Just a Little Politics Can't Hurt, Right?

Just a Little Politics Can't Hurt, Right?

not Teresa hey Annie hi farts yeah I'm taking my chances I'm saying I just want to talk about it so bad and you know Luke and I talk about it all the time so I know what he thinks and we already had our little discussion afterwards hey Steve hey Red Road Runner so I'm just waiting on hearing back from nippy to see if she wants to come up I sent her the link for the debates I don't know if she watched him or not how many in here watched him did anyone else watch them besides me I know that you know we have quite a mix of Democrats and Republicans but I try to make it a point that I will watch all the debates including the Republican ones because surprisingly sometimes there are Republican people who are running who I would probably vote for over the Democratic nominee so I like that you're both sides of everything I like to give everyone a fair and equal shot although that sometimes kind of hard because like when Ted Cruz was running it's hard for me to give him a fair and equal shot cuz I just do not like the guy he creeps me out I feel like he's the frat guy who's like trying to rohypnol all the girls at the party or something he just creeps me out I'm not saying he's like that I don't know but he's running unopposed is this like official for real see I I have not heard that I figured there would be some Republicans who want would want to give him a run for his money yeah I like to listen to all sides Amy because you know even though I register as I've registered as Democrat also registered independent I've never registered as a Republican but I'm not saying that I would never vote Republican because there have been times where if a certain Republican would have gotten the nomination I would have voted for him seriously well I hope that someone gives him a run for his money who's a Republican because I find it hard to believe that that many of the people who would call themselves Republicans would just lay down and die like that and not give him you know a fight say Amy that's how I am too I am actually I'm very liberal like social issues I am liberal as heck however financially I think I'm more of a conservative now if a social issue also is financial I usually lean more to the liberal side when it comes to helping people and not hurting people so I would be very fiscally conservative when it comes to wars and things like that whereas when it comes to health care as a human right I'm extremely liberal I think that if you're human you deserve health care I just so I mean it's a sometimes it even gets confusing for me because also as a liberal and I'm extremely liberal I also am like Pro death penalty but I just don't like the way it works now I think it needs to be overhauled you know I mean I confuse myself sometimes so for anyone in here who did watch the debates do you have a front-runner in your mind right now I think it's obvious to anyone who's seen me on Twitter or even heard me talk here about a little bit of politics here and there we all know that bernie is my man bernie is my go-to guy however I was also very big on Elizabeth Warren last time around I just don't find myself in the same place with her now for some reason she seems like she has gotten very I don't know how to explain it I don't want to say like stale but that's kind of how I feel about her I think I think she did come off well I think she always does Evelyn I think that if you are going to hold any person against their will that you should be in charge of all their care needs you know you're holding them against their will it's not like they can walk away and go get what they need so yes I think that if anyone is being held against their will in your care in the government's custody whatever it is all their needs should be met by the cap door and basically that's how I feel our government is it's captured these people separated them from their children separated them from their families and if you're gonna accept them as your prisoner or whatever you want to call them you're detaining them you should be in charge of their care which means that they should be getting hygiene products they need to be getting three square meals a day they need to you know it's the same thing as as someone who is underage in our country who's taken into the foster care system and they become a you know a warden of the state or whatever once you're a warden of the state the state has the responsibility to care for you to make sure you see a doctor to make sure you you know whether it's giving foster parents access to WIC or to food stamps if they are your ward they are your responsibility and you know I don't mind if anyone has just because you're in here and I'm telling you what I think doesn't mean you have to agree with me by all means disagree with me but try to disagree in a manner that makes sense like don't just come in and say so-and-so sucks and this is why and all that you know I mean this is one of the reasons why you know we don't talk a lot of politics on here is because of that because not everyone is able to to come with reasons why logical reasons why except you know you hear a lot a lot of people who will say that these children and people need to be put here because they broke our laws or whatever I don't give a fuck about laws when it comes to human lives there are laws made that say that if you go into a park and feed a homeless person you're breaking the law fuck that law I as an American citizen will feed whoever I want wherever I want