Lawrence: The Smoking Guns Keep Coming On President Donald Trump And Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence: The Smoking Guns Keep Coming On President Donald Trump And Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Lawrence: The Smoking Guns Keep Coming On President Donald Trump And Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. tRump is a narcissist they never think that they are wrong it's as if they have no conscience at all! tRump has been lying and cheating all of his "adult" life.. tRump appeared to be successful because he was propped up by his daddy then anyone else he could grub money from including Putin.

  2. He secretly invites other countries to get involved in our democracy, gets caught, becomes unhinged and then blames another party. GENIUS!!! Mister Collusion Delusion impeached himself. Bravo to you sir! 👏👏👏

  3. If China and Ukraine are smart don’t do any favours cause it will be illegal to do mmmm aren't they still investigating trump in New York, Virginia and Washington ????

  4. This had to happen; the madness of conspiracy theories has trickled into reality, via the "President". We all knew he wasn't very bright. He won't listen to facts or reason. He's thrown all the adults out of the room. The ADHD mental midget is running the show. (Nothing against individuals with ADHD, or the mentally challenged, or the height-challenged. Sigh. Did I cover my bases?)

  5. Hey have some respect here This is the king your talking about ok okay Pardon me. Criminals need respect also don't you know? The king of crooks. This prez and his entire administration needs to be cleaned up & dumped In the ocean quickly.

  6. Mr. Lawrence, I recently have watched some of your segments, and generally enjoy them. I couldn't help but see you smirking through this report–and really, who can blame you? But this person [let's call him Big Orange Goon Head from planet Corrupto Crazed] might still get away with this. Please save a few of your smirks till he goes down. Then we can all smirk, and laugh, and cry with joy, and hug each other, and make merry, and then make that day a new world holiday!

  7. GOP can use all the most idiotic excuses on TVs and newspapers, but when they are in court, their excuses will not fly.

  8. Us President D. trump .Equal rights.The US was planning a war with Canada in Syria.During the war, the oligarchs will receive super profits.Been waiting for more than 40 years.Russian takeover of YUKOS.Yukos worked with 90-2008.Got a windfall.For what reason there is no war in advance.The legal time of war had come.The oligarchs made a profit.Suffered losses for 40 years.Suffered.The war in Syria 2011-2019.There is no war .Banks and oligarchs went bankrupt .30 years ago.Compensation will be for giving up the war in Syria 1960 years.Why in advance of the epicenter in Nepal. Technology war is the source of super profits.

  9. The democrats stupid whistleblower HOAX and Failed Coup E'tat and the Stupid Media and their Stupid news anchors have destroyed democrats credibility and eny chances of ever wining the federal election

  10. Got a question for anyone but especially Trump supporters, what actually happened in China, your chosen president said "What happened in China, is just as bad as what happened in Ukraine" so exactly what happened in China?

  11. Lawrence O'Donnell, we need to pray for the POTUS! He did not intend to do anything improper! IF he broke any rules, he did so out of ignorance! Ergo, there is no element of "mens rea" in his mistakes, if he broke any laws! The man has never had any prior political experience at all! He is not a politician or lawyer, at all! He is the most outspoken and blunt POTUS since Harry S. Truman! I only wish that he was like the 33rd POTUS because Harry Truman listened to his advisors, in particular General George C. Marshall! If only the 45th POTUS had listened to his advisors, in particular General Mattis, General Kelly, and General McMaster, he would not be in the mess he's in right now, and he'd be enjoying a 50%+ job approval rating!

  12. The whole Administration is totally corrupt including Barr and Pompeo who has sold their soul to the devil and will surely get burned.

  13. Crimes committed brazenly are still crimes ! Good job, Lawrence. Hopefully this circus of a presidency will be ending soon.

  14. He complained that Obama tapped his phone so wouldn’t he learn to shut up on the phone. He’s like the dumbest gangster anywhere. Tells everyone his crime while he’s doing it. God damm he is soooooo stupid. We need new standards for the president.
    The president should at least be able to take an IQ test.

