Kangana Ranaut LASHES OUT at the journalist and requests media to ban her | Bollywood News

Kangana Ranaut LASHES OUT at the journalist and requests media to ban her | Bollywood News

kangaroo not need your release Kalki is South Korea heck even among angry Murphy on Hajj or carried across key Hecky please mooch a banker do Machado stone Ashman apnea homily Indian media has given me obstacles Kenneth you look in mr. 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you secular order to measure the harmik cheese Nicole naked – key a topic Bishop irani cafe I say he June DC journalist go into thimble a big press conference memory those que pues aquí para pasar el okay Joe Judith maybe hamari to serious issues they homologa serious cause it's a world environment may a decade in many a plastic band colicky kalpen cottages made many plastic hello Yoga Center case ozma kappa couch activities cathy is journalist kuma new ski cumulative ithaca for many cows not rocket against animal cruelty on the in-state camping yeah busca be a massacre on attack shahid permanent venue but i was killed on kick you off please happy gotta be a key in k pass kisi bhi tera Kakuta pathetic Samak shia vita jokey egg butter kapa haka who still gets me granny good logical K Gandhi but then lick a professional clothes joy echo move the Taconic and punch at the hey har jagah press conference be managed at you keep going to cry today I'm gonna to give it up cuckoo journalist 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journalists Kitchell t to ask me in Turkey top actress or highest-paid actress neo T man tomorrow Sunday ha Joker can you please Mucha banku you can manage you're taking me leave it as if to never given me to laterally or it's another person approach pinnacle city cap which Avenue G or to be made by behind schedule you work you see I had you know knee in your brokerage car yeah her job manikarnika film vit own movie mafias can used fully Ganga pockety the end of journey Italy etc see held in we stand with manikarnika drunk eos funk about suburban a filmmaker patches karateka business kia or HTC Magette Nagar Haveli dish was simple app locally Joe papaya city soccer Killiecrankie hot water never welcome no need to use of Karelia a keyboard muffin among any but a little recap on this whole incident it acne argument who asked her come now or occur journalist give each May at a media event and give Nicole a curry eventual rather judgmental area I was walking me down a usual carrieth hockey they really look forward to apology kick you escaped in a boycott carrying a not the movie but definitely come nah well everybody was waiting for come nozzle is even only three video record carcass of course off Karelia head that was her stand when he fell ekta ravika pool being the producer of the film boom Kapus obviously she was in a sticky situation only thought of civvy statement III and she said while the people involved in it fairly held their own perspectives but because it happened at the event of a film we as producers would like to apologize and express regret for this untoward incident we would like to maintain that our intention was not to disrespect or hurt anyone's sentiments so ye bothe euro joke I saw a hopper that even cognize fan or as an audience or as a video fraternity everybody is split into two sides Kim Ki iguana John Cage would definitely Kanako support karahi but there are other people who are also calling this attitude out right and media has accepted the apology from a cockapoo and her production house Aruna kaha here that are we accepted but we will continue to boycott Kong lion can occur of course video are joyous omni and like you said ki look though he saw me but 2k hey boss I look support cover here they're calling her brave they're calling her outspoken and by standing her ground they are appreciating her for that Lake another bath curry video key just 30 K soon honey who's Micah Hanukkah apology in the he monkey now it's fine it's her choice that she doesn't want to apologize because she has a particular thinking on a section of media making up just 30 cases video a bath car a hoe there is always a way to put things out now of course we know she's outspoken licking just 30 key key words una use key hey ocarina can he you know get you a coffee that a great tree huge at the hip personal attacks away hit was statement me on also people have been called Beach through he and Angie you likey hum interest the not a democratic country may at least nobody should be called out that just because um K opening up sin he melted Julie are you trying to say K home government Co criticizing kar sakte are you trying to say came up T movie nahi person car sector of course the movie is about manikarnika and everybody celebrates who manikarnika is yeah licking a girl ok aq.koh film personally i licking uncles and sons a problem in here so will you take it too personally exactly a drop of finland he person died he was kamek lavinia ki aapke finger subject nahi person october shine filming he person died hectic and like she has the you know like she has the choice to express her opinions so does the journalist or so does media who do not like the film or like the film and i think there should be freedom everywhere but just tarik a say language you see i have our coffee sorry comment sorry hey also we have sana mahapatra who's tweeted saying when women fight an oppressive power structure overcome obstacles and succeed it's a worthy celebration like nothing else when they thereafter become the monsters they fought after finding power and learn the worst from the bullies it's a tragedy now this is a big statement coming from sona Baba exactly and most of it 9 karaoke it's not what you say but how you say it also becomes very important in specialties about ik ik influential in San hey ji job a few words matter kurta hello copy Kannada they of course style of talking is also people are going to copy I mean you are somebody I have to give it to come nah okay Lee without any support system with everything that happened in her life she has been able to that become the highest-paid actor make a mark for herself and talk about nepotism something jabal a good bath nahi kar raha people were taking their privilege for granted yeah or do not evoke ol curse on a rock they are just because with thee with me outspoken and she wants to talk about the the the disbalance do Bollywood which already but a girl up ich esse point rock ta sama intercessions auditor Logan a he you know a Greek array at least you have to say it in a way that they are ready to listen to it you can't shut them out Kiki coffee nope still if let's say both soon corrupt nav Co bunker today they like now we can't hear it we can't understand your point of view such very important key up kick the ha say up in Ibaraki I felt that there were a lot of supporters of hers also who were saying that how we like her outspokenness we love her acting and we want to hear from her and probably she has a point Jessica many Street on Ebola that this is total BS you got caught an alliance someone finally stood up to you great actress but that's the movies in real life not so sure anymore complete BS body by Twitter Pearlman she sigh Monica hi when actors forget that life is something beyond acting they become like Kangna from a great actor she has become a disgrace blatantly lies and seems visibly disturbed stay an actor use this camera better why even I can use any kaha here we love you cannot thank you for being outspoken VIPRE King Sonja Nevada Chapo and Rakesh she said please come now this is taking it a bit too far I am your fan but you can't expect everyone to praise your film that's not sportsmanship and you should be okay with criticism when you're okay with praises I personally loved money kanika but this is not right and I think that is a very very fair point key you have a quick personal attack ago kisi publication K through karai agar aapko malign karahi through articles when they have a personal agenda you call them out arose Kavita reconcile it can agar aapke psycho social media when / okay personal thoughts don't a personal page / washer Caray whose Kelly if you want to call them out I think you're taking the right of expression you're taking the right to express themselves and that is where somewhere some people are divided

