100 thoughts on “Leaked video shows hundreds of blindfolded and bound men

  1. Step 1- they blocked Google, YouTube, Wikipedia , Twitter, Facebook or any open non Chinese websites.

    Step 2- start like this detention centers, mass encarseration & torture.

    Step 3 Holocaust.

  2. Those are all Muslims of Asian heritage. They have lived undisturbed and peaceful in China until the regime in Hong Kong decided to treat them like shit now. This is all the result of global islamophobia. And the media is partially to blame for that, including Youtube. Because of all the hate which is being directed against Muslims in this day and age.

  3. China will deny it obviously and all the countries in the world will not do anything meaningful to stop this madness cause China is so rich now.

  4. So when do we go to war?
    I have had enough of these authoritarian governments popping up around the world.

    It's time to fight.

  5. What can the US do?! NOTHING because we’re not that different anymore! We have our own camps of ethnic minorities and refugees who are now demonized! What a shame, I don’t recognize the old America anymore..

  6. It's so traumatizing to see and hear this kind of footage. This "trend," for lack of a better word, is cropping up in a lot of countries. America is also in deep trouble because of Trump's fascist actions, behavior and revengeful spirit, as well. It seems like we're heading into dark times and America is becoming a fascist, repressive country, also. It's 100% due to Trumps horrific abuses of his power and desire to punish those who tell the truth about him. They are in real danger from Trump's belief that he he can do whatever he wants without penalty. But even the President is NOT above the law and hopefully, will be forced to pay serious consequences for his corruption and abuses of our Constitution. Impeachment is necessary for the safety and well being of our America.

  7. SO abuses nearing the atrocities of Nazi Germany are going on in the view of the world and the United States President CONGRADULATED China and business and sports REFUSE to even allow free SPEECH for freedom regarding China.

  8. China IS a global threat, they have cameras everywhere! They're imprisoning Christians. That Trade War suddenly makes so much sense

  9. By the power of Allah/God, one day Islam and all Muslims will have their revenge against everyone in the world who hated them and treated them so badly and inhumanely. Same as we Jews had our revenge against the nazis and exposed their atrocities.

  10. I figured the Communist News Network would be happy about this? They're always overjoyed whenever there's a mass shooting.

  11. Watch what they do not what they say comes to mind. History has taught some countries nothing, this kind of video must scare the shit out of Muslim ppl.

  12. They are Terrorist. US kills Millions in the MiddleEast But CNN Fake news will never report their own Crimes.

  13. This is what the Democrats have planned for the U.S. want some? Biden says China is no threat..Bloomberg insists Chinese leaders have to answer to the people….really?

  14. stop it america just stop you killed over 1 mill muslims in iraq over 300 thousend in afghanistan over 1 mill in syria libya don't do that usa you are not the good guy and china is protecting himself from your created al kaida and isis

  15. It is now time to STOP China! They cannot be allowed to continue to abuse people whenever & wherever they want. This is wrong & stupid!! Other countries seem to be afraid of China? WHY?

  16. As long as they re-educate all the religious imbeciles equally, I’m all for it. There is no other way to un brainwash someone who’s been indoctrinated since birth (like the people who will respond to this with hostility).

  17. It would be a whole lot easier to criticize China if we didn't take children from their parents and lock them in cages, or kept people without due process in Guantanamo, or lock up the largest percentage of our population of any country (even China). Honestly we should not preach to China till we do some work on ourselves first. If we want to prove that democracy is the way, we've got a shitload of work to do.

  18. Whenever i saw kind of this report coming from western media,cant help to laugh,so ignorant,I beg that CCP release these muslims to Europe countries,pls.

  19. China is committing mass genocide. China massacres and victimises its own people. Yet we aren't protecting democracy and countering them we are supporting them. Apple are there but it ain't for the metal it's for the cheap labour. In the UK a Chinese company is supplying us with 5G yet the government doesn't seem to care that China law requires them to release Information to them We should never have opened relations with the PRC. They are Animals! We should be supporting Hong Kong and Taiwan but when we do China threatens to shut a factory it all changes and we promise not to disobey our master.

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  21. Myself as a Muslim, Party first, obey the party, and you get the perks. CCP first everything else comes after. Why would they want a rebellion like in the middle east. You were tortured and you still didn't learn your lesson. They're not getting prosecuted because they're Muslim. It's because they can't accept the CCP as their government, and the most likely want to control that area themselves. That's how extremists are bred and born. Ugh the media can cause revolts with misinformation.

  22. You delete me!! Freedom of speech!! Just because im telling a facts!! Freedom propaganda US!! Please don’t accuse other nations! Look at your own reflection what us has done in the past! I hope god will forgive you whoever delete me! If not karma will be with you! Please don’t go to church & pray ! It’s really disgusting !!

  23. This is utterly disgraceful that China thinks it can treat human beings like animals. Every country should boycott this evil regime. And stop it’s constant intellectual theft going on daily .US needs to stand up to this Country 🤦🏼‍♀️💔🇬🇧🇺🇸

  24. CNN downhill since when did this become trump network? China is our most important ally and they help our companies keep prices low

  25. China population 1,386,000,000 Thats 4 1/2 times USA's population
    Some how China's never had any Islamic Terrorism, that interesting.

  26. CNN covers possible Muslim mistreatment in China, but wont cover the Authoritarian treatment of Hong Kong's citizens……. Hmmm maybe CNN really is The Enemy Of The People

  27. Please take a closer look. This is a prison transferred to another prison. These people are prisoners themselves. They're all bareheaded. It's not about Muslims, okay? Even if it's what you call an education camp, they won't shave their hair.

  28. Lot of comments from the paid Chinese troll army LOL. Just ignore them people. They get paid 50 cents per comment to troll you. F*ckin shit head commies.

  29. You can have as many videos like this one and opeds written about it, but the fact remains that China has the developed world by its balls. It's called greed, all those big corporations have their stuff cheaply made in China, they and their shareholders pocket the money and we keep buying the stuff. Until the developed world comes to its senses and start investing in industries in their own countries and we stop buying so much unnecessary sh*t that ends up in the garage or in the trash those abuses and problems will continue. If the Chinese economy is compromised then, developed nations can possibly have a say on those human right abuses there and make a difference, if not, nothing will happen. Just a thought.

  30. heads of state are right to fear what islam can bring within borders… and to combat the polarization of ideas.. i generally support and vote left. many people have studied that religion and other religions followed today share with islam violence in their beginnings. the difference is islam continues in the violence.

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