King of Avalon: Update 6 7

King of Avalon: Update 6 7

Hello guys and welcome back to another developer’s update. In today’s video we will review the changes and new features we brought to the game in the update 6.7. So without further ado, let’s go check it out! With this update we have decided to revamp your University again and give it a fresh look with 218 new researches to complete. Upon opening the University Research tab you will notice they have been arranged into three categories which are: Basic, Advanced and Superior Research. In the latest category we have added two new tabs: War Fury and King’s Legion that will both focus on the PvP aspect of your battle with cool stats such as March and Hospital Capacity, troop stats and so on. There are also more rare and powerful stats available such as a new March Slot, Rally Capacity, Embassy Capacity and a new rally benefit that will kill a percentage of the wounded troops. Moving on to the next addition, we have created a new event based around Morgana’s story called the Legacy of Virtue. In this event you will have to collect special materials in order to help the Lady of the Lake break the spell cast upon Avalon. There are three different materials to collect. Once you have collected one of each you can refine them and obtain nice rewards. We also added a point and ranking system to it for you to compete against other players and earn more rewards. Be sure to check our guide available in-game for extra details about it! And that’s it for this update guys. Make sure to complete as many researches as possible in order to become stronger. I also hope you had a great summer and would like to let you know that we will have a major update sometime next month so stay tuned! If you can guess what it is, write your idea in the comment section below. In the meantime you can come and chill with me on my Twitch which will be linked in the description and I hope to see you in-game soon. Bye-bye!

42 thoughts on “King of Avalon: Update 6 7

  1. Скорее всего будет 45 или 50 цитадель, так же войска т13-14 , монстры 40 уровень, удаление ненужных вещей в рюкзаке, пожалуй и всё )))

  2. No one cares about your shitty pay to win game. I played over a year and stopped because of Chinese @ssholes destroying my hole kingdom and the best alliances there.

    because the stuff they bought is cheaper in these countries, they had a bigger chance to grow. I don't know if it's still like that but i think so. Rest in peace, kingdom 167

    when I played, 1 Level 30 Chinese @sshole was able to kill everyone if he's just fat enough. (and with fat I mean he payed the most money and maybe was fed my hundreds of fake castle accounts, all Chinese of course)

  3. Great job KOA. perfect new update for people that spend money. People that don't spend money don't worry you will quit one day.

  4. Hopefully it's to add iron and silver barbs and/or to change the dragon spirit equiptment to match the lord equiptment setup.

  5. Having a cute blonde doesnt matter if the videos is bullshit.
    That NOT AT ALL how the actual game play is.
    We have no extra march slot for the new research, infact there is only 1 new tab and not 2 as in this video.
    WTF are Devs doing???

  6. Again Friend Spent 60k in a year in this game and hes a mid-spender made me sick seeing him spend just so he could compete with his ego , updates are only money grabs for people who this games makes them feel like they are in control like in real life that results into Money – Power – Control… This is why they make money i'm sorry but if you spend 2k to 10k on a single update every 2 weeks your fucking mentally ill in this company knows it…Thats whys they pump all of these updates every two weeks for there mentally ill players with allot of money.

    60k in a year and mid spender, i could of gotten all the xbox one games triple A titles that came out this year lol …its so sick when you think about it.

  7. Can we get 1 update fixing all the broken things now and a second update fixing the bugs in the first update?? No new content just fixing the broken stuff now

  8. Non spenders are worthless in this game now… My stats are in the mid thousands and I get blasted in every single event. This game used to be fun for everyone, but now you have to break out your wallet just to stay alive.

  9. 146k subs, but viewer retention of only 2% lol.. They probably bought the subscribers.. Everything about this company is inflated ego trash. From the fake marketing, massive p2w and complete racist fueled stuff they do (such as special discounts for Chinese)

  10. A two minute video that introduces “kings legion” research that doesn’t exist, and “legacy of virtue “ event that also doesn’t exist. Plus absolutely zero explanation of what critical hit chances are. Why you wouldn’t keep research correlated with university size is also nothing but a money grab. You’re forced to upgrade to university 39 for sh 40 pre requisite for zero gain. Well played as usual KOA, well played. 🙁

  11. Something that I would expect as a larger update would be higher levels for the Strongholds, Dragon and or Hero. Something that I personally would love to se is upgrades to the traps and a Defender gear set to add a little competition between attacking and defending. Something I think would be a great large update would be to add Kingdom Tech for alliances to come together and donate towards tech boosts that would be effective during the Kingdom Events 😊😊😊

  12. Another useless & expensive update, I learnt my lesson, Now am spending on my friends & family than this game which gives stress & steals from us making us to revenge each other, creating differences between countries, making them hate each other, I hope this don’t effect in real life, this game is very bad for children it teaches violence.

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