Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #8

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #8

Hello, and welcome to our 8th video update. Today I have a few quite interesting bits of news for you. The first thing is that we have finally reached the 2 million dollars mark
in our crowdfunding campaign, which is great – Thank you! We managed to do it within 5 months of starting it up on our webpage. So far we have raised more than 170 thousand dollars and we are perfectly happy with it – you are great! Thank you for your support. Cheers! Another important thing that I promised you last month, is the alpha access release. We finally set a date for it, it’s going to be released on the 22nd of October,
which is later than I promised. – I’m sorry. But we still have to motion capture a lot of moves for the npcs,
so that’s the thing that caused the delay. The 22nd of October should really be a final date… I hope that we aren’t going to be later than that. About the actual content of the alpha… as we mentioned during the kickstarter, and previously in our blogs
it’s not a full alpha version meaning the full game It’s really just an alpha access very early version, of a small location where
you will be able to test how it looks, see the npc life cycles.
there are going to be some very small quests or several little things to do,
and we would like to test how it runs on your computers.
if there are any problems with installation and stuff …at first.
how fast it’s running on your pc’s and all those things. and get some early feedback on that.
and then we will slowly add new features. the current plan is to release new features
as we are putting them in the game so every two months we will be adding features
to the alpha access version. the first release will contain one village,
with several npcs that are going to do their daily stuff,
and there is no combat there is no horse riding,
that is something that we will add later and there are a quite a few ‘mini quests’ – i would say
where you can test the game play or core features of the game. The alpha access is going to be distributed via Steam you will receive an email from us when it’s ready and you will be able to get your download code
in your profile on our webpage. The alpha is pc only,
but that doesn’t have any effect on the final release so if you chose the PS4 or XBox One version, you will still get the game on your desired platform. and then play the alpha on pc. if you are following us on twitter and facebook,
you probably already know that we bought motion capture equipment.
we finally managed to install it, now let me introduce you to Jabbu, our mocap expert (our resident expert on everything else) he will tell you how it works, and we’ll preview it. Hi. If you are following us on twitter or facebook, you probably already know that we’ve got a new motion capture system from OptiTrack. It’s been just a few weeks, but we’ve already adopted it into our animation pipeline.
and it quickly became a tool for us to deliver more lifelike characters, which means a much better gaming experience
for you gamers We were also quite lucky
to have empty space the building next to our offices,
so we could build the motion capture stage right across the hall from the animators’ offices so let’s take a look! So, this is it!
This is our motion capture stage, or as we are calling it-
motion capture cave, because it’s quite dark. It’s 36 Prime 13 OptiDirect cameras,
mounted hanging from the ceiling and it’s because all those cameras
are looking for these… These are the markers
that are tracked by those cameras and you have probably already seen this many times in the making of all those hollywood movies where the actors are actually wearing these markers on themselves. So those cameras are actually reporting
the position of these markers and then you have to clean it, process it, and then the animators use those marker animations to bring to life the characters in the game so it’s not that we have it, and everything is done it’s actually quite a painful process,
but now the movements are much more lifelike and we will be able to do more of it and also on the stage,
you need to use different sorts of props and also we are actually recording the movement of those props so this is a hoe.
it’s home made but it works great you probably all recognise this… and when you see a lantern in the game,
you should remember this strange thing which is the lantern and also for sword fighting we can’t use the proper ones so we have a lot of rubber ones…

*no devs were harmed in the making of this game* and that’s our motion capture.
i hope you will all see the results in the upcoming tech alpha demo. One of the nicest things we’ve managed to do is a big improvement in our facial animations system and also we have managed to 3D scan
the first batch of heads we have a full photogrammetric setup developed. so now we are trying to implement
3D scanned heads into the game and we are working with the facial animations, you can see a short example of what we’ve done. the graphic artists are progressing pretty well
with the creation of different assets so we have new animals,
we don’t just have chickens, but other animals too and we have completely new vegetation,
so like trees and grass and herbs and stuff and also we are creating patterns or paintings for interiors and like churches or palaces and stuff. Basically what our artist is doing is trying to recreate the illuminations
or paintings on the walls that were not preserved in a very good state …today. So we are recreating them,
and they look pretty awesome i would say. In mediaeval times, things were not just dark and gritty, or dirty and stuff it was quite the opposite, everything was very colourful,
everything was painted, everything was bright. So the interiors of our buildings
and churches, and even our castles are going to be pretty colourful, and I think that Pavlovi, who is the guy who is making those paintings is quite awesome. Last month, we were also visited by a saint. One of our biggest backers
who pledged the most money, so we showed her the game, our offices, we took her to the places where the game takes place.
We also 3D scanned her head because she is going to be a statue in our church. We did it with our home-made
3D scanning device made by Jabbu. and it was a pleasure for us and
I hope Esther enjoyed it as well. Hi Esther! We were also visited by a journalist from Gameswelt
who did very extensive video coverage on their visit. So hi to Munich! And also we have had a visit from Igromania [Игромания] a Russian magazine who did a big preview on our game.
So thank you as well! And now for something completely different…
our combat. It’s progressing pretty well after
the very long time it took us to get to this stage.
So finally we have solved most of the issues we had previously.
And we are starting to play with actual game play. The animations are still crap. We are going to replace them
with motion capture very soon. but I think that you will love the video
of the creator of the combat playing with the knight he has created. We believe that at this moment we are quite close to finishing the systems for our first
weapon in the game, which is a long sword. We have finished most of
the basic and advanced systems. So I hope you like what you saw. We’re looking forward to hearing your responses,
so let us know what you think on twitter, facebook, on our youtube channel… There is one last thing I forgot to mention, so we’ve prepared a little video for you,
with new music we’ve made. So have a look and let us know what you think of it. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #8

  1. Nice work guys, but should a single arrow have killed that fully-armoured knight? 😀 (unless it found a way through an eye-slit).
    Nice to see the longsword bouncing off that heavy plate, very realistic. Hopefully there will be warhammers, maces, etc. to better deal with heavy armour.

