43 thoughts on “Leadership With Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

  1. Thank you, Jonathan Fields, for this interview. I learned something from this that's new that I haven't heard from other interviews of Simon. Good stuff!

  2. I think of Professor Higgins when I listen to Simon talk. I'll never be able to analyze dialects and accents like him but he got me thinking.

  3. You know a lot of what he is saying i was thinking to myself, yes that's right! Then over the past three years or so I have learned that safety is an illusion just as much as fear. We live in a fear based society when you turn on the radio or news and all you hear are these horrific stories , then I realized just by looking around and observing my own city and hometown that there is SO MUCH GOOD PEOPLE DO FOR EACH OTHER IT JUST MAKES NEWS an imbalanced fear machine, do we need to know about emergencies? Sure, other than that, we are all as safe as you feel and the same goes for fear, both are how we feel inside, and i feel and know we live in a safe balanced world! I do love to hear his perspective is point of view, the thing most crucial is that we learn not just how to communicate but LISTEN. Try to be the last to talk. I am working on that alright 😉

  4. So many wonderful points of wisdom learned. Thank you for your show, Jonathan! subscribed and liked!

  5. Mr. Jon, your questions are very good, your behavior is peaceful,
    and your emotions are controlled very well.
    Wisely put Mr. Simon…

  6. Mmm. I'm skeptical of this. I've been watching Simon's videos after seeing an interview he did talking about Millennial's. I thought his practical approach for corporations should take towards training millennial's made sense and struck me as a timeless principle. After watching this interview for about 15 minutes I'm a bit skeptical of what he has said so far. For example developing trust by doing a sales meeting without the pretense of wanting something. Too me that sounds juvenile and too much like the attitude we want millennial's to move away from.

  7. there are many great videos for Simon Sinek but this one shows more about Simon the person not the speaker. I have seen now the power of his speak. It is truly from the heart and that is why his words get in the heart.

  8. A wonderfully genuine interview. That which comes from the chambers of the heart penetrates the contours of the brain.

    Kapil Gupta MD

  9. The very bases of jews semantics: To disarm every man through proselytism. When i am right i remain right and when I am wrong I will stand corrected. Therefore no need to seek the path of self denial.

  10. I really like what Simon is saying. What I find interesting is that most individuals that speak about taking care of people in business like Simon is talking about is fundamentally exposed by Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People", written before 1910.

  11. "Serving Those Who Serve Others" powerful though, its important that your sacrifice is worth it…awesome

  12. The book the world of influence written 32 years ago mentioned at 8:02 by the interviewer. Where can I find it & who was the author of the book? Please help!

  13. This really is an amazing video. I love that story about Afghanistan. I am honored to live in a country with people protecting up like that.

  14. This is a very useful video.

    I also have a question:
    How would you call a leader who leaves the company when the company and the workers need him?
    Our `manager`- as the others called him- left the company in hard times.. He messed up many things before he left his position (he did not get fired)
    Now he works as a `manager` for another company… 

  15. Thx for this 😉 you asked Simon approx in min 30 of the interview about examples of companies thst put employees at the center – before shareholder. Are you aware of the book called: "firms of endearment" ? Plenty of examples and performance data.

  16. http://youtu.be/_8-dhTodlKI?t=16m53s
    Build something that lasts by giving and serving. How to enable your sales people and others as well.

  17. A lot of talk about how we can surpass ourselves by working for others, that is great and I find it inspiring. I do, however, wonder what Mr Sinek thinks of the freeloader problem ? When you scratch away the the surface of any pretty idea, a dynamic mess reveals itself, at once beautiful and ugly. Speaking of ideas serves a purpose granted , but I find the 'how to' of all grand ideas more insightful. How do you translate this nice shiny theory into tangible progress starting from the complex messy reality of life – there is no such thing as a clean slate. What if you have no power, what if you have power but the cost of change is sacrificing all you hold dear, what if there are conflicts of interest, what about opportunity cost? 

  18. Awesome talk. I gained here, tremendously. i have had the same feeling on some of your points, and you guys put vocabulary to my sentiments. Bravo!

  19. Love him to death! Great speaker. Hits the right notes EVERY TIME. 

    Side note: Was this interview in NY? The sirens geez!! I am from NY as well so I could sense it. 

  20. Great talk.  Love Simon.  See him as the new Tom Peters.  I was influenced by Tom's ideas when I was a teenager.  I never understood why Jack Welch was seen as a great leader.  Great to hear Simon say the same thing.

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