41 thoughts on “Karl Rove's election night melt-down over Ohio results on Fox News

  1. And because this happend bigot and racist white people went and gave us trump unless you count the votes that were changed in Michigan and Florida by the GRU reality winner exposed this and they put her jail Hillary actually won that election but the votes were changed in electoral college battle ground areas

  2. That’s what happens when you blur the lines between the truth and opinion, can’t wait for the Republican Party to fade away.


  4. Isn't it fun seeing the crazy evil people melting down because the slightly less evil people are beating them?

  5. "He's writing furiously!" Karl Rove looked like a nut. I get a big laugh at this every time I see it. Rove was so sure Romney would overtake Obama.

  6. You think that was Hilarious!!! Check out Romney trying to sing after he heard Obama Sing a few bars of AL Greens Hit Song Let's Stay Together when he spoke at the Apollo. Classic!!!!. No other President could do what President Obama did. He was by far the Greatest President this country has ever had period. I don't care how and what methods you use to compare but this is like saying Tiger Woods has to win 18 Majors to be greater than Jack Nicklaus. That's a lie!!!!!. Tiger is Already the Greatest Golfer for what he has done for Golf Period. We the Children of GOD don't have to wait to be validated by the Oppressor any longer your time of rule is over. 400 years is a long time and GOD said after 400 years He and He Alone will return us back to Israel and Judah and we are going to get our Reparations and have our Exodus To . GODS judgement is coming for how you treated the Children of Isreal. So no matter how old this was you can see the agony on Karls face that this Black Man was actually re- elected for a 2nd term. Meagan had to walk fifty miles to check the board. Are you sure these numbers are right? Lol. Come on Man!!!!. When President Barack Obama won the first time Brit Humes on Fox kept calling him the Home Town Boy and if you listen to him he hit Boy real hard and he was talking about the newly elected President of the United States. That's the kind of foolishness we as a people have had to put up with for 400 years!!!!! Well not in 2019 the Bible Prophecies are coming true!!! 1619 – 2019. 400 years. Hurry Jesus and take out the Fox Network First. Lol. Praise GOD!!!!

  7. Karl Rove is a convicted felon. Why is he even allowed to be around an election. Oh yea,his butt buddy bush illegally pardoned him.

  8. Hilarious…..LOL ! Let's go down the hall …down in the basement…to the decisions desk….Hahahahah. !

  9. Rove knows that IF the newsmedia SAID IN REAL TIME that romney won, then …its 2k all over again! so wtf!

  10. This is just too painful to watch that these goon called Carl Rove is so much in denial during Obama but now complains daily on fox news on how Democrats view Trump.

  11. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but knowing what we know now about Russia interfering in our elections, and the GOP's role in it, I'm looking at this Rove meltdown in an entirely different way.

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