Kellywise – SNL

Kellywise – SNL

100 thoughts on “Kellywise – SNL

  1. There is a reason I don’t go to the movies to watch these horror/apocalypse shows, the state of the world right now does it for me.

  2. the sewer is a perfect place for all three of them since all they do is push a corporate agenda and spread lies. Millionaires funded by billionaires.

  3. This skit just proves over and over again that white people are the most at risk to perform some life-risking dumb s**t in every. Single. Horror movie !!

  4. Pennywise: hey georgie
    Georgie: um…hey
    Pennywise: you want this?
    Georgie: yeah reaches out to boat
    Georgie: thanks bye
    Pennywise: aaaw shit

  5. I know Lifetime Achievement awards are usually only granted after 60, but McKinnon  already earned one… And she's still in her 30s!

  6. The scene with Hillary made me laugh, Where do you think I be Michigan or Wisconsin great rub she lost both of those states lol.

  7. I will say whats hilarious is this is the only quote acring job keenan can get oh this and the masked singer …cough cough hack cough

  8. This might be the best SNL skit ever. McKinnon is always awesome but this.. Kellyanne to Hillary to Kellyanne. Unreal. Thank you for the smiles during some tough times Kate!

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