Kendall Storms Out Of Media Training | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kendall Storms Out Of Media Training | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

25 thoughts on “Kendall Storms Out Of Media Training | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  1. I think she didn't really want any of this life but bcos she was thrown into it decided to take on modelling and try to shape her own career away from the Kardashian brand or even away from her sister Kylie's… She was all about family and now she realises how horrible, back stabbing the world is… And probably her family is the worst for it and she can see it

    Also, her sisters talk about having Anxiety but I think Kendall legitimately suffers from it

  2. Kendall, u are truly a scorpio. Moody, rude, in your own bubble. I hope you change. Learn from Kim and Kylie, or something, to be polite and some social skills.. You come across as a brat.

  3. Ahh now it makes perfect sense how celebrities have a staged answer for everything, we can still smell the BS ! 😆

  4. Kendall and kylie seems to be so distant from each other and the rest of the girls actually. I wonder why. These three kardashians girls are pretty close to one another and they do defend each other and have their back. But when it comes to kendall and kylie it just seems like they dont have any desire to be close whatsoever.

  5. There all rude whores on their phones while people are talking i would of told them all to get the fuck out and shove those phones up your ass because your life is worthless without them

  6. Unpopular opinion but Kim is actually often the most humble of the clan. Meanwhile kourtney and Kendall are obnoxious border line rude a lot of times

  7. 'I've learned that the only person that is truly going to look out for me is me' girl I don't know what the hell do you expect!? Does she literally expects that every time she has some kind of controversy that her whole family is gonna go on social media, talk shows and only talk about her and make her look good when they already have a reputation to contain? That's why I honestly like her much less than the others… of course that the only person that is going to look after you is yourself and that's the way it should be… ugh I can't even stand her anymore

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