Key Witnesses Testify Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Directed By Mick Mulvaney | The Last Word | MSNBC

Key Witnesses Testify Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Directed By Mick Mulvaney | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Key Witnesses Testify Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Directed By Mick Mulvaney | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. It is a relief to know that there are true patriots and they have the courage to stand up for America and the rule of law unlike the Republican party, aka the party of trumputin.
    The party of trump needs to be punished at the ballot box in 2020. Do not let them get away with defending the most corrupt president in American history.
    Vote blue down the line and drive the message home, we will not tolerate corruption, we choose to defend the constitution.

  2. Orchestrated by Mulvaney at the direction of trump. It is John Bolton's duty to come forward and testify to what he knows. He can put the nail in the coffin.

  3. Executive branch power must be limited going forward. We have all seen how corrupt this criminal president is but just imagine how much more dangerous he would be if he were actually competent as well!?

  4. "A really good man, that I hardly knew"…

    Any qualification Trump gives anyone, be it great or terrible, is based on him not knowing anything.
    Rephrase… Everything Trump says about anything is based on Trump not knowing or caring about anything but Trump.

  5. Everyone’s a good man in trumps eyes until you say or do something he doesn’t like then he throws you under the bus with the rest of them, so get ready knuckleheads that are still trying to protect him. 🤦‍♀️

  6. how can any republican go to bat for Trump? he has proven over and over than he will disown you to save himself whether its truth or lie (and usually lie). I'm so glad to see some republicans finally see who he really is and do the right thing and tell the truth. Americans deserve better than Trump as their president in this day and age. Anyone who is supporting trump still , should share a jail cell with him

  7. The whistleblower and those who came to testify and defy the order not to, are the real patriots to our country and our Constitution. Trump, the GOP, and all his lackeys are the traitors. The GOP better be very careful about how they come across in the impeachment hearings, because if we see that the questions you ask are about threatening, discrediting, or besmirching the witnesses, instead of asking questions to find the truth, will be your fate come 2020. If you cannot defend the Constitution or the oath you took to get into office, you have betrayed our country and your oath. You will not have a seat in Congress after 2020, and if the election results in Virginia and Kentucky have shown, this will be a referendum on Trump and the GOP

  8. "That man said there was no quid pro quo," said Trump, referring to Sondland. You media guys keep forgetting that part, because Sondland already said in his subsequent amended testimony, THERE WAS A QUID PRO QUO.

  9. Harley Rouda is my Representative in Congress. I'm proud to have voted for him. Why? His opponent was Dana "Ohai I'm a Russian asset" Rohrabacher.

    Just imagine what buffoonery Comrade Dana would've pulled around this time. He is such a Russia stooge that he made up stuff no one believed.

  10. Trump just can’t win elections the legal way can he? 2016 it was the Russians, now he has to pay back Putin for that, now using Ukraine for his nefarious deeds, asking for dirt on another political opponent, this time using money earmarked for the Ukrainians, and paying Putin back twice. Now he’s thinking about inviting Putin to his Veterans parade. If trump isn’t a Russian asset I don’t know who is.

  11. Was that Obama committing Russia collusion when saying he would have more flexibility for Russia if he won the 2nd term?

  12. Schiff is NOT above the law and NOT the US president. Schiff must testify under oath in impeachment probe before the Congress.

  13. Was that Dianne Feinstein, who was the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee committing a collusion crime when having a Chinese spy working right under her nose for over 20 years?

  14. Schiff is a compulsive liar and a dishonest politician. As a US Congressman, Schiff has been blatantly lying to America and unashamedly misleading the American people. His serious crimes included "witness-tampering, obstruction of justice, illegal leaks of nonpublic information and misleading Congress among other acts of malfeasance."

  15. The key rebuttal to Trump’s claim that he hardly knew the guy and that Sondland said there was no quid pro quo is NOT that Trump does know him. Why waste time disputing the obvious lie. What should be refuted is that Sondland did NOT say there was no quid pro quo. He said Trump said there was no quid pro quo. What Sondland said was that there was a quid pro quo.

  16. A bunch of white guys – trump and the republicans, and some wannabe mobster (giuliani and Co)are betraying The United States of America and nothing happens!

  17. Sondland's job is all the proof of bribery we need. Impeach Trump! Sondland gave money, Trump gave him a political appointment.

  18. Hey Mulvaney, can you hear the bus yet? It's coming and it is coming for you. If you look close, at the last second you'll be able to see the driver, Dunce Tramp. These republicans are showing the public and the world at large that none of them have any integrity. It is hard to believe that a person with no backbone can walk upright.