  15. If all had gone according to Trump's plan there would have been a staged meeting with the Ukranian president seemingly volunteering to investigate Biden with no strings attached. But there were strings attached, not only the ones he was attached to like a puppet, but to receive the requested aid, he would have to play along with the charade.

  16. If the potus is doing it, then it's not illegal. Lmao. Not knowing who is the whistle blower is just driving him crazy.

  17. lol. Does Lawrence really not get why Trump is speaking with the helicopter engine running. It's so he can say impeachable things and then claim he didn't hear the question if ever he's called to account for it.

  18. 6:45 Add this:”Which is a debunked conspiracy theory.” Media is not reminding people enough that the whole reasoning behind pressuring Ukraine is crazy! It’s a fictional conspiracy theory. And media and Democrats keep forgetting to remind people how obsessed the President is with conspiracy theories.

  19. The only way Trump's "favor" would NOT be inculpatory, would be if it were unrelated to his personal election interests. But there's no other way to construe it.

  20. Why don't they suspend trumps pardon powers while he is under investigating , otherwise, a lot of people will get off the hook


  22. Most criminals are stupid, that's why they get caught. Trump is beyond stupid, he's a moron. If they don't nail him now, then the whole system is corrupt.

  23. Criminals, spooks and scammers use "plausible deniability" but knw it only works on unaware targets and their entourage. But "genius" didn't get the memo.

  24. I am optimistic, but nothing will take away the pain and the horror of the election results reported on November 9, 2016, until Trump is dragged and kicking out of the White House.

  25. Think about this; what if Americans start some nut-job religious based war against the rest of the world with this obese lunatic in charge? How would we stop them in an alliance from making their drivel become truth? Imagine if Hitler had the same weapons and might that the US has, we would all be speaking German or Japanese now? Follow every thought thread on this, all possibilities are disastrous. America is full of religious zealots, followers, kooky conspiracy, spin doctors and others – people that believe the system will right itself like some great, infallible ship, the Titanic?

  26. If you were accused of a crime and you were innocent and the FBI wanted to see documents in your possession that you know would show your innocents would you give up the documents or refuse ?

  27. that is very subtle where Bill Taylor, top US diplomat in Ukraine says to Volker and Sondland that:

    "I think its crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign"

    when I initially saw that I didnt see any problem, but when O'Donnell said its a very smoky gun I had to take a second look,
    an advantage of watching on Youtube is you can pause or rewatch anything!

    I then saw the problem which is an indirect fact that he says indirectly that
    he has been told the security assistance is being withheld for help with a political campaign
    which is then foreign collusion.

    we still have to join up further dots, to determine that it is Trump withholding the security assistance
    and that it is Trump's political campaign against Biden, because no names are mentioned,
    but I suppose those dots are joined up by Trump's infamous call with Ukraine's leader.

    you need to be really alert with these things!

    I think the problem is that with the modern era, we are inundated with a continual torrent of ideas, and we expect the television to do our thinking for us, and expect everything we are told to be alright. Armchair culture, where we sit in our armchairs and experts on tv do everything for us, whether its a game of soccer or an analysis of the game!

    with this particular case also we hear about things in a different time sequence from which they occurred, this is where one should at some point develop the facts from scratch chronologically, to see the incriminating effects of the time sequence.
    I think one needs a cumulative chronology of the facts, where when a new fact emerges it is inserted at the correct point of the chronology.

    the time sequence of events is very important, eg:

    (1) A swears at B
    (2) B hits A

    if (1) occurs before (2) chronologically, then A is incriminated. But if (2) occurs before (1) then B is incriminated.
    Time is an important intangible, you cannot see time, but it can decide things. eg I watched a video which was a very good assessment of Trump, and then I found it was from before he became president, that made it even more impressive, almost prophetic:

    recently I was watching a presentation by Rachel Maddow of some new scandal about Trump, and then eventually found it was from a previous year!