whenever I want you know just because it's a law doesn't mean it's moral and just because something is moral doesn't mean it's a law I and I guess that's just the difference with how people think I was a well here's the thing penny and someone mentioned it in the debate tonight and I believe it was the woman who is an author and I can't remember her name she seems like a very smart woman and all of that I'm not she said something about let me get back on topic here she said something about the trauma that's being caused to these children okay which got me thinking in my studies in psychology and specifically when we were studying child psychology trauma in the early years of a child's life in their formative years trauma and chaos and neglect which certainly you know when you see the pictures and you hear the stories of how these children are basically living in cages and sometimes not receiving the medical care they need not seeing their parents who have they formed bonds with these cause trauma illness later in life I mean it might not be apparent immediately if you don't know what you're looking for but these just the social abilities can be hindered but more importantly than that you are creating trauma in a person which basically trauma can lead to other things later in life most people who are in the prison system or her turn to crime or who turn to a dick you know addictive substances can pinpoint trauma in their early childhood years I'm not saying all because it's not always the case saying words like always or never doesn't help because and that seems to be a lot of the argument back at something well you know well I was abused as a child and I didn't do drugs well that's because traumatization as a child doesn't always lead to drug abuse okay but trauma in the formative years is definitely a precursor to antisocial behaviors first of all and I'm not talking antisocial like used in common form where someone says oh I don't feel like talking to someone I'm so antisocial I mean like anti-social disorders crime lack of my words are not coming to me now lack of empathy things like that so what you're doing basically is you are writing the future of these children and you're writing it based on our current narrative that these people who are coming across the border illegally are criminals and as Donald Trump said you know they're sending us they're rapists they're murderers blah blah blah okay so that's the narrative we're using then by taking those children and separating them at young ages from their parents and from everyone they know and neglecting them and treating them as less than human you're causing trauma which in the end causes what you're saying these people are so basically you're claiming that they're criminals and then you are turning them into exactly what you're saying they are because I can guarantee you that none of those four five six month old even four five six year old children being detained and basically kidnapped and held hostage have murdered or have raped or have you know dealt drugs I can guarantee you that but that's what you're going to turn them into because of this false narrative that that's the only kind of people that are coming in so if you punish someone as they are doing these people and that punishment turns them into exactly what you are claiming they were you can't be surprised when you've written their history before they've even loved it I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense to anyone else but me but in my head it makes sense to me okay let me catch up a little bit on the number one yeah they they are being taught to hate Americans and that actually then just formulates the narrative that other countries and terrorist groups want to I mean these people are ripe to hear how terrible Americans are and how terroristic advances on Americans is perfectly acceptable because you're playing right into their narrative that it was the Americans that did this to me that took me from my family that I would you know I I've heard horror fix stories I don't know if they can all be believed I personally don't want to believe that other people can do that but if there are children being left in the same diaper for days and weeks on end that is just appalling it's you know they are your captors or you're detaining them they're not able to leave on they're free well then you are responsible for them I think Trump's policies others do just need culture and I think that you know they get they get the people on the panels to ask certain questions and I think asking you know the question what is the you can only name one thing that what's your first focus is going to be and I think asking that question is terribly unfair first of all because certainly we're all old enough and understand enough about the world when we're watching these debates that we know everything ties into something else this is not just about economical change like if I get up there and I say I would my first first thing on my list is economic equality you know working on the Equality difference or whatever but then you have to look at you know but it has to do with a whole lot of stuff it has to do with education are you are you educating children in the same areas of the country or in this you know even just across town are the poor children getting just as bit of an education and all of that as the kids who live on the other side of town you can't pick one thing it all ties together even down to our prison system our environmental policies we have got children still living in Flint