Laurence Tribe: Trump “Is Not Above The Law And He Will Learn His Lesson” | The Last Word | MSNBC

Laurence Tribe: Trump “Is Not Above The Law And He Will Learn His Lesson” | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Laurence Tribe: Trump “Is Not Above The Law And He Will Learn His Lesson” | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Fools idiots all. The legal remedy is to actually have a vote of the
    full house on whether to conduct an official impeachment proceeding. At
    that point, the house can establish the rules based on precedent and
    standard judicial practice. In other words, both sides will call
    witnesses, the prosecution will make their argument, the defense will
    make theirs. The American people will hear the full story without the
    CNN/MSNBC filter, as they did with the Mueller hearing. Bring it on.
    The Queen-of-Hearts nonsense currently being shilled by MSNBC is a limp
    coup attempt. Limp or not, people attempting the illegal overthrow of
    the government must be stopped. Henderson Barracks is at the ready.

  2. People keep saying the President is not above the Law. Yet President Trump keeps breaking the law and even committing Treason! But Trump just keeps going on about his way, and giving the Congress and the Courts the finger.

  3. haha… of course Trump has to defend Nixon and say that he should not have resigned. Because Trump is 1000x more criminal, corrupt, and incompetent than Nixon could have ever hoped to be. If Trump hasn't done anything wrong then Nixon was a saint.

  4. Memo to the young: No, nobody ever used "walking" and chewing gum at the same time.
    Micturation was involved in the original. .

  5. saying rump "will LEARN his lesson" is utterly impossible – to learn anything presupposes a brain – rump has not displayed a brain or thinking ability to us – ever

  6. From Laurence Tribe's mouth to God's ears, I hope this process ends with Donald J Trump finally learning that, despite all the rotten things he's gotten away with in his life, he isn't above the law.

  7. If Senate Republicans do not support the removal of Trump, they WILL go down! They will not only lose reelection, but they will go down in history as being on the wrong side of this issue.

  8. He is above the law, because "the law" is representative of those who have the power to enforce it; so therefore, if the overwhelming majority with enforcement power acquiesces to his demands, then… he IS above the law.
    (We'll see…. I didn't lick my chops for the Mueller Report [and I was pleased that I didn't have high expectations given how that turned out], and I don't expect much here.)

  9. Grandiose Obfuscation Politics (GOP) Goons of Putin (GOP) Generally Operate Personally (GOP) definitely NOT
    Grand Old Party. Time to face the future. Whatever these blancos amigos are planning I want nothing to do with it because it is a rerun of all the catastrophes they have sponsored. Goons of Putin Got To Go! 11/3/2020 We the People Make It So!

  10. Graham is a hypocritical little man with a big mouth.. 20 yrs since his diatribe against Clinton and this cockroach is still around and now it seems has done a 180 for this prez who will be found a criminal, traitor and the most lawless leader in our history.

  11. The party is over….the republican party will learn a lesson from the do nothing politics …happy days are here again…..?

  12. This is all some scary stuff. If many of the people involved in all these scandals are not held accountable, especially trump, I picture my grandchildren living under a totalitarian regime. Because we are headed in that direction.

  13. Just remember who supported this maniac and vote them out of office. Republicans have proved themselves unreliable and corrupt.

  14. Trump has admitted what he did in the released notes of his conversation with the Ukrainian president, which was soliciting dirt on a political opponent which is clear breach of the constitution. To argue against this fact (it's not a fake fact) is nonsense and there is no excuse that negates this. Ignoring subpoenas means one thing, it's contempt and thus requires punishment.

  15. OPINION:





  16. trump wants a legacy? trump will have the historical distinction of being the first american president to ever be put in prison.

  17. Will all WH staff, cabinet members,Senators and Reps, ambassadors and advisers and lawyers also be considered part of assisting with criminal behavior and a cover up? Will all parties be held accountable ?

