100 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway: CNN is not fake news

  1. Boycott CNN it's all lies.
    Trump 2020 Tucker 2024
    They still think they can blatantly lie to the American people everyone has cell phones we see the truth.

  2. This is coming from CNN itself. Of course they're going to try and save their own asses rather than tell the truth about how they are fake news.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,

    I can't STOP laughing!

    CNN is NOT fake news?!?

    Goodness gracious, the shape of planet Earth is triangle, if y'all believe to that.

    I worked with CNN (Atlanta) for 8 years and they are EPITOME of fake news…

    People, don't ever believe to everything they said, as they are all like ZOMBIES.

    Have a great day to y'all

  4. CNN Does not have 5,800,000 Viewers that is fake Google News screwing with the numbers…. This video has 27,653 that is %2.07 of 5,800,000 subscribers.   And bet-cha only 60% of these are subscribers that's 13,826.5 people…  Who the heck would sub to CNN to get fake news?  How bout subscriber farms?

  5. 5.8 million Russian bot subscribers. Mark Dice has 1.4 million subscribers and he operates out of his kitchen, not a multi-million $ studio.
    CNN = Losers.

  6. Back in the 90's .. they were reliable, now their network is difficult to watch (always negative).. they obviously cover only the super dramatic issues and make up stories. So yes, CNN is fake news. It's embarrassing to be caught watching this fake news.

  7. LOL

    SO desperate this lone clip would be posted.

    CNN and its staff are so shallow and vapid, it's actually staggering the lack of self awareness.

  8. CNN is fake news. Get the hell out of our country and go do your stupid fake news of yours and shove down the butt of the north Korean leader and do your fake stupid news in their stupid country.

  9. Lmao you guys have to make this video because everyone knows and is calling you out on your fake bullsht nd agenda, her explanation for lying all the time is epic!! Haha you guys look so guilty with this video omg

  10. Politics are dividing humanity I swear. Is all the hatred and anger towards the opposite party even worth it?

    Let me guess-

    You: yes

  11. You are fake new fucking cnn Believe it You are faking fake I can proof it believe it you called all Japanese anime child porn witch is not I can easy proof it believe it watch my hero academia You will not see anything like on there believe it

  12. I just came here and seen this. CNN says CNN isn't fake news 😂 ofc you are going to say that haha

  13. Well maybe if you had left your news delivered as un-biased as possible, and free from the personal opinions of your journalists (as if they were credible facts), then perhaps the president would not be labeling you as 'Fake News'. But you (like most of the other maintstream and independent media outlets) have shown little to no interest in giving up your little charade, so expect 'Fake News' to be a more rhetorical term, from both the president and the public 😒

  14. as the president said before " you are not fake news, but very fake news." hate Iran's media in the U.S. irnn+ fnn =cnn

  15. Does anyone else find it so incredibly disappointing that most teachers are left and play CNN to "educate" there students. How disrespectful and unlawful to the education system and your students.

  16. Where are Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction? Oh right, there weren't any. So why did America go to war with Iraq? Because CNN is, and has ALWAYS been, FAKE NEWS!!!

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