  2. Since the kickstarter I hadn't heard much in the "mainstream" of recent updates and by looking at that sexy man's (no joke, you're hot) shirt now I know why. Don't even like FPV but I will be donating and buying, its beautiful.

  3. The music is simple, but beautiful. Keep the tunes coming, it's great to have music that is more natural and not reverb laden as all those Jeremy Soule soundtrack, that all sound alike.

  4. I just love the accents you guys have when speaking english "chickens!" Lol, im eagerly awaiting this game on ps4 and seeing how well it is received being a realistic non fantasy rpg in an over crowded fantasy rpg environment, good luck guys! 🙂

  5. If I had three grand, Oh I would have backed that. ;-; ughhhhh If you guys do another game…totally going to do it! -but I can't make promises ;-;-

  6. Wow, these guys aren't messing around unlike the developers of Bannerlord. Keep up the good job guys at Warhorse Studios!

  7. A little off topic, but my biggest problem with Post Apocalyptic/Medieval games is that EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS DIRTY.

    Especially in games like the Fallout series, I see boxes of cleaning agents fucking everywhere, yet, EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS DIRTY. 

  8. Motion Capture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D, Hey gguys is it Worth to buy THe alpha AND is It easy TO BUY with your card  ???????? w

  9. Im so looking forward to this! This and Witcher 3 are the only 2 games I really want to get.
    I like the music. It's very fitting.

  10. Vidíte toto sú vývojári a nie tieto americké ako že pseudofirmy niečo sa spraví na pc tak to príde aj prvé pre PC aspoň v tej podobe alphy a žiadne hlúpe porty.

  11. This looks amazing I cant wait for the game
    Just an Idea but if it is possible to add freerunning like in assassins creed or shadow of mordor it would be awesome and it would be lore friendly because many skilled people could do it in the medieval era
    just think about it and make it like another goal to reach at like 2.2 million or something   

  12. This game is not going to be good, sorry.
    The combat is literally dueling while a battle goes on around you, open your eyes and see beyond the graphics, people.

  13. I like how he's started to use presenr perfect tense correctly 😀 Complíments on moving your English forward 😀

  14. Great News! Hope you guys finish this game soon! Amazing Work !!! Love it! Good Luck in the future development !! Will buy this game for sure!

  15. this game will be awesome, love the music we haerd in the end and the facial animation is pretty great can't wait to see that part on my computer. 

  16. Cool stuff! 7:54 tell your zBrush artist if she goes to Document->Double before loading the Tool/Model, she has a bigger working space… just saying 😉

  17. Nice work cant wait for this game. Would be cool if the dog made it into the game as a town dog or something like that.

  18. I have to question; do you have any plans for a stealth system? I mean, I realize its pretty much a requirement for run of the mill RPGs, but this IS meant to be a historically accurate sort of thing if I'm understanding correctly. And based on my meager knowledge of history, its not often that people go ahead and start going mission impossible in real life.

  19. Bezva hra. Sice jí nejspíš určitě na svém PC nerozjedu (problém byl i s Máfkou 2), ale vypadá fakt pěkně. Jen tak dál! 🙂

  20. Very nicely done! I'd just like to remark on one thing. As the sample was small I can't tell for sure, but judging from the little motion capture footage you showed us, whoever is in the suits, is not doing the best of the jobs, e.g. the guy using a hoe seemed like he forgot about the supposed weight of the hoe and the intention of the movement. Similarly to the girl that walked and turned around. There was little intention behind her movement AND no awareness of an object (if there is one) that she was turning to/around.

  21. I love the look of this game. The paintings are a great addition. as a lover of European history, art and architecture, I see a lot of potential in the level of accuracy you can achieve. good luck guys this game is something of a dream!

  22. for all the ppl here saying they didnt improve the game in the last months.. they just show a short update so they can work on the game , there is definitly more to show but they dont have the time to show anything they did like different models animations , that would take ha whole filmcrew so they can work on the game…

  23. I like the music especially the solo violin up front. However, it felt to big and overwhelming for this particular trailer. Perhaps try something more intimate like a string quartet in a home rather than a chamber orchestra in a hall, also some rural woodwinds would be a nice touch as well. Leave the epic Lord of the rings tracks for the fight scenes and the Journey montages.

  24. Hello, I wanted to pledge 5$ to your project, but when I get to the billing page on your website it says that I have to pay 15$ after shipping costs are included… that pledge only gives access to the forums, why is there a shipping cost of 10$?

  25. nott  the artisitik state mnt im a try n to make here…funny tho buddy….theme park nashville mouthinn ride sso far bettr than once periccived….yall! eat some bacon mondy monrin..g….merl

  26. Facial animations looked wonderful, subtle differences that can show the personality and the current feeling of a person is splendid. My only gripe is that the mouth looked oddly wide, which I'm sure the art team has already dealt with this being a year old video. I'm also curious whether in that lovely combat montage if you intend to give npc's the ability to vault obstacles if such an occasion were to occur.

  27. Hoši z Warhorse, nevím, jestli si to přečtete, ale je opravdu neskutečné, kolik práce stojí za tímto skvostem. Herní průmysl potřeboval někoho, jako jste vy, aby viděl novou úroveň her. Obrovské díky a uznání. Držím palce a pevné nervy.

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