Kismet!! Divinely Timed💰💵💲💰JULY ♍Virgo~♉Taurus~♑Capricorn*MONEY*CAREER*BUSINESS*FINANCE!*

Kismet!! Divinely Timed💰💵💲💰JULY ♍Virgo~♉Taurus~♑Capricorn*MONEY*CAREER*BUSINESS*FINANCE!*

34 thoughts on “Kismet!! Divinely Timed💰💵💲💰JULY ♍Virgo~♉Taurus~♑Capricorn*MONEY*CAREER*BUSINESS*FINANCE!*

  1. I understand your Greek perfectly! It's been my bittersweet path but I'm ready to flow forward. Great reading, thank you.

  2. You touched my soul with this reading Halo, mainly your "story". You keep on telling your stories. It helps people. This reading and your "story" helped me. Thank you for yet, another beautiful reading that resonated with me so much! 🙂

  3. Stories, every rescued dog or piece of art or antique car or a person comes with a story, it's what makes us and life interesting. Stories connect us. I love your stories and I love your readings, thank you! Feel better soon.

  4. Thank You…such a Lovely Reading… I understand how you felt…. It is surprising what you can overcome..Many Blessings to you….

  5. That was a truly beautiful reading… thanks for sharing your story… beautiful and resonates deeply…❤❤❤

  6. Amazing read!!!! Your passion and message has just set my whole being a light. Absolutely beautiful. You are amazing, your work and passion is truly appreciated and received. Xxxx

  7. Thankyou 🙏🕊️💖finances have been tough after leaving toxic workplace, been trying so hard to find work, things are changing will find out about job next week, Blessings ✌️🕊️

  8. Thank you for your personal story. It was timely for me. I'm preparing for weight loss surgery. I'm the heaviest I've been in my life and have had health issues since 2009. I just had major reconstructive surgery on my left foot, having surgery on my right foot next week, and have suffered with feet problems for several years and tired if it. Much love to you and all of our bright futures!!!

  9. WOW did I need to hear this info- it is so right-on for me. (and the project I have been procrastinating about) Thank you!

  10. Love your stories. Never stop telling them!! I feel your pain, dealing with a car accident but it's not stopping me from my dreams..Thank you.💖

  11. Thank you so very much for this exceptional reading! You inspire me so much in starting to become a stronger happier and more confident human being! Please, do continue to tell us your stories. I am so eagerly waiting for them. Bless you, sweet lady!❤

  12. Thanks for vibrant reading and guidance . it resonates! Cause of your devotion to your profession continuously for the community.I admire you and love you. I want to reach you soon.

  13. Virgo sun, Aries moon and rising. Thanks so much for your readings, real inspirational to all of us. You are an amazing lady. Be Blessed.

  14. I’ve been through everything that can happen happened since 2010 started and peaked in 2015/16 loss of career then the only thing I loved so much was taken Christmas Eve 6 weeks later my mother followed by acute illness and then the friends stopped calling coming by and I was so alone afraid hurt why me how much more god … but universe kept hitting me again and again I didn’t think I was going to make it
    The most bizarre things would happen unbelievable things that till this day I cannot believe
    The thing was every time I was almost to be evicted and utilities cut off and no money insight at the last minute something has always come to me money wise it was always a miracle
    This is actually still happening but things have in the last six months gotten so much better I’m off antidepressants I smile I have faith hope and trust I feel like I was made to go through this time of lessons to be able to graduate to another level of life
    I believe that and been told many many times that this is the end of the cycle it’s done
    Now time for divine to give me my wishes and to live easier for the lessons I have been through because it was necessary divine said everything you are going through it is necessary for you to be elevated and teach
    I didn’t believe it at the time it’s so hard lonely and confusing why me I’ve been a good person… how come these others people who lie cheat steal hurt get money homes families???doesn’t seem fair I think I understand though now if you’re chosen to be one of the special people to be taught by the divine it’s a gift that no monetary things can even come close to giving you the peace love the light u receive in the end from the divine
    I believe that I will be granted the wishes and abundance I’ve started to see the luck that I hadn’t had in years returning in small incidents
    So I know what you mean about your story nobody can understand how difficult it is until you’ve been through it nobody can understand
    You have kept me believing since I one day was on my utube in box you were divinely sent to me when I was losing faith trust hope and doubting all of this universe spirit and astrology that it’s all a game cruel game when you are down and out
    It’s not it’s true you miss thing tarot card reader lady you are real you I believe you I trust you give me hope i thank you so much
    You say what you need to this is your domain your classroom
    God bless you

  15. Amazing as always. I love your stories. I am alwaya in the shadows of my weight – until today because iwas approved foe weight loss surgery. YouTuve here I come full force. Smiling each step of the way all from the grace of God.

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