who are being intellectually and physically compromised because of their water these children even if they went to the best schools if they are being left in this situation of having lead in their water even if you send them to an Ivy League college their intellectual abilities are being compromised juvenile justice policies exactly Evelyn I mean it goes down to everything you can't stand there and say one thing and pick a four-runner or pick who you're gonna vote for based on one policy it's everything and we have got to be on board with everything because if we're not then nothing ever changes I just I know sometimes I get a little bit you know peace love and understanding or rainbows and butterflies and all of this but I'm just saying if no one is appalled at the amount of money we spend on war compared to the amount of money we spend on kindness and building people up you're missing the picture you know you're not you're not seeing you know if you say we can't provide free college for everyone or free healthcare for everyone who wants it but you're not saying but what about the billions and trillions of dollars we spend on killing people so but they're not our people right because we they always have to plant this us-versus-them narrative and you know basically we're saying anyone Brown who crosses the border needs to be sent back to where they come from but the fact of the matter is I can name six people in my real life who I know who are white who are here illegally and they have never ever been asked about their status as a citizen but anyone who's brown and I mean brown people who are even citizens are being stopped and detained and having their papers checked and all of this because people are still buying in the into the narrative that it's only them you know whoever the quote-unquote them is of the moment who are here illegally I know like I said at least six people in real life who have overstayed visas who have come here and fallen in love just don't want to go back who you know who come your phone and love then broken up didn't get married where they could stay but they built their life here for years and years and years and this is their home and they pay our sales tax and they pay property tax and they put you know put into our economy just as much as anyone but they've never been stopped and detained or questions because they're white and we've got to stop thinking that looking at the color of someone's skin determines whether or not we're going to make their day a little worse than it was before or not Christel same same and you know what for a person to go through all that they go through to get here that I mean just the miles that they that they put themselves through through that weather through the heat through the droughts through you know taking up with strangers who they don't even know if they can trust they must be trying to get away from something pretty horrific if the journey here to what we will do to them by putting them in cages looks better than what they'd stay there for exactly coastal my brother who was born in this country his parents were born in this country his grandparents were born in this country and his great-grandparents were born in this country I mean so we're not even like first second third fourth generally and we may be fifth generation Americans okay so I mean like we've been here forever because number one well we have a lot of Native American in us so we've most of our relatives were here long before any of these lawmakers were but my brother was kept from getting his driver's license for the longest time because they wanted his his birth certificate they didn't believe any other documentation he had now remember I just said that we are Native American mostly and that he was darker skinned my brothers were both darker skinned than I am I got more of the Irish heritage I got more of the freckles and the reddish hair and the paler skin and all that but as my brother's aged and their skin became darker they they could have passed for um you know for maybe South American Mexican maybe even to some extent you know Middle Eastern and I just think that someone who's been here that many years should not have to jump hoops they wouldn't take his you know his last license as proof well if he if he showed you everything you needed before why all of a sudden is he now being you know asked to step out of line and provide a birth certificate he's just renewing the license that was already given to him you know I'm just saying we've got to get out of this mindset that the color of a skin person's skin has anything to do with their rights first of all as a human being because if you're here and you're human then you deserve dignity and respect and not to be hurt I'm kind of rambling now I got off the subject of what I was talking about oh yeah uh the two people who over the last two nights of the debate probably put the biggest impressions on me positive impressions were of course Bernie everyone knows I'm a burner at heart I don't see that changing anytime soon and the reason I don't see that changing is because the reasons that I liked Bernie in the first place hello Jimmy the reasons that I liked Bernie in the first place are still the reasons I like Bernie because Bernie doesn't change I mean I'm not saying he doesn't evolve and he hasn't occasionally changed you know be something because of the the times have changed but he's been talking about the same stuff back from the 80s and secondly another reason I'm so for Bernie is because Bernie has the proof