42 thoughts on “Killing is my Business. . . And Business is Good

  1. We used to cruise around Baghdad listening to this album, looking for bad people to kill. C co 2-23 OIF 2007-08. Good times. Killing was our business, and business was good.

  2. I am a snyper

    Always hit the mark

    Paid assassin

    Working after dark

    Looking through the night

    Using infra-red

    My target on you

    Aimed at your head

    $10, 000 up front

    $10, 000 when I'm through

    And I know just what to do

    And ya know I'll do it too

    Then I'm coming back for you

    Back for you!

    I do the "getting rid of"

    Don't tell me why

    Don't need to hear the truth

    Don't need the lies

    Now pay me quickly

    And now we're through

    It brings me great pleasure

    To say my next job is you

    Don't you know that

    Killing is my business

    And business is good (Repeat)

    You'd better believe it

  3. I swear that opening riff is so slinky and serpentine.Mustaine has really written some great riffs throughout his career.This is one of my favorites.

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