Leadership Pikes Peak: Week of Leadership

Leadership Pikes Peak: Week of Leadership

at a nine item number nine proclamation recognizing leadership pikes peak week of leadership cami Bremer Commissioner Board of County Commissioners all right if you'd like to start making your way down to speak on this proclamation I'd be appreciative commissioner Brimmer Thank You mr. chair I would like to move this proclamation recognizing leadership Pikes Peak week of leadership whereas leadership Pikes Peak is a nonprofit organization founded in 1976 and is focused on building a thriving community through leadership and service and whereas leadership Pikes Peak provides community leadership programs for experienced professionals young professionals women and teens and whereas these programs provide the skills knowledge and connections for participants to serve in the community effectively and whereas these programs have more than 2,500 graduates who as community trustees work to make the Pikes Peak region a wonderful place to live work and play and whereas the leadership Pikes Peak focus is on self community and the city to learn how to apply individual strengths abilities and passions to understanding their position in the Pikes Peak community and whereas numerous County elected officials and employees have participated in the program and have found it to be of great value to the county and whereas leadership Pikes Peak graduates have increased confidence skills and abilities to strengthen the region thus becoming active and engaged members of the community by serving on boards committees and giving back through volunteer opportunities now therefore the Board of County Commissioners of El Paso County Colorado hereby recognizes the week of July 15th to July 19th 2019 as leadership Pikes Peak week of leadership in O Paso County and proclaims its gratitude and support for the graduates and alumni working as community trustees in the Pikes Peak region done this ninth day of july 2019 of Colorado Springs Colorado signed by Marc Waller chair lo hee nose Gonzalez Vice Chair Stan vanderwerff Holly Williams cami members of the board of El Paso County Commissioners and attested to by Chuck Berman second alright that's been moved and seconded so here's how we like to do this if you would please i want to speak we want to give everybody the opportunity to do that but before you start speaking please sign in and then state your name and then you may begin good morning my name is Hilary Reed I'm the executive director at leadership Pikes Peak and I'm also proud to say that I'm a London alumni from our programs I graduated from our leadership now program in 2008 and our signature program in 2013 before starting to work for leadership pikes peak and we are truly excited to be here with you this morning so thank you for this proclamation in declaring the week of July 15th through the 19th our eco leadership and as you just mentioned cami leadership Pikes Peak is proud to celebrate 43 years this year at building community trustees so through our community leadership programs we give our alumni the confidence the skills and the abilities to be able to go out in the Pikes Peak region and make it a better place to live work and play through our programs we have over 2,500 alumni that are making a difference in our community and through their Community Engagement we make an economic impact of 1.2 million dollars in the Pikes Peak region so we're truly excited to celebrate this week and celebrate the great things that our alumni are doing in the community and hope that you guys will come out sometime during the week and come to one of our events so thank you for the proclamation of declaring July 15th through the 19th our leadership pikes peak week of leader week of leadership so thank you commissioners all right is there anybody else that would like to speak on behalf of this proclamation of course you way [Laughter] and I don't know that you need to state your name everybody knows you just for the record for those that are watching online Janet Huffer and I am currently the chief of staff at the Sheriff's Office and I was lucky to be able to go through leadership Pikes Peak the signature program in 2017 was a graduate and then ended up kind of volunteering or voluntold to be a part of a committee which has been one of the best opportunities that I've had with leadership Pikes Peak and then this last year I was asked to sit on the board so it it is such a great program I appreciate the county's support in sending people that work for our County to leadership Pikes Peak it is definitely an asset to our community so I appreciate your support thank you anybody else anybody in the audience like to speak on behalf of this Proclamation anybody opposed to this Proclamation all right I'll bring it up here for deliberation and then a vote didn't be like to speak on behalf of this Proclamation Commissioner Gonzales Thank You mr. chair so I I can't confirm to start off that LPP only invites the best of the best to be there guest speakers so I just want to put that out there yes I have spoken twice thinking they were a great organization now but they know I've gotten to see the their students over the last couple years and see the great work that they do with them and what they do when they graduate and they in the become and leaders in our community and so you see them everywhere and so they are leaving their imprint among our community and that's very very valuable and so I encourage