KUOW's  'Ask A...' events

KUOW's 'Ask A…' events

"Assalam Alaikum.” "Hi there, I'm Connie." "I'm Jason." "Carrie." "I'm Jay." "Nathan." "I'm Dina." "Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you, too!" Narrator: You know, the most important events in our life take place because of a simple conversation.
We meet the person we're going to end up spending the rest of our life with; we
find out about a job; we find out about a college; and I think conversation has the
ability to heal us. So what if we could design a way for people to talk to
others who are different from them, a way to exercise that muscle, to come in
contact with folks who we might disagree with, we might mistrust. And that's a
design that we call "Ask a…" The people you're asking are of some group that you
might not quite trust but you really don't know that much about and you're
curious enough to want to find out more. Ask a Muslim. Ask a cop. "How are you?" Ask an immigrant. "Good. Alhamdulillah. [Thanks be to God.]" Ask a transgender person. So here's how it works: If you're
a participant, you're gonna sit down you're gonna have an eight minute
conversation with someone, ask them anything you want to then the Bell's
gonna ring and you're going to talk to another person from that group and then
another and another and another and by the end of that you're gonna have a
really nuanced view of who these folks are. They're not just Muslims. They're not
just cops. They're mothers. They're fathers. They're sisters. They're neighbors. The events have gone incredibly well. In fact, we've been doing some research on them. And you know what? Not only do people have more empathy and understanding of
the other group the day after but curiously enough three months after it's
even increased. And what we'd like to try to do is to expand it to others. So we're
looking for organizations for businesses for churches for schools who might say
to themselves, "We'd like to try this out." "Thank you so much for answering my questions."
"Thank you so much. It's nice meeting you." "Yeah it was very nice meeting you." We'd like to put people in touch with the other and we'd like to show them how to do this process
and how to make it work for them. So I hope you'll join us.

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