Kissing Reporters Compilation 🔥 2018 🔥

Kissing Reporters Compilation 🔥 2018 🔥

and you know Felicitas penis either for like a solution a menu from one gonna be done those severe that it's a risk to safety though per people having a great time here we do [Applause] Azad Kashmir maybe don't for the more than a quarter million people attending last year found the state hello nice to see it and LaBeouf obviously alright we're coming into 2009 excuse me of course 50 cent here I'm gonna go talk to Danica Patrick what has the departure of David West done to the team's plans I'm kind of like that on live TV really cool now is we're gonna take them and they're gonna show us all the memorabilia this is getting out of hand we'll be back Happy New Year thank you very much but there are supposed to be fantastic it is all about what do you know loving from the st. Louis Cardinal fans I see you in Japan thank you thank you bye-bye well okay Mormons by the team they all seem to be very excited yeah I made a lot of friends held leaves against the likes of Arsenal's hello fellow Dona Paula Oppel are an absolute – I'm so feet are sit down are fine I woke up surfing other fun things to do around Southern California do mundo Nabokov the puffin upon tetanic on jacket achieve our house to these the screw artists to do fancy is well underway in Hyde Park as you now even that never happens on Sunrise I can read start till Captain Steve Kerr pre game 3 of the NBA Finals oh my goodness that's just that just happened on thank you well [Laughter] it says Albin 60 by on pencil and bisschen en – you have to stay fixed while once the boats and ballets started rolling in from excuse me

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  1. Only in America !!!!!!…………………………………………………you would go to prison for this. 😆

  2. A maior parte dos eventos são brincadeiras levadas realmente na brincadeira… só os da empresa global que levam para o lado pessoal!

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