everybody to participate not just in this week for them but to get involved and learn and if you want to volunteer and become one of the students they have multiple programs that they can be involved in so it's a great group and a great program I encourage everybody to participate thank you thank you Commissioner Williams I just appreciate I actually had marks it at some point I wanted to apply for the program but now I'm too busy it's kind of hard but it's such a great program and a great way to introduce community members to other community members to make sure that we network and we know each other and we all know that we're involved in making this community a great place to live so thank you for all that you do commissioner Thank You mr. chair I'd love to also like to thank all of you I've actually been checking out your website while I've been up here making sure I've got a couple of nice golden nuggets to talk about leadership Pikes Peak and I just want the rest of the commissioners know I've spoken there twice as well okay so boy you guys have really gone down in my kiddin but I think 43 years wow what a great record and 2,500 alumni I think that's a serious serious impact that you are having on the community and it is so important what you do in your programs because it is it's critically necessary that when people want to enter into leadership positions in a community they have to make that effort to understand all sides leaving out one group of people in trying to get to someplace down the road with whether that be a policy of position or or helping out an individual community if you're leaving people out though they'll feel that so it's important that everybody that goes through the leadership makes people wonder just any community leader takes that opportunity to really engage in that community and also to know yourself about who you are and I think that's part of your program as well so great job everybody keep it up maybe we'll all be able to see when the 5,000th alumni person comes through wouldn't that be awesome thank you awesome I'd also like to say thank you for all you do for our community yeah I think one of the things that we do well is give people the training they need to do in order to be technically proficient in their jobs but we aren't always good at the leadership aspects of that and and I think that that more focus needs to be placed in those areas you know you know whether it's working in the sheriff's office being in leadership here at the county or working in any of the other countless endeavors that require people to have leadership skills you know often it's the circumstance that the the person that's most technically proficient at the job isn't doesn't translate into becoming best supervisor out there and so I think it's really crucially important to have these kinds of organizations available that can teach people the leadership skills they need in order to be able to then effectively supervise the people that are supposed to be the technicians and the people that are technically proficient in the job you know I always commented when my my children were little and they were in grade school their report cards would come out and I would kind of skip or you know kind of briefly peruse that their how the assessment on reading writing arithmetic those kinds of things and I'd go straight to the back section which was the life skills how are they doing interacting with other kids in their class what are their leadership skills look like even at that age because I always sort of figured if if my kids did that stuff well you know if they were able to sit still pay attention and interact well with the other kids in their class and they were going to be able to do the technically proficient things so I can't speak enough about this kind of organization and I'm gonna make a pitch to you if you want you know truly great speakers and you know people that are gonna you know just really inspire the masses moving forward I'm volunteer no I'm kidding you know again thank you all so much for what you do it's it's very important to our community commissioner Brimmer Thank You mr. chair you know Janet I think the biggest testimony you could have for leadership Pikes Peak was probably just said when he said when chairman Waller said everybody knows who you are and you know the interesting thing about about leadership in general is that whether you're one of those people that everybody does know who you are if you're in a prominent position of leadership you are just those others in leadership positions that are less prominent or every bit as much important and I appreciate that leadership Pikes Peak recognizes that and really strives to to prepare people to be the the foundation and the fabric of efforts that get done in this community I think that is absolutely remarkable you know I think all of them from wherever from wherever they work the graduates of leadership Pikes Peak they're equipped motivated and supported in this community and again that's just very very unique and I appreciate and applaud what you're doing to find leaders who can operate at all levels because that's what it takes so thank you very much all right with that I'll call the roll Commissioner Brimmer I Commissioner vanderwerff i Commissioner Williams High Commissioner Gonzales I the chair bow tie that passes unanimously congratulations we will stand in a brief recess for photos [Applause] you

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