24 thoughts on “Ken Wilber – Anchoring I-Amness

  1. Hey Bill, You have no idea of what truth really is ! Even the bible says that you shouldn't judge anyone so you are talking out of your ass! Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

  2. After Mr Ed went off the air due to the demise of the horse, I'm glad to find that his owner found a new gig peddling nonsense as 'philosophy'. All those years cleaning the stable sure came in handy!

  3. Genpo is actually a master of horizotnal teaching: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2011/02/disrobing-genpo-brad-warner/
    Since he likes to have sex with as many of his students as possible, of course he emphasizes the authority of the teacher. For Genpo Big mind is located about 8 inches below the belly button.

  4. Step down the rabbit hole now… The path of truth is full of inspiration, fulfillment, surprises and beauty… If you just are ready to see it.

    Do you think you can handle it? I don't think so, but you can try.
    Visit TruthContest•Com adn read "The Present"…

  5. Twaddle. Ken is still a student seeking a teacher and daddy. Read his older work…he says this about a new "teacher" every decade

  6. because that's what the western mind needs to understand this.
    if we could understand buddha's teachings we wouldnt need people like wilber.

  7. Please, stop giving these teachings that lead people away from love, and from truly addressing the challenges of life. People need social exercise. They need to enter into life boldly and courageously, and grapple with life, and try to understand their loves ones. These methods you teach will never give someone that. People need to live in order to discover themselves and each other. If they get lost in spiritual techniques/searching, they can NEVER have that.

  8. Almost all spiritual practices share one tragic ideal: to beam “up” from personal relationship into “higher” fulfillment, universal love. Personal love is seen as delusion, or an exercise to build spiritual muscle, & then discard.

    That sorry view undermines the value of personal love. It condemns personal lovers as inferior; weak; doomed to attachment, cluelessness, & unenlightenment. It is anti-human & unGodly. God’s love is Personal. Human beings ARE Divine. To dismiss Them IS to dismiss God.

  9. "When you have too much head knowledge or book knowledge, you keep yourself from awakening." Subramanyam

  10. @phvalue323 echart tolle is saying that the self is devine. ken knows more, much more but yet echart is on oprah. the spirit allways works subliminaly

  11. 0:28 Isn't this really just the sickest sort of thing? Look at the faces of those comprehensively deluded women. Genpo is a horror story — as events have conclusively demonstrated. And Wilber couldn't see it? What does that tell you about him?

  12. @Zenstudent105 But just because he's not wearing the communist flag as a cape and ripping on capitilism 24/7 doesn't mean he's really out to get you. Info is info, it's up to us to do what we will is right with it. We should be grateful that there is so much spiritual material avaliable online and even on youtube(though censored from time 2 time). I don't agree with capitilism myself at all either, but it doesn't justify me to turn my country into a welfare state.

  13. @Aurelius27x I'm not saying they are. I'm saying this guy is charging people a huge amount for fake enlightenment. And I'm not part of any tradition. There is no "one" way, I know, but this guy isn't teaching a real way. He's as phony as the guys who sell magic weight-loss pills and say you can drop pounds of fat for doing nothing. There are wrong ways to go whether you like it or not and listening to a guy who wants you to PAY for enlightenment is one of them.

  14. @Zenstudent105 The great irony is the puritans of Buddhist schools cling to their zafus and mantras as if they are THE only way. As if the traditions themselves don't evolve and change along with the terminology. You know how long it took for several divisions, interpretations of the original message of the historical Buddha and Jesus Christ to take place? No more than a century or two. Impermanence my friend. Your tradition is not exempt from change.

  15. @Zenstudent105 His teachings are bullshit? I don't hear him "teach" anything, only regurgitating what Buddhist practitioners for eons have been saying from his own experience. Genpo Roshi has remarkably similar terminology due to their close associations no doubt. But they haven't done anything but inspire me to persist in my own Buddhist practice with their contemporary spin. But they're trying something, to acclimate an awakening of sorts for the time and culture of the West.

  16. @Aurelius27x Not what I mean at all. I know he's not special. I know I'm not special. I'm saying his teachings are bull shit and so is the fact that he charges exorbitant amounts for his enlightening experiences. That's wrong and it cheats people. And the people in that audience are cheating themselves by desperately trying to buy into this idea that enlightenment is a one-time experience. It's not. It's a continuing process and you can't get it by having this guy lay hands on you or whatever.

  17. @Aurelius27x Can we not just accept people for what they are… flawed, imperfect and continue a dialogue where we can move forward together? We have such a hangup to try and find some impeccable deity of a man to follow. If Christ or Buddha were born today I can only imagine the attempts to try to scrutinize every step they take in attempts to debunk them. Project less, assimilate more, people. They are all another version of yourself and have something to teach you.

  18. @Zenstudent105 He's hiding something? Of course he is… we all do. The unconscious is a sea of secrets and dark desires. You people keep forgetting that he is a human being. Not a deity. Just because he wrote a few books and is in the public eye doesn't mean he is "special." That says nothing about the relevance of his ideas which are bigger than the man. Moral value judgements of the Blue meme obviously hold us back more than ever.

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