under his belt that it can be done as mayor of said I can't even think of the town now in Vermont but he was mayor of wherever Vermont and then he was you know he's in the Senate now and everything Vermont seems to be doing pretty fucking well okay so he's got the experience under his belt I've never you know in it my memory is you know 40 almost 49 years old I had seriously never heard of a serious happening in Vermont except that everyone seems pretty happy there with the things he's implemented and the things he's fought were for them and they haven't always agreed and they haven't always voted what he thought was best into policy but he has done the job on the other hand I'm not impressed with the Buddha gauge or Buddha jigs or however you say his last name I don't know tonight was the first time I've seen him I wasn't that impressed with him I think he said all the right things I think he had pretty words but I know he's he's dealing with being the mayor of South Bend and I say before you run for president and come up with your pretty words and all your solutions and all your plans show us that you can handle South Bend show us that you can make South Bend the place where everyone wants to live and from what I understand right now and I haven't done a lot of research the South Bend but from what I have heard and what I have read South Bend is not exactly the place that every American would want to live at this point so work on that on a smaller scale and maybe in a few years you know run again but for now I can't take I can't take it seriously exactly coastal and I think that a lot of times that's the best way to get a president show us what you can do as a mayor if you have a city put out under your control show us what you can do and then once you once you've mastered how a city runs try your state run for your state Congress or your state Senate let's see how you do there can you handle it on a bigger level and before you know it you're in you're you know late 40s let's say and now maybe it's time to run because you've mastered the city and you've mastered the state or the region and now you want to try this thing called being president prove yourself just before you run for president and I think that's exactly what Bernie's done since the 80s so I like that track record I think so coastal III really and I love Joe Biden I love the man I think all this crap about him sexually harassing people is just crap Joe Biden is just a very open person there are people who are more prone to physical contact and don't see anything wrong with it and as long as you are not grabbing someone's boob and going honk-honk and shit like that I mean if you touch a woman on the back or on the shoulder I think that we're going a little too far saying that sexual harassment I mean does it make people uncomfortable and do you have the right to tell him please don't you know please don't touch me yes you have every right to say please don't touch me as an adult you could have every right to say that use your big-girl words and don't just say you know don't the next thing he hears is you calling him out for sexually harassing you that's bullshit it's called human connection and Joe Biden happens to be one of the people in this world who you can tell is one of those people who likes to connect to other people he is I just think he's a good soul and have we all forgotten that we have our big boy and big girl words and that if someone does something that isn't really okay with us it's okay to tell them hey Joe please don't I'm not a touchy person please don't touch my back again because as a grown adult woman you have the right to say that and as an adult Joe Biden would probably apologize profusely to you because to him it's not even a second thought to reach out and touch someone who seems to be upset by something or to help a woman walk down a flight of stairs to put his hand on the small of her back that's what gentleman used to do and that's the generation he's from and if you don't like it it's okay to tell him and I'm sure that Joe Biden would probably like I said apologize profusely what's not a dirty word I've been missing Oh New York Kat I am the most liberal of liberal when it comes to social issues like I said I'm kind of more of a conservative when it comes to to economic issues in that I don't like all the just unending money being put into ways to kill people and none of that money that we pay in in taxes being put into ways to save people ways to heal people ways to cure people ways to educate people but nobody thinks twice when it's and when it's the quote-unquote them and they are scaring us with I don't quote them and so we need to spend money to learn how to kill them because to be honest we've been at war so long I think we should be having bake sales and GoFundMe to fund our war our Wars and have our taxes be going to things to make our country better like fixing bridges putting people back to work if we can run a pipeline to carry oil from Canada to California or wherever it was gonna go I forget Texas or something if we can build a pipeline that carries oil and we're having droughts in the north and south west if a pipeline can carry oil why can't a pipeline carry floodwaters I'll tell you when the pipe bursts and spills water no one's gonna die no animals are gonna die no Ducks are gonna die no beep you know bees are gonna seriously why can we build a pipeline thousands of miles to carry oil but these cities that have been flooding in the past decade or so can't can't have pipelines that can move that