LeBron James EXPOSED For Once Kicking Out Reporter's Ex To Be ALONE With Three Women!

LeBron James EXPOSED For Once Kicking Out Reporter's Ex To Be ALONE With Three Women!

hey Sports Reporter has come out and accused LeBron James of cheating on his wife with three different women plus we have all the latest on the upcoming Space Jam movie including why Steph Curry turned it down stay tuned you don't want to miss it hey guys it's Brett Johnson make sure you follow me on social media at I am Brett Johnson and click subscribe to join the fumble fam if you haven't already ok let's start with the info you guys are all dying to hear unless of course you happen to be married to LeBron James a sports reporter by the name of Cal Hammond was on the podcast called mostly sports when he broke the bro code and snitched on LeBron James apparently Hammond who isn't a reporter in the basketball world he is actually a tennis reporter to be clear it did not actually see the alleged cheating with his own two eyes but heard it from a girl he couldn't even confirm was his girlfriend or not which by the way shows that this man isn't really the most credible so his ex-girlfriend slash still girlfriend Elizabeth Turner who is a model told Hammond bitch check out this video for yourself and I want you to decide if you believe him or not check it out okay so according to Elizabeth LeBron had several girls in there with him I don't know if this is true or not and frankly it's not for me to decide you guys can make up your own mind on if you think LeBron cheated on his wife with three girls but another LeBron James news that's a bit more positive LeBron is getting it ready for the new Space Jam movie everybody get up it's time to slam now we got the frill Jam going down welcome to the Space Jam okay I must admit I haven't been the biggest fan of this new sequel because I just don't think there is a point in redoing Space Jam and making a Space Jam to because it's not gonna be as great a Space Jam one because number one Michael what is gonna be missing but my new favorite bowler Damian Lillard is actually gonna be in the movie so I must admit I'm kind of excited now Heather baller is set to appear in the new Space Jam movie our Anthony Davis and klay Thompson although with clays injury they might have to cast a new baller and of course LeBron James will be starring in the movie and he has been seen practicing on the space chimp Court check it out Steph Curry it will not be appearing in the movie after he declined the offer is Steph recently telling the New York Times why he chose to sit this one out Steph saying this I know LeBron and Ryan Coogler are going to be doing amazing things it's going to be awesome part of it was in terms of things that I had going on it was just the timing to be honest not being able to commit and I know Ryan really well we had a lot of conversations about it curry also mentioned that Ryan Coogler is a die-hard Warriors fan stuff saying this he's at every playoff game obviously that's hard to turn down the guy does amazing work so what do you guys think of Steph Curry not being a part of the cast of Space Jam 2 and what do you guys think about these LeBron James cheating rumors let me know in the comments below don't forget to like this video click Subscribe and shop the fumble store for the latest gameday gear I'm your host Britt Johnson for the fumble and I'll see you soon

40 thoughts on “LeBron James EXPOSED For Once Kicking Out Reporter's Ex To Be ALONE With Three Women!

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  2. Fumble just lost all credibility moving forward. You’re gossip will never be trusted or taken serious. You own it to your viewers to report credible news

  3. You have just become just as disgusting as the person you “heard” this from. You actually report gossip that you heard from someone who heard from someone. That’s not news it’s kardashian white trash gossip.

  4. This is fake and it was a waste of time.They have nothing to talk about but the story of a so called tennis reporter ?

  5. LeBron James walked into the bedroom with Ayesha Curry and told everyone get out; that's news! This bullshit about my girlfriend / ex girlfriend was in a bedroom and a guy wearing a LeBron James jersey.

  6. The story is supposedly fake, but even if it were real, it still DOES NOT change the fact that he is one of history's greatest players.

  7. You know I'm sick and tried of people saying things like that, Lebron James is one of the only athletes that is doing good for the world not only the USA or the city that athletes is playing for, we never hear about this before but a tennis reporter not a basketball reporter put this out man come on. And the curry thing oh well less money for him.

  8. So y’all think these dudes loyal when they are worldwide known and popular and RICH…but y’all broke asses want 50 chick in y’all dm…

  9. Why they stay trying to destroy LeBron's marriage??? He's a great husband and father! Keep doing it Bron 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

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