48 thoughts on “Korn – Follow The Leader (Full Album)

  1. Man, Fred D is a twat and I totally hated Limp Bizkit but holy shit, he owns John in All in the Family. J just talks about ass fucking him

  2. I remember 1st Family Values tour in 97or 98 Tarrant County convention center in Ft Worth Tx… now its 2019 woow!

  3. I waw 14 in 1994 and we hearde nirvana rage slipknot korn system thé 90's waw amazing for us they are all so good

  4. I'm forcing my friends to listen to Korn because they listen to Black Veil Brides and Nickelback, like, what the fuck is wrong with teenagers these days?

  5. Fuck you guys, I'm 28 and my dick gets hard with ///😈pretty face😈\ so fuck off and listen to Linkin park😆.

  6. What is the album suppose to symbolize? I'm guessing it's like the catcher in the rye when the kids metaphorically jump off the cliff into the rye and lose their innocence before they become adults. How the red on the girl sticks out from the gloomy dull colors is also a feature you see on catcher in the rye book covers with Holden's red hunting cap

  7. well my ass just turn 20 there bad ass age don't mean crap ppl like what they want don't mean shit don't judge ppl

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