100 thoughts on “Largest US troop withdrawal from Syria is currently underway

  1. The loyalty of this president to the FLAG as well as the AMERICAN MILITARY is very much a crucial question that must be answered. He is allowing Putin to do whatever he wants, with no thought to the safety of the American military and the country. Think of the result had Roosevelt had withdrawn from the allied efforts against Hitler. What language would be spoken on the east coast of America. Get an with a suth’n accent! I dread the thought of Canada having to depend on a very poor leader saying to ours, “Ok, we’ve got your back.” No way, Donny Jose,’

  2. Hello, world, please help us, save us, we the people of #Iraq. The government of Iraq is #stealing the people and #killing them in the streets.Please send us foreign channels in order to transmit what is happening from the problems inside #Iraq in #Baghdad, the capital of Iraq and in all provinces, please save us please They kill us with heavy weapons and all kinds of weapons and they release us tear gas. Thousands of people have died.

  3. We chose to leave, Kurds need Americans to boost their status. Equipped, and trained into a fighting army. Thank you, and you’re welcomed. Freedom is not free. 🇺🇸

  4. Putin: Obama campaign to defeat ISIS with Kurds too successful, thousands of terrorists captured. You must fix, and leave key in front door for me. We have deal, fat man.
    Trump: Of course, Vlady-pooh. Don't worry, I'll hand you the bigliest victory you ever heard of, and my payment will be on time this month, I swear!

  5. U.S. government has been co-opted by the cabal of DTRumpco & The Republicanco plutocrats paid off by the traitorous insanely rich 1% in this country & those also outside countries with big $$$ to make who have been engaged in accumulating as much wealth as possible, off the backs of the middle class working personal. The 1% or DTRumpco & the Republicacos don't care about America or our troops that protect us from ISIS murders, they only care about hiding their illegally $$$ stolen from the tax collectors here & abroad.

    Time to booth all these Traitors out of office, an stick them where they all belong, in JAILs surrounded with a moat filled with snakes & alligators like they want!

  6. We went into Syria to defeat ISIS. Local governments should govern their territory and prevent ISIS from coming back. Now we are supposed to protect the Kurds and Syrian oil fields, which would be mission creep. Time to leave. Time to put the military-industrial complex on a diet.

  7. Here is a fact you CNN fake News morons and democrats. President Trump campaigned on bringing our troops back home. He got elected on bringing our soldiers back home.” It might not be very popular with defense contractors inside the Beltway, the President said, but it draws the loudest cheers across America. You liberal war mongers send your sons to die in that endless 19 year War in Mid East. For what? Just a big pile of US taxpayers money wasted and thousands of dead young men and women.

  8. The Trump admin reminds me of that Geico horror story commercial … picture Kellyanne Conway saying, "Let's just get in the running car", and Trump says," Are you crazy ?!?!?!? Let's hide under the chainsaws" … Betsy DeVoss says," let's run to the Cemetary !!!"…. while the "Killer" AKA "The Impeacher", shakes his damned head

  9. this is insanity. the WH is as close to 100% hypocritical as they can get; everything they complain about is something they're actually doing, everything they say is the direct opposite of the truth. how did we come to this? how are there people who genuinely believe all of this total bullshit when the truth is SO ACCESSIBLE???? we're going to come out of this either cleansed of at least some of this corruption and in a position to right some wrongs, or the corruption machine will succeed and it's going to become an unsafe place for minorities first and then the situation will decay as we slide into being a full on authoritarian fascist state.


  11. "Promises Made – Promises K…..illed" 😂 Our boys are coming home..To Iraq, where they want to be says the Dotard Porn President

  12. reminds me of the soviet withdrawal from afghanistan.
    the collapse of the western world basically.
    maybe thats why putin ordered US troops withdraws, to have a bad visual news story like the afghan withdrawal.

  13. I hope enough Kurds are aware that it was President Drumpf, not the vast majority of American people, that called for this withdrawal.

  14. Why can’t America just back off and let countries deal with their own problems?
    Those people don’t know what they want, they were mad when US soldiers came and now they are mad that they are leaving.

  15. Since when did this foreign jack ass liar dude become n analystof military operations. CNN you are a joke and nobody listens to your globalist foreign-commanded narratives.TRUMP 2020.


  17. "green light"? What, were they handing out light bulbs? If you expect clarification from the politicians, the LEAST you can do is stop using euphemisms!

  18. I wonder why the silence when he 'gives' Israel pieces of Syria??  One thing most of these conspiracy actors have in common from Russia investigation to Ukraine and Rudy with his cohorts is that they are Jewish – a supposed ally – at the heart of all this corruption seems to be the plan to create the new world order PNAC wanted centered around Israel/Jerusalem with America as it's military wing. In my view Israel is not an ally but a conqueror of America.

  19. FAKE NEWS! In the beginning of October, the American troop level was at 1,000. Turkey and the U.S. tried to hammer out an agreement for the Kurdish militia to relinquish territory on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey. The U.S. persuaded the YPG to abandon a few of its border positions, but that didn’t appease Mr. Erdogan. During an Oct. 6 call with our President, the Turkish president said the U.S. was too slow in setting up a buffer zone along the border and that Turkey wouldn’t tolerate the situation any longer. Trump was informed of the impending invasion and he erred on the side of caution. If Turkey invaded Syria and annihilated our Troops, the Liberal media (and idiots like you) would blame Trump for their deaths. This is how dangerous the liberal media has become.