  18. the daily bait and switch
    of the off gassing emperor
    the orange pumpkin way past
    its just due by charlatan craft
    doubling down upon deceit
    causing wide spread fatigue
    by blustering tirades easily
    perfuming nostrils with
    over whelming foul
    stench painting
    with indelible ink
    causing the loss
    of smell the belly
    up rubes under
    narcotic spell
    begging the
    next whopper
    as vicariously
    smitten identifying
    with the worship
    of deceitfulness
    folding to the bluff
    as the checker player
    primitively patterned

  19. Laurence Tribe, thank you. more from Tribe please. Tribe's understanding is vast. Tribe can lead us. He is still standing and our spirits are broken. We the people will take your path. Lead us onward.

  20. The President is following the laws of the Constitution and of the Government System. THE DEMOCRATS ARE SAYING THAT THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. Good try Democrat.

  21. HOLY WACK A MOLE BATMAN! no lie you guys 😂 I called the same play yesterday on MSNBC. I knew Donny was trying to stone wall and go out for obstruction of Congress instead of going down for Russian / Ukraine …✊

  22. Unfortunately, the professor is totally tripping. The reality is that some senators are also working for Putin. However, they may throw the Traitor-in-Chief under the bus to preserve their status quo. Putin will ultimately decide Trump's faith, not congress.

  23. After we do all of that it's time to lock him up in most of those in that Administration. Send them to Guantanamo Bay. And find out what else they have been doing that is destroying our policies democracy from the inside out. Any businessman that can fail or bankrupt a casino can do worse to a nation which is United States of America. Think about it realistically.

  24. As if the Deranged Left has not had enough , been humiliated enough and hurt the U.S. enough. THE DUMB DIMS and their zombie followers are about to live their biggest nightmare. Expect No Mercy

  25. No one is above the law! Plain and simple! Before the Trumpers put their spin on this impeachment process, they better read the constitution very well and understand it! He will be impeached!

  26. If, according to the Republican, a president can't be indicted or impeached (if he doesn't feel like those investigating him are "fair"), then shouldn't he be a king or emperor, like the King of Thailand or the Emperor of Japan or Queen of England? It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for the Queen of England, Emperor of Japan or King of Thailand to do wrong. They are, after all, perfect symbols of wisdom, fairness, neutrality, morality, ethics, and legality…

    Who, in their sane mind, would try to indict or impeach the Emperor of Japan, the Queen of England, or the King of Thailand?

    Our Great and Wise President Trump is in the same league as those rulers. He is beyond reproach. His speeches and phone conversations with world leaders and tweets (about every subject he choose to tweet on) are PERFECT! Only FOOLS like Liberals and Democrats would undertake effort to impeach our Great President.

    Listen to the honorable Senator Lindsey Graham. He knows lots of constitutional stuff, believe me. He, after all, prosecuted the case against slick Willy, who is an adulterer, an immoralist, a Satanist, and an uneducated fool who could barely string together two complex sentences. Our Great President Trump is NONE of that, believe me!

  27. Wishful thinking when Laurence Tribe says putin' tRUMP will learn his lesson because putin' tRUMP is incapable of learning lawful lessons.

  28. I remember how Americans responded when Nixon proclaimed to be above the law, did not go over well at all. That was a HUGE blunder on Nixon's part and I see a similar response to trump today. The tide is turning.

  29. Message to the GOP Senators: If the American people, through the freely elected members of the House of Representatives, vote to remove the President from office for gross misconduct, abuse of Office of the President and obstruction of justice, and you veto this, you will have gone against the will of the People. You, and you alone will be responsible for what happens next. Be it a war or a bungled crisis, it is on you. Let that vote be binding to your conscience, along with you yourself violating your Oath of Office.

  30. The only people above the law in the minds of Democrats are Democrats. Donald Trump showed the entire transcript of his call. He did not attempt to blackmail the Ukrainian president into trying to take down a political opponent. On the other hand you can easily find Joe Biden bragging about how he threatened to withhold 1 billion dollars in loan guarantee's if they did not fire a certain prosecutor, who as it turned out happened to be investigating the company that Hunter Biden served on the board with. That was illegal! You are absolute hypocrites if you can say impeach Trump for something he did not do, but on the other hand not hold Joe Biden accountable for something he absolutely did do and even bragged about. You can find the YouTube video of Joe Biden bragging about it right here on YouTube

  31. Professor Tribe says that Trump "will learn his lesson." With all due respect, I disagree with the professor. If Trump has to leave office, he will continue to do what he has done his whole life: blame others.

