Lee Asks Joey Diaz About "No Snitching" Policies on the Streets

Lee Asks Joey Diaz About "No Snitching" Policies on the Streets

well can you guys explain the the no snitching thinkin I mean I obviously I've everyone's been told not to that's all cattle tale but then like this thing is happening with this rapper right now with Snoop Dogg they're getting mad like this rapper I had a whole like 40 years of possible prison time and now he's gonna get probation for for ratting and everyone to me if I was gonna go to jail I like it it'd be like yeah maybe I'm I can see we're tattling is like okay I'm not gonna go to jail now but is it something different like what how can people take it so seriously it's um it's a college it's a culture thing and they were with no snitching is don't nobody really want to live under that they think they do but you you actually don't in those days all over that's when me and what me and though that's when when the streets took care of itself and things would come around I don't think that there's been an actual no snitching situation shoot man since before Kobe Bryant a Kobe Bryant snitched on Shaq al Sharpton was a fan telling on people it is out man out so I think everybody snitched nowadays honey Bulger was just natural Whitey Bulger was a huge snitch Mike was a huge snitch for years like for the face of man I don't that's that's something I don't know man here's what my take on it I got two takes on us I was raised in the house that you were allowed to say that my mother exposed me to everything at an early age I know my mother did I know what the numbers were I know what drugs were I was exposed early anything my first raid I was five when they raided my mother's house on 89th Street so at that age my mother would already tell me in Spanish Kyah that I walk I know they're not no they're not shut your mouth so it's like I remember still being like eight and being on 205 West 88th Street and a beat cop came up to me and told me to scrub something off the floor and I told him why would I scrub it off if I didn't do we got into like a very mild conversation and my stepfather had already married my mother and he would talk to me and I remember him walking towards me and he looked at me in Spanish he's done already and I tell people you know don't say nothing to him you know so I was always raised to keep my fucking mouth shut I came from a neighborhood where where I play that my godmothers house you couldn't be a snitch and then when I moved to Jersey you couldn't be a snitch when you get arrested the first thing you do is to keep your mouth shut you don't know nothing now I was in a situation where I was facing jail time they came to me and asked me to make make pies or whatever listen I'd rather fucking stab myself in my heart I can never ever ever do that now there's something else you asking me about snitching I'm not a snitch I don't know nothing I don't know you know what the fuck you're talking about if you're involved you do your time and you keep you're not sure it's not what people think it's what you know character is what fucking you know don't let my character ruin my destiny and character is what you do with nobody else is around that's why you don't snitch now if I'm a big volume drug dealer if I make a half a million a year on coke half a mil a year on gambling a half a million a year on hot stuff a half million construction everybody is always trying to shoot you down so number one for you to get ahead and to get up in that level you have some dirty cops I was a punk drug dealer and I had dirty cops I had a cop that would give me all the guns he confiscated for coke so anyhow I tell him anyhow gun get 200 cash I was just ship him back east I remember still this guy coming to my house at 2:00 in the morning on duty with his jaw gone from side to side his eyes fitting in this having and asking me for a gram of coke now when you're in that position there when you're in the million dollar game okay there's gonna be times michael dot mike michael dad told me his story one time I told my wasn't gonna bode those podcast which I still owe an appearance on and he goes on saying that in the boat that you know me because one time bo and his crew were about to arrest somebody and we saw the paperwork and we went over there and robbed the guys drugs someone bo got over there with the rest of the cops all the drugs were gonna and bo knew it was us okay when you're making a half a million dollars a year from drugs the last thing you need is Ali Siddiq said to shop over that that funeral parlor especially if I'm right here I need a lead again with his fucking friends jumping up and down with rap music and fucking cars at night and we're trying to sell a million dollars here I got a cop in my pocket I'll tell him to go over and talk to Ali go bust Ali shut him down over there because he's making a racket towards my business that's part of business okay that's not that's that's part of business that's part of business Ali's got a sister and I went to a club one night and I called her a fucking cunt or whatever Ali knows me Ali knows me we're friends he knows I'm a drug dealer you know I know polishing me whatever you know what he might just my mistake putting out two coke in my car make me get pulled over that's not a rap that's part of doing Street that's Street business that's Street business that's that's more the go neo Danny's that's part of getting mixed up in the fucking game if you're a drug dealing you have any cloud or a numbers operator or anything you have a cop on your payroll you have a couple cops on their payroll may have his and they'll come to you and say listen we just busted this dude Ali and he's down there rat like cops work like that too so I already know so I'll call the king of the fucking brothers and go eight if you got something blown out I'll leave disconnect because he's in there rat now I just won myself a favor with the brothers right now I just want myself a favor with the brothers cuz i Lee's running with the brothers over on 88th Street now I go over there and tell him hey I'll leave red how do you know because he's in there singing the blues who's copernicus me how do you know why I tell you that fucking I lead you rat on copernicus now they know me inside gotcha so it's all on the street it's all about salads so is it more of it's not that your tatting is that you're dealing with the cops yes it's a you you've made them a partner and now they're your partner ten planet cush it drains the lactic motherfuckin acid people won't cop to it the health specialists say no that doesn't happen Joey yes it fucking does I got friends in Harvard bitch I'm like God Brooks I got friends in high places motherfuckers

