King of Avalon: Update 7 0

King of Avalon: Update 7 0

Hello guys and welcome to a new developer’s video. Today we’re going to have a look at the features of our latest update 7.0. This update is a very important one for KoA as we decided to expand some major aspects of the game such as the story, the Dragon and the Stronghold level. So let’s get started! The first change that will strike you is the addition of Stronghold level 45. To upgrade certain buildings above level 40 you will have to collect Noble Badges and Royal Badges. Upgrading is definitely gonna take time and resources, but once you reach level 44 for your troops buildings you unlock T13 troops. These deadly soldiers will make a fine addition to your army. For these new buildings and troops we have designed an incredible look made out of ice. We really hope that you’re gonna love our artists’ work as much as we do. The second major change is about the Dragon. In a previous update we introduced the Evolution system and from now on you can collect Dragon Flame Orbs by playing the new Quests available in-game. On top of that we added a new set of Emblems. The Scarlet Drake Emblems will help you achieve greater power. To get them you can upgrade your Twilight Emblems into the Scarlet Drake ones and in this way you will use less resources than you would crafting them from scratch. You can then put them to the test in the new Scarlet Drake Event where you get great rewards such as the Silver Obsidian. Moving on to the events, we have brought some changes to the Nether War. To help you focus more on the PvP aspect of the event we decided to remove the two elemental bosses from the Map and we also added a new Skill Tree to exploit original battle strategies. R4 and R5 members of the Alliance can now choose from the participant tab which allies gets to participate in the Nether War. Halloween will also bring you some cool events, Portraits and Stronghold Skins. During the Halloween Fever event you can collect Candy and Jack-o’-lanterns to exchange for great rewards in the Candy and Pumpkin Shop. Make sure to follow our fan page to find out when the infamous Halloween Event will return to the game. Okay guys, that’s all for today! Make sure to check every tab in the game so you won’t miss any rewards and please let us know your thoughts about the new Stronghold level 45 in the comment section below. We would really like to hear your opinion about it. Thank you for watching and see you next time. Bye!

45 thoughts on “King of Avalon: Update 7 0

  1. Вы же написали,что убрали знаки знати,и они будут с 41-45 замок!Так с какого х,они есть сейчас??????

  2. Thae march slot display on the map keeps popping up when I'm trying to scroll through kingdom map. Plssss take it off! It's ruining my gameplay and its annoying to have to keep tapping to fold it back up!

  3. Is this Patch a fucking Joke?
    You completly fucked up the Lucky Shot –> Equipment section…
    Where are the Flamebringer Bars?
    But hey, we can buy the entire Redeemer Set now fully crafted for 300 Bucks? Are you guys Insane?

  4. Hello dear Koa.Congrats you for 1000% killed this game really now for even grow and get bigger castles you want we will pay money😬

  5. “Let’s us know the opinion about it”. I think having double amount of dislikes on this video already is an answer by itself

  6. you banned revenge gamer for no reason. you all suck a fat one. so much favoritism towards chinese players. congrats on forever ruining this game and causing a mass exodus of players quitting

  7. Why does the top #1 castle gets banned for “abnormal activity” while the 2nd (PRC, Chinese player) doesn’t, although many people reported him with actual *PROOOF” of him buying illegal resources?

  8. Wow a new castle yous need to fix the problems you have with the hackers yous have and still 16 weeks yous have not compensated for all the money I spent and not helped me in any way what so ever great at taking my money but don't help me in game KOA DEVELOPERS your all con artists to me ragnar the great kingdom 452 hates you all you robbing cunts

  9. Sh45 needs to be reverted keep sh41 in game though yall have done it before with sh31 to many 40s are quitting cause of this update losing all your customers

  10. Yea im kind of done with this game its all now pay to win. It wasnt thatmuch before but now its just a lota crap

  11. It's funny.. they never come onto their youtube channel and respond to the comments.. because they know they are so full of shit. If you "want my opinion" why not have a live stream with some developers.. so you can see what we REALLY think.. I bet your expensive garbage would change in a hurry..

  12. Sad to see this game will never have new players in it well new people that want to be able to compete anyways. It would cost a new player a fortune to try and catch up lol. KOA is not for new players at all.

  13. WORST GAME EVER ,all upgrades are only for those who pay ,Kingdoms are empty coz people quit, admin help is a fantasy,glitches everywhere and every update is worse than the previous one .They never respond to players and all sneak peaks misguide us .Event items you earned or paid for are no longer of any use coz events are NEVER recycled so u never get the necessary rewards to advance and your inventory is now full of unused crap .My suggestion? do not even bother or if u know som1 in IRS or FBI ,send them to investigate money laundring and tax evasion

  14. "Upgrading will take time and resources"……..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ………BUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAAH it takes only every stupid's credit card and a few seconds

  15. Is it true that King of Avalon has instructed their mods to report all player profile pictures in game that have a flag (National Flag) in them that the automated bots misses? Is this a step into censorship that KOA developers really want to go into when no other gaming company will, and for good reason?

  16. i agree with everyone KOA to for kicking my wallets butt….how ever i am still left with all the left over unusable bs because money items didnt fit new updates… FO KOA

  17. Thanks for posting this video. I needed to unsubscribe as I have not played for months. Good luck to all who are still dumb enough to give this company more money.

  18. Für deutsche wäre es schon wenn man einen Untertitel mit laufen lässt den nicht alle können flüssig englisch

  19. Every expensive update of yours is making most of my kingdom spend less. The strong 40's having 1b power are no longer willing to spend and participate in events like Ava and NW. I am at sh36 and may be stay there for a years now.
    1. Crucifying junk is good but needs improvement. The 500xp which we get from hunting golem that also needs to be in crucible or anywhere else and have dragon experience in exchange.
    2. Honor pass, it was great when you guys started, it had each of new items from emblems, statues, gem frags etc whenever I open the chest or most of the time. After it being dedicated to a single event type, we hardly spend money now. I upgraded to royal pass almost everytime the change was made and purchased all the dollar keys. Post the change you guys made. I only updated it once and never after that not even keys as the chests just give junk now.
    3. If there are any unclaimed rewards and if the user doesn't claim it. Send them to email as how you do in Legacy of virtue. Sometimes you forget to claim during mark of destiny events or from altar rewards. When the day/week passes, the rewards are gone just have a look at it.
    4. I liked the march and learning speed ups. I would still strongly believe in having the speedups in general and let player decide where they want to use it.
    Also the healing speed , can this be used during events like in kingdom/border hospital or is it gold itself?
    5. New monsters are good and I did test the new noble chests with ~50 keys. The rewards for noble badges were 1:1. The food and other stuff are cleverly changed to 1.5m but they are still less to what I had in the level old chests. So technically moving to zero spending.
    6. Portal monsters, this needs to be tougher not sure why are you guys taking time there.
    7. Kill event in kingdom raid. 10% of troops die but it doesn't tell player what are those 10% which died. The percentage distribution. I would probably change my March type of trin troops during defense hits if it made clear. It's just so vague
    8. During excalibur, restrict the invaders to only port in the black forest. It's not fun sitting outside the forest and sending marches. 😂😂
    9. I rarely see the new lvl 8 tiles, why is it hard for you guys to replace all 7's with 8 and 6's with 7 and so on. Just dont act cheap when you are doing, do it right or just dont do it when you can't take a stand.
    10. Except for monsters the search button is worst

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