JUST CAUSE 4: Trials, Toys and Terror Update

JUST CAUSE 4: Trials, Toys and Terror Update

get ready for trials toys and terror in the latest content update for Just Cause for wanna kit Rico out with customized gear earn cosmetic rewards for your wingsuit and parachute with the new free challenges update these monthly trials and challenges will have you proving your mastery over Rico's abilities and gear feeling nostalgic equip the Just Cause two Rico skin and battle the black hand like it's 2010 enhance your Just Cause for a sandbox experience with new premium content via the black market update kick things off and cause chaos with the fun-sized toy vehicle pack grow your collection as new vehicle packs are available each the black market store the second DLC for Just Cause 4 is here and it has infested the Isle of Solis Rico must face off against a deadly demonic force and los demonios expect a challenge when fighting back against this ancient threat experienced los demonios with the Just Cause for expansion Pass los demonios pre challenges and the toy vehicle pack are available now for Just Cause 4

45 thoughts on “JUST CAUSE 4: Trials, Toys and Terror Update

  1. I AM WARNING YOU DO NOT BUY THE LOS DEMONIOS DLC! IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP!!! I completed all of the content the expansion had to offer in two hours. All of the content added after you complete the story is the alien crossbow, the ability to drop an explosive alien egg, and the ability to drop 10 explosive alien eggs. This is inexcusable and lazy. Furthermore, hold edition owners should get all dlc content for free like the monthly vehicle packs, unfortunately these are five dollars each. I love this game and only want the best for it. Just cause fans rally behind me!

  2. I would like the black hand specialists to appear even after zeroing. Type, if you make a lot of chaos they warn you and the specialists will start appearing because they make the game more challenging and fun besides much more chaotic.

  3. So we have to pay for the toy cars, los demonios, the jet pack, the scorpionstalker cars, the golden shotgun, the dare devils, the renegade pack… ¿im missing something?

  4. Black hand heli radio:IVE SPOTTED RICO RODREGEZ AT THE AIRPORT SIR. Bh:take him down then! What vehicle is he in? Bh heli radio: A TOY TANK WITH A REAL TANKS CANNON SIR. bh:*WTF*

  5. Yes, I would like to 'Kit Rico out with customized gear,' however, for some reason, I am not able to unlock the gear. The chaos points are not counting the challenge. It's still at 0/500,000
    Which is weird, because all you do in this game is BLOW SHIT UP. So unless all the explosions are figments of my imagination, or there is something wrong on the other end.
    Cool Just Cause 2 skin though. Can we get the jetpack from Just Cause 3 now? That one was cooler. Also, why can't weapons dropped from allies be in the supply drops? It'll add to the inventory which is kind of bare bones compared to Just Cause 3. No pistols. No dual wielding. The least to do is add ALL the weapons in the game to the supply drops. It feels like I haven't made any progress and I'm over halfway through the game now.

  6. Fucking forcing in microtransactions! Fuck you Avalanche & Square Enix! You just had to monetize your game huh?!

  7. The toy vehicle pack instantly reminded me of Burnout Paradise, which also had a toy vehicle DLC. Ahhh…the nostalgia is coming back to me now. 🙂

    It's also good to see more updates for this game. Add in base liberation, which should've been in at launch, and this might be one of the best Just Cause games. Currently, bases and the many explosives and destructible items in them are pointless since capturing bases is done instead by doing these boring and repetitive vehicle or wingsuit missions, all of which are easy and even have the required vehicles needed conveniently placed nearby. It's probably too late to add in base liberation though. Unless it can get added in as side missions or something for each base.

    Rant over. On the bright side of things, the game runs far better than Just Cause 3 (which is still a lagfest on console), has far more items and features to play with, and has the most varied landscape since JC2…which by the way I'm loving the inclusion of that JC2 Rico skin. And then we get these updates to try to help make JC4 better.

  8. Nice, but the challenges are missing. I have no new content on the map after the update… no wingsuit challenges and no Solis pro tour… and the chaos challenge doesn't count any point…. it is still 0 after playing 3 hours… please fix it.

  9. So is there going to be an earnable currence for the black market or is it only cold hard cash? And what benifits to gold edition owners get? Discounts? Anything?

  10. Wheres los demonios? Its not appearing in the downloadable content and i have the gold edition AND expansion pass

  11. Okay so you add a dlc thats doable in little over an hour, and only add in 1 mediocre weapon as supply drop? Why aren't the toy vehicles included in this pack? At least add something for us to use after the dlc. Very disappointing, short, and annoying dlc with no longevity at all. Im very sad I bought gold edition as it doesn't even include all content, WELL IT SHOULD!

  12. it would be really cool if there is such a rocket launcher (as in Just Cause 3 M488) … maybe with a much bigger explusion 😀

  13. They made it 7 dollars to buy this pack for everyone including gold players

    A bit scumy if you ask me

  14. Really? Dedicated fans buy the gold edition to avoid stuff like this! I love this game, but I shouldn’t have to buy vehicle packs every month, they should come with the season pass. This is greedy and scummy. Please fix this. Everyone like this so they see it.

  15. for those who cant get onto the game will the challenges still be there or will they disappear after the month

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