25 thoughts on “Kangana Ranaut ABUSING Indian Media In Video |Judgementall Hai Kya Controversy

  1. She's telling the truth that every person knows . Fuck the media.
    There should be case against media to spread lies without evidence.
    There job is only to give news not opinions.
    There should be a new law regarding media and it's necessary.

  2. We challenge indian media to actually ban her…they dont know the power of her fans. Ssly free food and write bullshit its what the media is doing…spoiling name of good jounalist who have died to bring truth in front of people once.

  3. Yrrr itni sahi jaa rhi thi video phrr end mei isne khud hug dia
    Indian top actress aur highest paid actress
    Ooo madam apni aankhein kholo
    Priyanka chopra aur deepika Padukone ko google kro
    Itnaaa arrogant hona bhi theek nhi
    Aap ko har kisi se problem hai
    Rote rehte ho hamesha
    Itna bolne ke wajh aap agr proof dikhate uss journalist ke khilaaf to mei yakeen krta
    Bsss blaa blaa blaaa……
    Yrrrrr hahahhahaha
    Safed kpde phen krr aaj bade dheere tone mei baat kr rhi hai
    Manikarnika 150 crore ek aur joke

  4. भाई आ गई झांसी की रानी देशभक्त तो बस यही है। साली तेरी औकात तो अब प्रेस वाले बताएंगे।

  5. You are a bitch. You deserve full boycott. Your arrogance will let you know the taste of same medicine. Just wait and watch.

  6. media Kon hai pictures hit Karne Wala, ager picture such mai good hai to hit he hogee media app please news do ap ka views nehe ….OK….I support kangna

  7. सभी मीडिया वालों को गुस्सा होने की बात ही नहीं हैं.. Kangna ने उन लोगों के बारे मैं बोला है.. जो गलत बातों को बढ़ाते हैं… अपने पद पर रह कर….

  8. Arre kangana apologize kyu kare us reporter k saat jis baat ko lake an-bnd hue thi uski to real proof rangoli (kangana ki behen) ne tweeter me share kia hai to kis baat ki apology…??? Mem we are with you indian media shme2

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