flood water to areas that are prone to wildfire it just I don't know it seems common sense to me um I know that like where my dad lives and he'll is by the Mississippi River and every year for the past God probably 15 and it used to happen before and then there was maybe like a decade it didn't happen and now it's back to every single year the Quad Cities gets hit with the Mississippi River rising and I know friends I have friends and family who have to leave their homes in boats every single year and their houses are having to be put up on stilts and raised off the ground you know if a pipeline can come from Canada to Texas why can't a pipeline go from the Mississippi River to California and when the river rises past a certain stage when it's ready to flood they open it in the pipeline carries that water to drought areas of drought Jimmy are you being sarcastic cuz nobody ever says that seriously nobody seems to like a social social justice warrior and I don't mean mine being called that even if you are being psychotic sarcastic because hey a warrior is a warrior right so New York cat who did who did Bill Clinton rape and if you can answer that I'll accept it if you can answer who he raped and I can google it and it comes back and it says that Bill Clinton raped so-and-so or was even even if you can say that it was alleged that he raped so-and-so I'll let you say it but you know come come complete with the whole story I'll listen to anyone's you know anyone's opinions I think opinions are important even though fact is more important but you know come with the whole thing if you're gonna say exactly coastal Monaco now okay here's the thing I can sit and I can say okay the President of the United States as a married man should not have been having an affair with someone who worked for him on the other side of that coin I can also see that Monica Lewinsky was an adult she didn't do anything she was forced to do she she even um you know like to talk to us to her friends about it and brag about it so as two consenting adults isn't really my business what they did nope I don't think it has anything to do with his duties as president do I agree with it morally hell no I don't agree with anyone cheating on their spouse but as I've said law does not equate to morality and morality does not equate to law they don't always match and so as a rational person I can both say that I support him and I don't support him I don't support him on his personal choices in life but I support him well I I don't support him now because he's not the president anymore but you know at the time he was president I was able to be of two minds about him and and I think more people should consider that that you can hold to different ideas in your head and not feel like the world is going to explode so I can I can say I think he's a good president and still say I think he's a shitty husband so yeah consenting adults and rapists are two different things totally Oh Jimmy that's nasty yeah and and you know bringing up stuff like that – like coastal just said that's in the past we can't change the past I don't want to hear any more about past people because the past is over all we can do is learn from the past we can't change it so if you don't like Bill Clinton now that's on you but he's not the president anymore so I don't give a shit what I do give a shit about is I am fat you can hear my fat slapping gears awesome someone named slapping years pass and queers just came in and told me that I sounded fat um nobody saw it because it got deleted but I'm sorry I should keep my fat under control so New York cat I don't know I am at the limit of my student loans so I am as educated as I'm allowed to be by the government so you know I I'm just saying I'm not claiming that I'm the smartest person in the world I am NOT I do not understand quantum physics but there has been a limit put on how smart I have been able to be by the government they will not give me any more money to become any smarter so I'm at that limit I'm not a dumb person like I said if you want to talk quantum physics I'm not your girl but if you want to talk about social issues if you want to talk about psychology if you want to talk about linguistics if you want to talk about you know any of the things that I have a degree in we can talk about them you want to talk about strokes you want to talk about speech rehabilitation rehabilitation you want to talk about the history of our language if you want to talk about semantics if you want to talk about the dying languages and how you know that affects cultures and all that you can talk to me about that okay I can talk to you about all of those things I can also talk about politics because I stay up-to-date on politics and let me tell you I used to be so into politics that I would have c-span one and c-span two going at the same time because that's how much I wanted to know what was going on in our country and that stopped the day that Trump took office I couldn't watch it anymore because I knew that this was not our America anymore and it didn't matter what was going on in Congress or in the Senate because the buffoon in the big office thought that he wrote the rules he has he has not abided by our Constitution if I had it to do all over again I would be back in school studying constitutional law because now I see the importance of knowing the Constitution and the protocol of how things are supposed to be done we never too much had to worry about that in my lifetime anyway because people didn't leave the president unchecked they