  19. On direct order from Trump (who got his orders from Putin) no doubt.

    Mulvaney is an "acting" member of the Trump Administration after all.
    He's too much of a stooge to come up with this by himself.

  20. "Get over it." Oh, we're over it, Mulvaney. We're over this whole corrupt and idiotic president and administration and we're going to do something about it care of our elected representatives in the House.

  21. I think too that T has a history of extortion. Even as president, we see him running quid pro quos over the Wall, immigration, and approving funds to run government if some demand he has made is not met.

  22. Wow, the Republicans will throw anyone under the Bus to save Trump. It’s despicable and is going to cost them and Trump more than I think they could possibly know.

  23. No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

  24. “The look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation. Did he also mention to me in the past the corruption that related to the DNC server? Absolutely, no question about that. That’s why we held up the money.”
    — Mick Mulvaney, Acting Chief of Staff Trump Administration, October 19, 2019

  25. Kasher? Kushner? They say he agreed with MBS to take out that saudi journalist? Look, I have heard the name of that gentleman. Hardly know the person.

  26. Is John Bolton really waiting for a court ruling before he gives his deposition and testifies, or is he just hyping his own grand entrance as the 21st Century John Dean who will (almost) single handedly bring down the president of the United States?

  27. A Muslim who made it through school with affirmative action… Like the rest of them. Fake news and pushing their agenda.

  28. Does anyone still believe that the Republican pretence that they cared so much about the national security interests of the US was real. Its now obvious.. They never did, it was always just a talking point in the quest for power.

  29. "We do that all the time"-Mulvaney. Believe the man, this is just the tip of the danger to national security iceberg. The Russians have really set the hook on Trump. REGISTER AND VOTE

  30. How we got to this low point?

    We LET the lowest scum of our society and Putin elect a criminal orange traitor and cheap con man into our Whitehouse. And they STILL support him.

  31. 🤷‍♂️I hardly knew the guy💬🕴🏼🚌 says criminal in chief🤑as he sells off America and the American people

  32. I’m looking forward to the next comic show, how ridiculous it will be to see the Republicans trying to pretzels 🥨 themselves, but…but..but there was no quid pro quo, but..but..but.. the process, but…but…but.. it was quid pro quo but it happens all the time, but..but…butt Trump is too stupid to take this seriously, but..but…but…this is not impeachable offense, but…but…but..i will not read the transcript of the witnesses, but..but..but it was not Trump it was these 3 guys we don’t even know who they are or what they are doing here, maybe they serve coffee. Cosmic size facepalm 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  33. Why are the Creatures of the Orange Lagoon NOT in Jail??? Why are they STILL allowed to hang out, talk, spin crap, makeup new lies????? WHERE IS THE LAW????? Booty, Pompeo, Barr and Mickey the Clown should be held behind bars!!








  35. President Donald Trump is the "stable genius" that's the "back channel mastermind" who continue to give damning evidence against himself … during news conferences, interviews, phone calls and ridiculous tweets.

  36. Ashley Biaco should have Whistle Blower Protection until the law determines how many ABC and CBS executive visited Epstein's Island.

  37. Its sad that a major news MSNBC can not and will not report both sides and edits for only one side, as a american citizen what happen to investigative reporting? Not siding for either side but do you think this is news when you only report what one side wants to hear? We would truly love to trust our major news but how can we trust you guys as a reporter if its only one sided? Think about what you are doing, you say american ppl needs to know, well what is it that we really need to know? You guys have your special leaks, but what about the other party and how is it really fair for the other party, seriously is that true reporting?

  38. I still say out with the old and in with the new/ young thinkers and innovator's. Bring in u.s solders and scientists who have served in recent wars and let them sit in senate/ presidential, government seats. We need to change stuff up and quit electing dinosaurs

  39. Remember that time Disney's ABC bent the knee to Europe's crown and shelved for 3 years a story of a pedophile ring that committed crimes against children & humanity?

    You're that guy. Shelving QuidProJoe.

    You are fake news.

  40. I Am The Bus Driver! Which ever among you has the brains and the fortitude to uphold the Constitution of our beloved Republic, should bring this orange clown-of-a-whore out on to Pennsylvania Avenue. I am waiting – and the engine is running.

  41. Congress needs to have the House Sergeant at Arms drag these greedy, soulless traitors of the American People into Congress. Then if they refuse to to answer questions, throw them in their jail until they decide to speak!

