Kangana Ranaut gets into public spat with a journalist at an event, journalist demands apology

Kangana Ranaut gets into public spat with a journalist at an event, journalist demands apology

all right let's shift focus now controversies a favorite child kangaroo North has hit to the headlines once again not for her latest film release but for an ugly spat during the promotion of her new movie Kangana Ranaut engaged in a heated argument with a journalist during the launch of the movie well the actor lashed out at him for his critical review of her last movie manikarnika her public spat has now worked the media fraternity so much so that the entertainment journalist guild of India have written into the region to the film's producer ekta kapoor seeking an apology from her as well as the actor well so in further updates that have come in on this the router's didn't end there after the journalists tweeted on this issue demanding an apology from Kangana kangana's sister rangoli or not replied on Twitter slamming journalists and declaring that Kangana is not going to apologize well those are the details as far as this particular controversy is concerned of course we'll have to wait and see how Kangana reacts to all of this essentially she has ugly spat during the promotion of her new movie she engaged in a heated argument with a journalist during the song launch of the movie remember Kangana Ranaut is not unknown to controversy let's in fact go across to Santi I was joining us on the phone line or Santa comin or not there is no stranger as far as controversy is concerned they've been multiple especially off late and this is yet another one understand that they will not give any speech to come not an hour in fact they also held a meeting with the filmmaker Europe and the demands with a public apology they also said that how she should condemn the event to that according to the entitlement of Gilda Kalia I stuck a fool in the meeting did acknowledge this was an unfortunate incident but she denied to condemn it publicly in fact entertainment you said that if will be part of any of the promotional event of the movie just mention later they will not they will not succeed with the event until unless some not leave the events to that also it said that she is not sure how media will manage to do so how middle managed to avoid coming up so now and it's entertainment guilt earlier I have made sure and they are also requesting all the media houses to also give any space to Hamas and then I was following this controversy this path which she had read the journalist Indra because if we talk about entertainment guilty and the journalist Bobby what they are saying is that how the journalist in question your he did not do anything wrong he just wrote a review of the movie movie manikarnika and as she used the wrong words the choice of all was for an extremely fashionable while shoes and something the journalist for lighting a review of a movie which was not acceptable to her but to that individual Topanga said that writing movie review what is the job of an engineer a journalist and that is exactly why a journalist will not be targeted for suing for we should not be taken for studio we come 100 in fact that is exactly why this entire meeting happened and has no new to it every single day there's one or the other controversy and entertainment guilt of India has now taken the step to ensure that we consume media from not does not cross a line all right thanks Anthea for getting us those details

16 thoughts on “Kangana Ranaut gets into public spat with a journalist at an event, journalist demands apology

  1. Why she involved everyday with controversy, is she habitual of doing so, many great actress never done such things after so many successful career and name fame, she is mentally disturbed, it's not her mistake, if any person lives in forest then his behaviour totally different from others, she never lived in civilized society to learn and behave well with others in ego and arrogant behaviour, thanks

  2. This one more thing for publicity. Hrithik, Aditya Pancholi, Adhyan Suman , Alia Bhatt, Shabana Azmi, Karan Johar , Tapsee Pannu and many more. The list goes on and on .

  3. Etna to dimag lgao kyu mafi mange kangana. Salman ne jb media bale ko thapad mara tha tb aisa kyu nhi hua

  4. When some of these Bollywood hacks start to believe the horsehit that's written about how great and talented they are then it's time to quit.

  5. This woman Kangana Ranault is a very crude and uncouth person . I have read many of the comments where she thinks she is too smart and a smart Alex. With journalists and flim stars too. She thinks she can say what she likes and she is right . I guess she has an attitude and ego . Her sister will be her mouth piece .

  6. What can one expect from two more semi-literate bhakts of a megalomaniac ….
    Anyways there are more important issues in this country thn two dickheads …..

  7. Writing a review is a journalist’s job. Favourable or unfavourable that’s not actor’s choice. Anyhow she can go to any lengths when it comes to cheap publicity.

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