knew there was a protocol and that it was to be followed and that it was to be respected and once this protocol was disrespected I had to stop watching it and now it's time to get active again I was active in 2018 I voted I watched the the smaller races and the Congress and the Senate and of blah blah blah and I did my due diligence and I voted and then I stepped back out until now and now I'm ready to step back in because now is when we won't be fighting a losing battle we can make changes again I want to say that maybe – and here's another thing I do people I read books by people that I don't agree with I love to read books by people that I don't agree with and you will be surprised at the number of people that I find is that I agree with more than I thought I did when I read their book hahaha right Chuck she yes she I think she means well and I think she thinks that she is the best person for the position but you know she she seems like a lovely person and I think she means well and well you hope that all of them mean well that they all think that they have the right answers but that's what's for us to decide and I hate the fact that this is so much out of our hands because it will be put into the hands of the you know National Democratic National people whatever they're called I can't even my brain is not working at the moment and that you know who will go on to the big vote and I wish that was more in our in our hands too but it's not it's just the way it works maybe someday it'll change I like the idea of publicly funded elections I think that each candidate should be working on the same level I think that one person shouldn't be running on twelve million dollars in donations while someone else is running on two million dollars in donations I think everyone should be publicly funded they're only allowed to spend the money that was given to them and let's see how they can I mean that's another good test of how well you can handle you know what neat what the most prioritize things how well can you budget if you had the same amount of money as your opponent show us how you're gonna budget that money and get the job done I think it's important to know that Trump taking you know having infinite amounts of money that he can fly off on his planes to and shit that's not fair putting him up against someone who only has enough money to take the damn train level the playing field exactly Evelyn and I think that we have to do that in our country too I think we need to level the playing field and leveling the playing field does not mean that you know there are exceptions because if a playing field is leveled everyone starts at the same point and that means that a public education should be granted to everyone as it is done with our elementary and high school system but also on to college level there are still people up there on that stage saying that they don't think rich families should be eligible for free college if you're going to be equal and you're going to level the playing field it doesn't matter how much money a person has if free college free public college is available no matter how wealthy you are you should be able to use it however I just said free public college do you know many multimillionaires who are going to even send their kid to a free public college anyway no they're gonna go get a private school education just like they're allowed to do with our elementary and high school things there are children whose parents pay extra money for them to get a private education but our public education system is open to anyone regardless of how much or how little money they make I would – crystal I would love to be able to see someone from my neighborhood who is intelligent and who has the smarts and the rationale and the logic and the problem-solving abilities run for office but you will never see someone from my town who could afford to run for president because that's not the kind of place I live in and I just feel like a person of the people is gonna fight more for the people than a person who has been raised with a silver spoon in his mouth and given daddy's money all the time he he doesn't give a shit if I can't afford my house payment this month because my car broke down and my kid had to have braces he that's never been a worry he's ever woken up or let's put it this way that's never been a worry he's ever went to bed with on his mind that kept him up all night how do you know what it's like if you've never even had to be up at one o'clock in the morning worrying about how you're gonna pay your house payment because the car broke down and your kid had to get braces because they got kicked in the face in soccer and you know you don't want them to end up with a messed up mouth their whole life I'm rambling on about a million things I'm sorry I get when I see these debates and I may be the only one in this room who does this I hope I'm not I get excited about what our future as a country could be and it just it gets me pumped up I get excited about what could change what could happen and how much better our country could be I just it brings it inspires me to hear people talking about ideas and making changes but I I get disappointed when they talk about the ideas and making changes and nothing ever changes oh so the second person that I really liked from tonight and I've liked her from before in other things she's been involved in in you know voting and in the government and the way she thinks but I was seriously impressed with Kamala Harris I like her if Bernie does not become the nomination