  32. An impeachment inquiry is bogus and has no power of subpoena without a house vote to make it legitimate ! MSNBS and most of the other Media are colluding with renegade Dems to to create a soft coup to bring down the President. You are all traitors ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I hope you go to jail ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The President is not acting above the law He is demanding equal treatment of the law. Let the House vote on the inquiry and if successful the President will give them all the information they ask for and maybe expose some information the Dems don't want brought out ! The Dems and media think most people are stupid ! ! ! !!

  33. Trump is nothing but a indian giver to the Ukraine and money that was promised to them to help them defend their self against Russia and then ask them to do them a favor and find dirt on biting or they were not gonna get the money and the only thing that trumpet right there was commit extortion and proof that is influenced by Russia and he was in and give the Ukraine any money to fight against them.  Trump must be really nervous knowing that he has about 59% of the nation once him impeached because is nothing but an embarrassment to America .

  34. Never bet on Republicans to stop looking at the letter behind your name, do the right thing or put country first UNLESS they get something out of it.

  35. I think mr Trump trying to test the courts of laws the constitution laws are going to enforce the exposed him he thinks the supreme courts hopefully his politics partisans on God lmfao

  36. Great reporting and interview Lawrence…..I love how you listen and follow up with what the interviewee says not just what your next question will be…..trump has done this to himself, trump's lawyers have a fool for a client…..trump thinks if he says something or his lawyers say something that makes it true and no one has to question the legality or criminality of trump's actions….how stupid is trump's lawyer to say the nixon documents and tapes should not have been turned over to Congress, so is that lawyer now the lawyer for nixon? you just lost your argument…..trump is getting impeached and rightly so. Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  37. Trump can't be impeached, he can't be investigated. Next they'll say he can't lose an election. Stop him now! before he takes absolute power.

  38. What does this video clip have to do with the Democrat's
    impeachment discussions over Trump looking into Biden threatening to
    withhold aid to Ukraine if they didn't fire a prosecutor looking into
    Joe's son? That's the issue.Do people watch this strange man?

  39. One way to put pressure on Trump, esp around financials: Since Trump is refusing to disclose critical info, incl financial Cong should refuse to provide any funds for travel to Mar a Lago or other Trump properties unless they have access to visitor and phone logs to make sure he isn't using those settings to evade records reporting. Either they are the "WH" o this property. He can go provided he covers 100% of costs including flights and secret service. It's not the golf that should be our concern. He is holding meetings, including partisan ones that would not be permitted in the WH. Either he is working or not until info can be verified

  40. Most the voters will support impeachment, Democrat need to go ahead ,do your duty , same like congress passed the bill , if McConnell doesn’t put that bill on the senate floor, speaker Pelosi still manage to passed more bills, don’t let trump get away, no one above the law, Barr can not stop the impeachment .

  41. The subject matter of this impeachment requires a clothes pin and rubber gloves, if not a Hazmat suit, to properly handle and dispose of.

  42. "Above the law"??? Sanctuary cities are LITERALLY putting illegals above the law. Good luck impeaching anything with this one.

  43. Trump is ABOVE the law if he and his supporters ignore the constitution and the people allow it. Contact your senator and representative today!

  44. A great 4-letter word describing Trump – weak. He demonstrates his fundamental, intrinsic weakness all day every day.

  45. I'm so glad congress is finally going through with stopping this truely criminal group of people that are trying to make this country in to a Dictatorship.

  46. What's the odds that Trump is suggesting that his aides try shooting Congressional Democrats in the legs, to slow them down while Barr & Graham dig a moat outside the Oval Office & fill it with alligators & snakes?!

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