  20. Did We Abandon The Kurds? •Oct 9, 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CSeXtdZAO4

    The latest with Syria- Everyone is a Liar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xVqfi-nuo4

  21. NO BALLS!!! Leave the troops on border, backup with nearby gunships and whatever other air supports is in the area, get a carrier group down there asap, and start lobbing tomahawks at all of Turkeys military and government infrastructure. But no we have a treasonous conflict of interests for a president. Who's going to want to ally with us now knowing we will throw them under the bus at the slightest inconvenience.

  22. To all the dumdum's still talking about "why will the Kurds ever trust us ever again?" Simple, because they don't have anyone else in the region to help them. Europe and Russia abandoned them years ago. Its only us fools still getting involved in their tribal wars.

  23. "Largest"? Largest in comparison to what? About 1000 and you wanted Trump to leave them there to fight the entire Turkish military? Hey CNN face it most Americans are proud of Trumps decisions. People are not as stupid as you think. They are awakening to your propaganda machine and the tactics you use to manipulate opinion like your use of the word "Largest" in this case.

  24. Trump can go from "Russian Asset" to "Deep Bunker Adolf" to "Crime Family Kingpin" at any moment during any LIBTARDED conversation.

  25. Shame on Trump. A stain on history of U.S.. A clueless man, he thought he could break the law as President, as he had as a civilian billionaire. Shame on you Donald

  26. Genocidal Turkey. Don’t forget that it is Turkey who murdered and raped 1.5 million Armenians. Took their lands and deported them. History always will repeat itself, poor people will always be sold out to evil governments. Turkey is the most evil country

  27. Show the pictures where civilians throw potatoes and garbage on your troops as they retreat. A walk of shame, i guess even the us military want forget.

  28. TURKEY👑 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 💪😎(OTTOMAN ) &RECEP TAYYiP ERDOGAN 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  29. Like 20 military vehicles seriously that about how many you see going to do exercises up and down U.S. highways lol
    And did you see the Kurds living in tents if you know your history these are waring people who don't have land of there own. Just like when Saddam Hussein supposedly gas his own people those were Kurds trying to steal land with the oil fields on them.. Tell that story CNN full of lies news station

  30. Democrats demand that more troops be sent back to Syria immediately to start wars and drop bombs.
    "Use some fucking Napalm" —Nancy Pelosi Screeched from the Turret of an M1-Abrams Tank.

  31. CNN: largest troop withdrawal

    USA: mission wanted troop withdrawal

    CNN: but Trump

    USA: oh yeah, impeach trump


  32. ohh yeah the kurds and syrians are so sad to see the yanki invaders go,,here is what it all looked like as they got pelted with potatoes of sadness,,,

  33. I like the way trump said its OK we have secured the oil for us, THIEVE$…

    and they have NOT LEFT,and never will until they are THROWN out and ZioIsrael their boss, with them! All this for the Greater Israel land grab of all ME Oil fields..

  34. This video is the usual anti-American propaganda we have come to expect from CNN claiming the America betrayed the Kurds.

  35. Pu10 and assad are now drinking vodka, he..he… israel and usa are now crying.. bye..bye usa, eu fuck your self. He..he..

  36. hahaha resume fighting ISIS? Trumpanzee said he defeated ISIS in 1 month lol. Oh yeah, his betrayal towards the Kurds, has allowed many ISIS prisoners to go free. So yay endless war continues! Are U tired of winning so much yet America?

  37. Shame on ur cowards criminals didnt get succeed in ur murderer plan in Syria ..evil leader of ISIS john mccaine died now burning in hell with his ISIS terrorist brothers. PUTIN Russia kicked u criminals murderers from Syria like dogs..shame on criminals..Thank Trump Putin for exposing ur evil faces deep state US

  38. Russia defeated ISIS not u criminals . U evil CIA US infact created ISIS to destroy Syria and overthrow Assad but u failed in ur murderer plan. Putin kicked u all criminals from Syria like dogs cowards now running toff on ur faces killers murderers criminals

  39. If anyone is getting tired of the brain-washing media, here is a great show to check out, comedy and truth, {combined}. Jimmy does cuss, so if that offends anyone, don't click on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6juT2B5xtc

  40. Patriots: Here is an interesting video, not about the topic at hand but quite educational and mind blowing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQUhJTxK5mA {Who Controls Our Money}

  41. This so Unreal to believe this is happening,,!! USA Army Leaving partners Kurdish Army in Syria with not much warning and haste,,Orders from USA Government,,seems like horrible Military "Stand Down"..The Turkey Army,, NATO Member..is truly the "Terrorist" here.Where is other NATO members,,UN for this invasion by a NATO country member,,Turkey,,?? Blood Flows,,!! NATO,,
    UN Must Do something very Soon,!!!,,Allan,,USA

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