Kawhi IS a FUN Guy (Funny Moments & Savage Answers to Reporter Questions Compilation) PART 2

Kawhi IS a FUN Guy (Funny Moments & Savage Answers to Reporter Questions Compilation) PART 2

20 points 14 rebounds 3 steals 3 blocks 3 assists go out Linder who are you man Kawhi Leonard dad sound like wow let it go to get some camera big bro I know I mean I can fix a lot of people on social media especially in a lot of us watching or wondering why you didn't take that final shot I mean two guys came up on me you know I don't know if I could have got a shot off it's hard I mean if you got two guys on top you have to try to find a right play I'm here be fun guy tomorrow fun guy what's up baby what it do baby yeah you already know if so that's why no Thursday black rainbow joy it is enjoy this moment and have fun with [Applause] ahahaha [Applause] [Applause] my gift is the heb Texas pen sporting duct formula for all that hard work you do on the court because you're a Texan like me I got you Texas brisket barbecue flavor singer bland because you've been here since 83 well what he's like 231 and Augie look I also got you this what's going on guys oh they're eating HTV prime one steaks I like the steaks to get at fancy restaurants they tend to go a little bit overboard splendid quite yes indeed thank you some steak boy indubitably we used the extra time to master the ancient art of origami my father got serious house man and Patti made an alligator crocodile Kauai what is that it's a snowball that's a pretty good snowball Kauai yeah I know it's not crooked all right okay I'm doing shootout Billy's in whoa how you doing that going work your hand man it's like you're part bear this is just how I do it man if you work out hard like us you need a sea bean utopia a delicious post-workout drink oh it's got 50% more protein than regular milk it gives me a lean and mean because it's got 45% less sugar and it's lactose free it's good it's good what's all this today we are going to sample that sauce is from h-e-b for you Kauai that green sauce green like a rookie but I'm not a rookie close enough what you doing mano a man that it's food closer to the earth becomes one with the earth what all right one with nature what a one with myself how did you grow that beard do not ask questions you're not ready to be answered my child Wow you're sitting on my aura sorry my bit y'all look ridiculous especially you Kauai my mom made it oppa oh god no and we would need to cook more come on man you know what we want toss them out a burger on the Bobby I love his accent Lee why would you toss a burger at a Barbie food so we got a sufficient boat and now we're working on the name I like man ray Orson tannic hoop line & sinker Kauai man got it how about the h-e-b oven-ready seafood meals that you can enjoy minutes without the hassle fishing seems too long for a boat named that green sauce get it a good french vanilla creamy creations ice cream of course I got you cheese balls is it cheese bars what they're bacon cheddar any question before we make jalapeno poppers I'll be missed too small that's not a question where did you get this with anyway funny story these guys are crazy motto made me do it like I'm on makeup I let it inside the cave room come to New York Oh overcoming New York this look remember my name you're going to see me in the NBA in about three years Jeremiah Ford i'ma being here about three years now you think I keep it a boat

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  1. It was cool when Tim, Kawhi, Tony & Manu were together. That New Zealand guy added more variety too.

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