwing walo se vote mangti hai liberalism ke naam pe par kuch liberal kam nahi kar rahi.

    Bas selective secularism aur corruption.Rightwing hindutva ki politics bhi khele par kamse kam jo man me hai voh bol toh rahi hai.

    Chor sab hai propaganda bhi har jagah hai.

  8. Totally misleading poor and rich definition of left and right. Communism (equal benefits to all) looks sugar candy but is death of democracy and leads to anarchy giving totally ineffecient economies as side effect.

  9. basically TMC, CONG. are right wing.ap khud confused ho,Communist economics par thori padhai karlo..look at kerala,waha pe v LGBTQ pe kaisi steps hai LDF ki.
    how could u add tmc in left wing without any knowledge? they are communal and anti people.
    and either u didn't study communism or the significance skipped over ur head.its not that easy to explain communism in a 10 min vdo..ppl give gravity to ur vdos so plz b careful bfr sharing any misconceptual info.kind request do study on it,u'll fell in love with communism.

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