40 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Makes Local News Anchor Lose It (News Blooper)

  1. This guy John’s speaking my thoughts out loud on tv. I feel your pain man and I’m with you on that. Enough!!!

  2. I love how the two anchors in the left are confused while the other two are ranting and laughing histerically !!

  3. and those fucking females cow-workers trying to hide what s happening with those irritables faking laughs is the worst

  4. I don’t know ANYTHING about the Kardashians…
    I just know that they’re rich and famous…
    Why are they famous?
    No clue..
    They’re in my “not interesting” list.

  5. I bet they won't pay attention to the bunny…hell..might as well hire someone to take care of it.

  6. I wish I could steal the time stone, go into the future and ask their kids what they think of their mothers just for grins…then go back in time, find mr. Kardashian and kick him repeatedly in the nuts and toss him a Costco box of condoms for good measure…who cares about these psychos

  7. That man is the voice of reason.. he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for trying to bring people back to reality.

    He is right.. some of us are sick of hearing about the Kardashians we are being Kardashianed to death … I was sick of hearing about them years ago they are a bunch of no one's.

    And how in the world is it news when one of them names their rabbit after their dad… that is not a news story.. this man is the only one there that is a professional journalist… there's other to bimbos should have stuck with him and protested along with him and said nope we're not going to do any more stories about the Kardashians.

  8. There could be people dying somewhere in America and these dumbasses choose to report about Kylie Jenner’s new bunny.

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