  42. Everything Trump does is explained by two key factors:
    1. Trump is a lifelong white collar criminal.
    2. Putin owns Trump.

    Trump followers fit in two broad categories:
    A. Those who are ignorant about the above two points – and don't want to learn anything different.
    B. Those who are aware of these and simply don't care.

    Among the senior GOP, Lindsey Graham embodies category A – he said in public that he won't read the transcripts. And Mitch McConnell admitted in public that he has no intention of impeaching Trump – which is a like a judge declaring before a trial that he's already made up his mind re the verdict, and he's not interested in the evidence. One can see which type is more dangerous to America.

  43. Mulvaney, you better get fitted for your orange jumpsuit you will be throughn under the bus by your faithful boss the un-commander and un-chief and con-man Rump.

  44. BUY Buy Jim Jordon pedophile protecor the chickens are coming home to roost. Find a new job maybe as a trash collector you should feel right at home in the garbage.

  45. The three Amigos are about to learn how good a friend Rump is as the bus rolls over them and they go to jail for his crimes but you know everyone was warned by Cohn that if they followed Rump he would turn on them when push comes to shove .

  46. I am amazed that no msm wants to find out what Biden did. Yet go after Trump to impeach him. I hope you get your way and Trump leaves the white house that way your all F'cked. please please please let it happen I want to see you all go down hard.

  47. ThanksGiving dinners are going to be volatile. I "suggest"? Say nothing to your cranky GrandPa….WHEN christmas comes around? Buy them books…."A WARNING" is a good start…..

  48. Ukraine's president explicitly said there was no pressure or quid pro quo,, but that doesn't matter to the coup, the phone transcript is available for all to see, read it for yourself,, it's hard to believe anything coming from main stream media, especially when they lied to America for 3 years about Russian collusion,, and we all saw how that turned out with Mueller not even knowing what was in his own report. 100% negative propaganda from MSNBC.

  49. I wonder if Mick Mulvaney will take the fall 🤔 I wonder if Trump going to throw Mick under the bus 🤔 I wonder if Rudy gets thrown under the bus 🤔 is it going to happen in two weeks 👍👍👍😉

  50. Trump's MO is get something on EVERYONE around him to use AT WILL. COWARDS always prey on the VULNERABLE because THEY ARE COWARDS. SPOILER ALERT TO TRUMP SUPPORTERS………Tick TICK TICK TICK TICK you are it the next scapegoat. So tell me how you saved your JOB over PROTECTING YOUR COUNTRY AND IT'S DEMOCRACY TICK TICK TICK TOCK. CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE IT.

  51. Have to laugh at the leftist minions gobbling up this propaganda, anonymous sources, unverified rumors treated as fact. There was NO quid pro quo. That is historical fact.

  52. That's ha-ha funny about Sondland saying, "No quid pro quo", and Hill is like, "Oh yeah, I walked in on him telling the Ukranians about it".

  53. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is still in active duty in the military. As such, he is still under the indirect command of Pres. Trump as Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed
    Forces. Any problem he has with his Commander-in-Chief he should have discussed in the first instance with his direct senior officer. Not that I agree with him about his
    interpretation of the Trump-Zelensky phone conversation. But it is definitely a breach of trust of POTUS for him to discuss his issue with people who are known to be in
    opposition to Pres. Trump. His action giving testimony to shifty Adam Schiff's "kangaroo court" can be considered as treasonous in the eyes of POTUS whom Vindman
    is supposed to be working for as member of POTUS’s National Security Council. Strictly speaking, he can be charged for TREASON for conniving with shifty Schiff in this
    COUP attempt at POTUS.

  54. The GOP’s new excuse for oligarch Trump, Mulvaney Rudy Giuliani and Sundland All plotted and manipulated the President of the United States to get dirt on his opponent by begging, like a dog, to the president of Ukraine? Oligarch Trump is so incompetent that these three bozos manipulated him to get dirt on his own political opponents, to what end, put Pence in office?
    I think the GOP just claimed Donald Trump is too incompetent to hold office anyways.

  55. Media must cease euphemizing.
    "Quid pro quo" here is nothing less than extortionate demand. The president and agents attempted to extort illegal foreign aid for US election propaganda (since there was no actual illegal activity by elder Biden, a DINO for whom no one in their civic mind would vote for in any case – his real history involved bigotry toward women, and those of other races as well as some policies counter to necessary change and to uncorrupted integrity. So the machinations may well have included setting straw man Biden as option to long-demented and corrupted trump)

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