Kangana Ranaut's fight with the journalist and the whole media at Judgemental Hai Kya event

Kangana Ranaut's fight with the journalist and the whole media at Judgemental Hai Kya event

27 thoughts on “Kangana Ranaut's fight with the journalist and the whole media at Judgemental Hai Kya event

  1. Kangna is drama queen , nothing else.
    She is like a street bitch which wants all the attention of all dogs around her.

  2. Yahan bas support karne se kuch nahi hoga… pls go and watch her movies and make her the superstar that no one has see before … she will never disappoint you as she is the best talent. #WeSupportKangana.

  3. Kangana is a controversy queen jab bhe koi movie is ke release hone wale hote hai Jaan puch Kar kangana aisa karte hai it's her old tactics to say in the news it's nothing new

  4. Aacha… Tho at the first place who gives us all information abt these people.. common people who became stars because of us and via the media and journalism.. every one has tr fair share or struggle and success and failure. I commend kangna for her hardwork but she sometimes really thinks she is the only person in earth and literally the Queen.. well kangana one thing only try to just do good work stop getting in unwanted mess all the time..

  5. She just ask simple question & that guy could own up to his truth. Later he lost his temper & started to argue with her.

  6. अगर यहाँ पर सल्लू भाई होता ना ईस कमीने रिपोर्टर यैसा बोलना हिम्मत होता था क्या
    भाई कुछ लिहाज़ रख के बात करो तुम लोग
    मछली मार्केट बना रहा है सालों ने

  7. Joh sahi bolti hai usse support karna chahiye yaar nhi toh sharmnaak hai aisi actress ko support nhi kiya toh bekaar sab.pheli auraat hai joh sahi bolne se nhi darti aur sab kangana ke fans #wesupportkanganaranaut tweet karro kangana ke janta hai luv u kangana

  8. Kangana ke joh bhi hai kangana ko support karro aur kangana ko support karte tweet karro #wesupportkanganaranaut . Aisa faile ki kangana ko media wale maafi mange.

  9. Kangna is rght….mtlb media jo chahe wo likhe…ur usne puri media ko ni kha…particul mf journalist ko kha….abi salmn kuch khta to awaz ni niklti

  10. You cannot intimidate a journalist.. But you can intimidate an actor and write whatever you want.. Right? #JustinRao#PaidJourno#NepoJourno😡

  11. Every actor gets criticism it's not like only kangna gets. I used to like your acting kangna but you're too much these days. You didn't even realize baki logo ke paise lge hote hai movie par. You could always talk in private about that issue but you choose to go in public. Are you going to pay loss of movie? 2 din se kisi ne interview liya nhi hai and kisi ne promotion bhi ki nhi hai film ki. At least have some basic knowledge of marketing stuff. You're talented actor please be calm and show your skill by your acting. Let them criticize you do your work.

  12. Wo reporter khudko kya samajhta hai?? Kangana sach hi to kaha hai…saaf saaf hi to bola hai?? Kaun star aysi bath likhna manegi???

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