42 thoughts on “Larry Sanders casts vote for brother Bernie Sanders at Democratic National Convention (C-SPAN)

  1. This was a touching moment….
    But is no one noticing the bruise and cut on the right side of Bernie's face? Really?

  2. Bernie is honestly the only reason why I am into politics and I practically only watch him too! In the 2016 election I couldn't bear looking at the candidates running for president until I came across Bernie Sanders. He's ACTUALLY been caring about the American people and for everyone to have equal rights since he was in high school! He's always been advocating for us and I can't believe I only found out about him in 2016, which he would've won if the DNC didn't rig it! Let's go #Bernie2020 guys! With ALL of us we CAN WIN THIS UPCOMING ELECTION! FEEL THE BERN!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  3. This really made me tear up.

    BERNIE 2020

    We will not allow you to be cheated again Mr Sanders.

  4. Fuck you Hillary! Sanders would have won the nomination if it wasn't for you and the fucking establishment Democrats. #Bernie2020 #ProgressiveDemocrats

  5. It’s very rare to get a second chance (let alone a first) at having someone like Bernie be President. Let’s make it happen! Bernie 2020!

  6. Very emotional moment for Bernie. Too bad all his supporters had to ruin it in the comments with their blind rage against Hillary and the DNC.

  7. I don't agree with Bernie in terms of policy at all and I am pretty conservative, but this is a really emotional and touching thing to see. You can't help but feel for Bernie and his brother. Enormous amount of respect for those two guys and their family.

  8. I still tear up watching this. My parents too had hard lives and both my father's died young from illness and my mother is dealing with her own after losing two husbands. We need to change the way we eat. Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live and let's change the way we treat each other #Bernie2020

  9. Be sad no longer. Rejoice. Bernie is back and he raised $6million in one day! That average donation $27. It's currently February 2019 and polling in New Hampshire has Bernie as the frontrunner at 27% with dnc's golden child Comma La at only 12% Not even creepy joe biden will steal Bernie's thunder. A phoenix rises from the ashes, Feel The Bern..

  10. Bunch of Communist. Tax your mother democrats . Free this and free that and bla bla bla . You all a bunch of communist ,go try out a Communist country like a Venezuela , Cuba , Ecuador , Bolivia and see if you like it , give me a break trying to impose that shit in this country . Go To Hell Demonicrats you all a bunch of loonie Communist

  11. I saw Bernie at one of his rallies and the vibe and energy was indescribable…it should have been him damnit!

  12. part of the zio- anglo repression on the spanish people … mr sanders is laughable to think he wants to be president to control the country when he cant even control his tiny constituency …..

  13. That man was cheated by an evil human being in Hilary Clinton. 200,000 voters purged in Brooklyn. He was gonna win New York too.

  14. Hillary should let Bernie run by himself, he'd destroy that orange, festering wart we have as president now

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