Kamala Harris at CNN’s Equality Town Hall: “I hear you.”

Kamala Harris at CNN’s Equality Town Hall: “I hear you.”

Stop killing us. How do we get those men to stop killing trans
women of color? We are hunted. Systematically hunted. How can we do that? You’re right. And so — I want you to be able to talk. That’s what I’m saying. It’s a number of things. One, there has to be serious consequence and
accountability when it happens which means there needs to be a safe place for the members
of our transgender community to go when they have been exposed to that kind of harm and
we know there’s not always a safe place. I will tell you when I was District Attorney
of San Francisco, it was after the tragedy of Gwen Araujo, Matthew Shepherd, and other
cases where people were being killed. And what was happening in courtrooms is that
if the killer was caught and arrested and charged, in the courtroom they would offer
a defense. It was called the “gay or trans panic” defense. You remember that? And they would say, ‘oh, I freaked out, therefore
I don’t have the state of mind for which you could convict me of murder. And I saw this happening. So I convened prosecutors from around the
country, first-ever time it ever happened, to come to San Francisco and we created a
whole training on how to defeat the “gay/trans panic defense.” And we brought in — [ Applause ] And this was in the early 2000s. And brought in — you know, I say with pride
that we — there are a lot of the leaders in — early leaders in the trans community
who came from San Francisco and so we brought in these leaders to talk about the community,
to talk about how the issue is playing out, to talk about the injustices, and it ended
up being a model for what needs to happen around also what we do around public safety
to make sure it does not go without consequence. I hear you.

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  1. Kamala Harris is a disgusting woman!… Ugly not only outside but inside. Hell, her own father dissed her. She sucked dick to be where she is at today. She is a political failure. LMAO @the rates of likes vs dislikes

  2. How do we stop the violence?? How bout stop trying to FORCE other to accept your delusion, I personally could care less what color or gender anyone is and weather I agree with it doesn't and shouldn't matter. I don't care what anyone thinks of me nor do I try to force anyone to……you do you and who gives a damn if someone else likes it or not, get over it and move on quit pushing on others that do not have to agree with you

  3. Former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. – Dr. Paul R. McHugh

  4. "Trans women of color hunted down and killed" by hetero MEN OF COLOR, but to tell this would be "racist,"
    "Trans" is a debilitating psychological condition. Pandering to this mental illness will be seen, by future generations, as promoting the most self-destructive human behaviour.

  5. Kamala is a LIAR and a FRAUD. You are NOT a convincing actor lady. Enjoy your 15 minutes. LIAR. I hope you can't sleep at night.

  6. Harris is finished, Tulsi put the fork in her. Now in 5th place and falling like a rock.
    thanks to the DNC, in an effort to prevent a grassroots runaway like Sanders again, have pushed the CA primary to the front rather than at the back end.
    Kamala Harris will not win her own state and will be one of the first to step down that Tuesday night
    Prove me wrong

  7. How brave of Blossom to shout his opinions at the top of his lungs during the entire town hall, thank you. Thank you Blossom. Blossom, thank you once again.

  8. When she was doing this was it before or after she slept with the mayor ? She just called that Transgender woman "he" . Or was it when she smoked a joint before Tupac ever made the album.

  9. Her pronouns are her. hers, and she. this is getting RIDICULOUS!!! I will call you whatever I want. You are not royalty or military. It's called free speech.

  10. Everyone in the bleachers are dems. family and cnn family. They brought all 500 of there watchers paid them well with our tax $$$

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  12. I'm gay and I identify as a fuckin man!!! And as a gay man this is the greatest show of patronising bullshit I've ever seen in my life

  13. Quit kamala there arent enough loons in the country to support your bullshit. We see through your smoke, youre not as slick as u think u are

  14. Interesting she mentioned Matthew Shepard, one of the all time greats in hate crime manufacturing. One that hasn’t been exposed enough, either.

  15. Kuntmala is a fucking asshole. Listen to these crazy mother fuckers. On top of it all its you the middle class that will have to flip the bill for all this liberal horse shit.

  16. What a fucking circus that whole thing was. Full of clowns. I kept hearing the Benny Hill sountrack playing in my head

  17. That was beyond cringe. These Democrats have brought pandering to the left to a whole new level. I think I'll do something next year I've never done before — vote Republican.

  18. they all pander to mentally ill men in dresses, what next, enough is enough, stop abusing our kids and telling them its ok for a woman to have a penis, cutting people up is wrong, these people are sick

  19. Only on CNN will you see a circus like this and a politician who is riding it to get votes. I can't imaging what is going on in the minds of the CNN content people and the folks who watch this as news. Perhaps I'm the insane one.

  20. As much as we’re all forced to hear about this guff, you’d think there are transgenders under every rock, behind every tree, lurking in your closets & sock drawers… you’d think that you’re likely to meet 3 on the way from your front door to your car.

    The fact is that tansgenders make up half of one percent of Americans (0.5%). So… do we really need to turn our society on its ear to accommodate this wacky superminority?

  21. Why hasn't this hateful bitch dropped out yet? She's a fraud. Even her own personal YouTube channel is filled with people who dislike her. She has 0 chance of ever being President. Drop out Kamala! Your goose is cooked!

  22. Lmao.
    My old YT channel that was taken down had more subscribers than this channel does, which means, I, and millions of others would get closer to winning president if we ran. Ftlulz

  23. She looks like a drunk mom who forgets to pick up her kids from school on time and when the teacher says class was released 3 hours ago she slurs “I know “ I know” and drags her kids off by the arm where she takes them to a mediocre duplex home where she falls back on the couch drunk and their kids eat hot pockets for dinner. That’s the type of America you’ll get with this women.

  24. DemocratPoliticians can kiss my ass no DemocratPoliticians will be president on November 3'2020. We must kill DemocratPoliticians for Declared raw on Religion conservative Christians values. Or Church values.

  25. Great job! She's going to get all 100 trans votes in the country. I think trumps a white supremacists, but the liberal white supremacists make me wish he wins again.

  26. That never happened !!!!! What world am i living in! Is this women insane , have i entered some crazy twilight zone episode we’re ppl like her just make up reality 😳

  27. they’re not right. trans pocs are not “hunted down” or even murdered at a rate disproportionate to any other demographic you could think of. one of these candidates should have had the balls to say that 18 deaths with transphobia as a motive in zero is not a fucking epidemic. what a gross mythology to perpetuate

  28. Thank you for all your work Kamala. Ignore all the haters, they can't stand a smart, badass woman making her mark. And btw, Tulsi is an icy c**t begging for a future as a fox news commentator, so f**k her.

  29. Has she really questioned what laws pertain to only a male's body like abortion laws to a woman's body? Circumcision laws, and more so. The most sexist written laws. My body my right. Right? What do you tell men that would clearly not have made the choice, and hate that they were mutilated as a defenseless infant? But it is still legal to cut an infants genitals, male only.

  30. Seen the part in the debates last night when you asked Warren to stand with you to ban trump off of Twitter and warren said no….haha you had egg on your face!! You not winning girlfriend. I seen you on cspan….you a rude condescending bitch. You have no fucking chance!!

  31. I want her to win the nomination so I can watch her run but the democrat voters aren’t giving her enough support to stay in the game much longer… one of the most entertaining people in politics.

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