50 thoughts on “Kangana Ranaut LASHES OUT at the journalist and requests media to ban her | Bollywood News

  1. The both host should understand that she has not said that everyone has to like her and her movies what she is saying , if you don't like that's fine at least don't act as a nice person and well wisher in front. i also agree that the language used by rangoli is not good in social platform.
    Please be clear that she has not force any to like her, she just mean that be what you are.
    Thank you

  2. Mann…she should join politics…she will sweep away oll the thrash…superb powerful girl…i wish to c her as our leader..

  3. Tow dumbo, every person supporting kangana. Comments nei dekhti kiyaa? Chack all of comments wher Ranganas video uploaded.

  4. Yahan bas support karne se kuch nahi hoga… pls go and watch her movies and make her the superstar that no one has see before … she will never disappoint you as she is the best talent. #WeSupportKangana.

  5. This whole deshdrohi nonsense is really twisting the issue and making it look something else.
    This woman didn’t hesitate to go after a man of her father’s age when she was 16, sending bare body pics to an actor to lure him and uses quite a nasty language herself – saying she is true to Indian values is Laughable. She is just using India as a card in her argument – hoping that BJP will have her back. The truth is it’s because of liberals that she got the appreciation. No one is doing reverse mud-slinging because people are dignified and have better things to do in their lives.

  6. Her bravery is inspirational. She is so true speaker and fearless. I am changing myself, learning from her. Never down ur head to any fake and false people. Stand and show them their place.

  7. Most of these entertainment journalists have no credibility. Most of their articles and videos sucks. They have no defined quality standard so in the first place. They will be eating mud if they boycott a talented and credible actress like Kangana.

  8. Sirf mileage khaati hai kagna apna kaam karay lakin sab ko bura bolti hai I use to like her but she is way negative I would say she use to fight monster now she became one big monster woh us interview main kuch bol rahi thee ab yeh dharam or desh ok beech mai. Lay aai

  9. Madams , kindly check that lier journalist’s posts on social media against Kangana . Obviously , you will not check and you will not ridicule him for the reasons known to all !

  10. atleast respect that she is also a girl like you. dont make ur stupid comments just for money. @ two hosts of this show.

  11. see here also their news opens with KANGNA… then y media is saying to boycot her.
    media uses wrong words/language to create news.
    media click n zoom private parts of male or female actor, unknowingly.
    its media who shows the news of rat and snake n other viral stories… on many news channels..
    media keeps trolling vidya for her weight, imran for his kissing scenes, trolls on plastic Surgeries, clicking pics of Taimur to encash the news.

    when media has appologised for all this ????????????

  12. I support kangana… ..kangana's words may be bitter or harsh but not abusive…its not a big deal ..media just creating issue…

  13. They can't ban celebrity because the media itself is covering the news of her of not covering about her

  14. Har baat ko bolne ka ek tarika hota hai yeh chij vo ek accha manner mai bhi bol sakti unki aisi bhasha unko aur negative dikha rahi hai, totally upset with the wrong attitude of her

  15. Aru you two mentally retarded?..yellow journalism is totally unacceptable ..these kind of so called journalist should be knock down wherever they are either in public or personal so that himself n other should know their limitation and think befor u speak,write n act….all praise to kangana..👏

  16. You both don't know anything you both just know how to show you dam attitude and I support Kangana she always put efforts for country shake but Media has done nothing media just work only hack of it . And you both are showing it as well as you should imbibe from other country's journalist

  17. Kangana is the example of modern women empowerment……we are proud of her…she must not say sorry to youll…she is not at fault.

  18. People are criticising these two girl but They are making complete sense. Kangana is too intimidating and overly dominating. Started getting negetive vibe from her.

  19. You are working in a media house and no doubt you will obviously support media person even if media writes or talks anything wrong. Slow Lough for you ha….Ha……Ha….Ha… .
    Because you also have been sold and to be very honest you two are just irritating. I have never seen or heard any good thing you are talking about always criticize others, not only kangana about others also. Don't know what talent you have without PNPC.
    But we have choices not to watch your programme
    Bye bye

  20. Why everyone is supporting Kangana it's not necessary to always make a issue. Everytime when her new movie is coming she did something like this last time also she did the same . Can't you see this is her way to seek attention and limelight for her upcoming movie

  21. Do randiya studio me beth k real star ko judge kar rahi hai..abe chudasio apne customer dhundo jo tumhe chod k thanda kar sake..

  22. I saport kangana because kangana hmesha shi mudda uthati h ur wo shi hota h. but shi log ko koi saport nhi krta. Love u kangana

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