31 thoughts on “Lee Asks Joey Diaz About "No Snitching" Policies on the Streets

  1. Who is this idiot?

    ……Whitey Bulger would have killed eveyone in that room on the drop of a dime, hes as gangster as they get and he was a professional snitch….40 years, idc who you are your ass is SNITCHEN'

  2. Our principals and morals should never change because of someone else's integrity. Stand for something or fall for anything

  3. Hahaha, I used to work in the DA in Juarez back when the drug war was going on. We would sit one of these cartel guys, we didn't hit them, we didn't make them go hungry or anything, and they would just tell you everything, EVERYTHING, you have no idea, they won't even try to lie to you.

  4. Funny but when you read some statistic there where never times when people didnt snitch. Its just a BS talking about good old times.
    And btw if you go to prison becasue you dont snitch so your gang boss can be free you are retard.

  5. When u at the top… you got the police working for you so snitching is different… snitching is how you actually get work done… but when u under the top… it's a worldwide culture to culture anywhere you go law, no body likes a tattle tale. It's not about when you get arrested it's about anything anytime… you dont say anything because big brother is watching. The truthe is that big brother is in the private sector and the private sector is the public sector. Dont think you know what anything is … you gotta envision where your gonna be… under or over.

  6. The days of keeping your mouth shut died with Joe valachie.. And Sammy the bull gravano sank whatever was left of that ship…

  7. It's funny how all these 9-5 working civilians in the comments can tell you about snitching in the streets 😁😁😁 go to sleep and get ready for work tomorrow you lames

  8. How are you not a snitch when you speak of your past and indirectly snitch in some type of way. "Joey" riddle me that?

  9. I think 69 was a plant by the feds a modern day Donny Brasco on the real. And if you really really think about it makes total sense.

  10. It’s not about snitching in my opinion it’s about being a man and standing and excepting responsibility for your actions!!! So you take the punishment for your crime YOU got caught !YOU did the dirt! YOU take the punishment!! Don’t bring someone down with YOU! Just my 2 cents

  11. "if u get caught giving police information period, understand the consequences behind that!!!"🐀🚫

  12. I don’t know what world he lives in but in my world if you plant drugs in a car and get it pulled over your a rat …… you deal with people not send them to jail

  13. Welp uncle Joey don’t like him either😭🤷🏽‍♂️ sorry six nine it’s officially official

  14. The whole snitching thing comes back to Jesus, not a Christian here but hear me out, when you take the pinch and don’t rat out your sacrificing your life so it doesn’t have to spill out and catch more people, when you don’t rat you have honor, and that shits hard to come by in this day in age

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