    Note also its not just the time sequence, but also the quantity of time between events, eg with a dispute I had with a company, I got invoiced for some things 7 months after the work, which I regard as untimely and unfair trading as the withholding of prices and invoicing led me to get more work done than I could afford.

    an alibi is that you were somewhere else at the time of something you are alleged to have done.

    there are criminal cases involving identical twins, where each alleges it was the other twin who did the crime,
    in some cases they conspire that one does the crime, and the other is far away and makes it known they are far away.

  28. Seems Trump is playing a game of reverse Physiology. Anything you can do I shall do better. Given ideas too toss back and see where it goes. It is past due date that those republicans made a proper stand the Public of the United States of America do not deserve this pathetic show of 3rd rate visuals on a daily basis of the President of The US that they have given license to run their country in a safe and proper manner. It is unbelievable watching him and his children behave as though they have been given some licence to just do exactly what they feel like at any time as long as it gives them some good financial gain. Ivanka especially acting as though she is the favor of the masses, and those pathetic brothers. Maybe it really is a time for them to be investigated regarding all those funds they seem to be acquiring while on trips away or doing family business. Bad look for the people to have to absorb

  29. If T. is impeached but not taken out of office, how will he be restrained from his behavior and breaking more laws.

  30. Give a rat a cookie, and it'll come looking for the milk. Look how Trump stupidly with full confidence walked right into that question.

    What a dummy.

  31. You might notice so far very few consequences for his crimes done in plain site. Its like he jumps up and down yelling arrest me again and again.Nobody pays attention. You don't need to investigate he already told you he is guilty. He lies so often no one believes him.

  32. Its the essence of how America, in general does business. That putting it out in the open make it justified. There are so many examples, so many lies and misinformation…

  33. ‘’America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln-

  34. Just to let everybody know Adam Schiff holds a law degree, he will never be outsmarted by Trump he will always be smarter than Trump, Please be aware that Trump is not smarter than Adam Schiff

  35. I would think as President, he'd be saying this in private (emphasis added) to our own intelligence for investigation. This makes zero sense to me.

  36. Trump's defenders are still saying nothing to see here or hear ,do they really think American's and the world are deaf and blind ,we see your corruption Trump

  37. The President phone calls with foreign leaders are spy on and the president cannot even investigate who was doing the spying. He should order DOJ to identified this DNC spy for illegally listening to his confidential phone calls. Obama/Biden did not hesitate to sent to gallows Snowden for just revealing their dirty work/crimes on wiretapping citizens. What is their definition of democracy?

  38. there must be something about a controlling low self -esteemed narcissist and the sound of or feeling of a chopper waiting for him to circle people below him, like he did during his debate with Hillary..what does he need the chopper for in every answer he gives? everytime he opens his lying mouth the American people pays…the great Obama when asked went to the people to answer, trump flies away from the people when he answers, so rude

  39. Trump doesn't believe he is subject to the law because he's gotten away with it for years. It's amazing that with Jared kushner' s bail out by Qatar for 666 5th avenue using pressure from UAE and Saudi Arabia and his daughter getting trademarks from China and his transportation secretary Chao using her influence for her families business and all the other crooked cabinet members, Trump wants to talk about corruption and how he's against it

  40. anybody know what happend in Ukraine? Since the Bidens weren,t charged with any crimes…I guess if it,s a crime for your kids to get a cush position they aren,t qualified for one only as to ask Slutvanka and scew ball husband…they sure would know

  41. Notice how quiet the LGBT Community has been in Public. Their next step, after 3 years reporting negative blogs and articles about the President, they will have a world wide party right before the 2020 Election. – an
    Inside Story only on Fox and BBC. Watch them closely in the coming months.

  42. If any nation-state answers the WH childs request, then they are in fear of backlash from a WH child that is slowly going down in political quagmire, sandtrap, etc… Russia is still watching all things here! Fear rules their roost! All deals will come to a stop while the WH child is going under and "all bets are off"!


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