26 thoughts on “Leaders Care – Inspirational Leadership Video

  1. got carried away.. i remember prophet Mohammad's (peace be upon him) sacrifices to lead his ummah (muslim community). truly inspiring. thank you..

  2. This video is very inspirational. The little girl showed her leadership by facing her fear just to protect her little brother. The little girl is very determinant even though she is helpless she choose to do the right thing. We can show our leadership even in a simple things. Everyone can be a leader!

  3. I like the message of this video. Upon watching it I realized what are the traits does an ideal leader have

  4. this video showed a good qualities of a good leader: the courage, being responsible, caring, and the leadership within..
    being a leader is thinking about others, not just about yourself. THERESA

  5. as a leader you must have the courage to overcome your fear to your follower because you care for them. and if you care you will learn lots of things and it will develop more in leading people.

  6. Leadership is action, not position.! Leadership cannot be taught, It can be only learned through experience.-JB

  7. Nothing is impossible, when you want to do something, specially if its for someone who is very close to you, even if there are some struggles or obstacles along the way, you will still do it. -RAQ

  8. Moments to discover what binds us together is priceless. It is our love, hopes, fears, dreams, and nightmares, and it crosses the boundaries between age, religion, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. I often miss moments to discover what is truly important, because I am engaged in activities that make me feel like I am important. This video, pondered often, will remind me to get out of bed.

  9. Wow! After I got a tissue, and wiped my eye, I thought to myself what a beautiful & most innocent example this is to us all of how we should treat everyone. Thanks

  10. Truly a moivng video. It is amazing how children can teach us such great life lessons. Think about how much humanity we have lost as adults.

    Mike, this is right on. Everybody should take this lesson and apply in life everyday.

    Great Job!

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