35 thoughts on “LEADERSHIP LAB: Writing Beyond the Academy 1.23.15

  1. 9:53 99% write and think at the same time. You have to do your thinking at the same time you write!!!

  2. I love this guy, I often think about my writing and want to improve and it is good to know the things you must be aware of. Namely the reader and value.

  3. Those are not the only skill sets missing as one transition from academia to the work world. How to apply theories from the classroom to solve problems in every-day situations are also necessary. It seems as though you have to get retrained for work after you graduate with your degree (s). Another parallel I perceive is that you need to think about the needs of others to make your work valuable and accepted. Simply put teach another how to solve a problem with their resources. Lastly, there are the "people skills" of socialization as one transition from academia to the work world. This lecture should be saved and reheard several more times.

  4. everyone in the comments would LOVE to be sitting there….and the chubby guy in the red hoodie is struggling to stay awake. God´s sense of humor

  5. I loved this video. But I’d like to know how one would write to actually change people’s values. For example changing people’s attitudes towards fundamental religion. I Marvell why People still support the Catholic Church even financially despite the abuses reported in the news papers.

  6. lol…."…between these three cases." Grammatically correct, it is "between two and among three." Aren't there three samples?

  7. Asian keep writing things off the board when those dont matter much comparing to his explanation. They are like bugs, dont react to jokes or to the atmosphere of this lecture but to get the info they needed and walk away with useless notes. They might have a career but the will never be original.

  8. Aloha from Hawaii Saqib, Mahalo for this post. So much vital information crammed in little over an hour. Imagine having him for an entire semester (or two ;)), Brilliant! Kudos to the both of you, Dr. McEnerney for the content, and you Saqib for the share.

  9. There is a great lecture by Steve Pinker that actually DOES teach you something about good writing that this one does not – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYhjo5O-nfg
    This is a classic example of how not to teach anything – very little of value amongst all this pontification and self indulgence….

  10. Well, this is a really awesome writing class that I learned from Prof main points of attracting my readers on my works. This needs a lot of eyes in details for writers and eyes catching for readers. Again, this is kind art to fabricate the writing with mind and heart………….STF……….

  11. This lecture must be in the cafeteria. If you want the students to pay attention you don't allow they to bring their lunch to class.

  12. he's a consultant for NGO's and he's never published anything of importance … Disgusting liberal POS..

  13. People before learn how to write , they should learn how to behave act in society in a class and respect to teacher, how come she is eating like a horse ? No respect in u.s disgusted me

  14. 🙏🏼 I hope to have a chance to learn with him. How lucky for the student to take course with him.

  15. School writing is to real world writing what the fact that you pay to work at school is to the fact you get paid to work out of work.

  16. As a graduated master student, I wish I had such a teacher to guide me in my writing when I was in school. Most enlightening, thank you, Dr. McEnerney.

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