Kamala Harris would be my second choice at this point I mean it's still very early it could change but I'm excited about her – I was very excited about bado after last night I'm I'm just lukewarm and like I said I used to be on the train all the way with Elizabeth Warren and I just feel like I've gotten kind of lukewarm with her – maybe she'll get that spark back where she's really going after new and invigorating and creative ideas but last night she just seemed like she was dragged down into she didn't have she didn't have the high hopes feeling I know coastal so I do need to ask anyone who knows I haven't looked it up yet when do the Republican oh I'm sorry Treece already told me I just think that's bullshit is that true Teresa that no one is going to go against him there aren't going to be any like runners that think that even though they're Republican he's not their guy who was who has a law professor Obama or Clinton or who I don't like that Teresa I don't like that at all I think that um that it should be mandatory that someone runs against him oh she was a love I'm sorry I read that wrong Kathy I'm so sorry but what is this are you sending me to porn again Jenna two Republicans Trump and weld okay I've never heard of weld I'd be interested in hearing what he has to say because I'm telling you right now if it were to come down to weld and let me pick the one I disliked the most probably Buddha gauge or whatever his name is I'd say probably right now he's at the bottom followed closely it this is just my opinion followed closely by SWA well and simply I'm the only real oh well has the right words again like Buddha CH I think he has the right words I don't think he has the right attitude I think tonight he proved that he is first of all arrogant and I think he also proved that he does not respect the people who have been there doing the work all this time it's it's good to talk about passing the torch and it does need to be passed but you're telling two men who have done a whole hell of a lot one of them is vice president and one of them as everything for mayor on up to Senator to pass the torch they are still just those two men I don't care how old they are they are still just as relevant as they were at the you know this is still their time they may be older than the other candidates but old does not equate to useless and it doesn't equate to antiquated ideas now this isn't about I'm not I hope it doesn't seem like I'm making this about you know talking bad about conservatives because as I've said depending on who has the best ideas depends on who I vote for I would vote for a Republican if I felt like that person was the best suited for the job at this point although for anyone over Donald Trump I know we already know he's not the best person for the job he wasn't the best person for the job when he got the job right coastal it means you know you pick a VP who is on the same page as you who believes as you believe who has the same intentions as you do who has the same understanding of the problems that need worked on and you make him your VP and you work closely with him and I think Obama and Biden worked very closely together I think they worked very well together so right now out of the the two nights of course I'm still a burner and I am I'm right there with Kamala Harris as well if she was picked I would vote for her no problem from just what I've heard we still have a long way to go and a lot of things could change but right now those are my two picks let's see hey y'all been listening for a few minutes crazy how we can watch the same debates a month way with such different tops and bottoms say no to cheetah Reggie who did you pick who are your top two after last night and tonight who would you say are your top two and anyone else who watched type your top two in there if you can't get it down to two put your top three I got it down to two put your top four then costal just kind of put try and put them in the order of your your your preference like if you put four start with the one you'd want the most and try I know it's hard at this point but Castro was very smart I agree with that and I I liked what he had to say for some reason and like I said opinion sometimes have to mean something and I'll contend that he was very smart I think he seems really intelligent he creeps me out he's got that vibe I don't know why and it's something I can't control of course I still listen to him I think he sounds very intelligent and like he's got his shit together and I think I broke it down to his eyebrows really get me worried I don't I know that sounds stupid but when you get a feeling about someone I'll still keep an open mind I will Burnie and Kamala for blah optic last see I told you he we didn't even watch them together he was in one room I have to watch him alone because I talked to the screen and then he ends up missing stuff i I could get behind bado I would vote vote for bado if he was the choice um I could still vote for him but he's not right now he's not in my forerunners you know Oh Oh your first two right there are two that I just warned like I said for some way reason I've gone lukewarm on her but she still has quite a wild that she could get me back in you know on her agenda and I think to that you know kind of the psychology they say that the way these were set up was random but kind of the psychology of seeing Elizabeth Warren up there with such other kind of lackluster we don't know these people maybe maybe that's why I felt kind of low energy from her because when she's with someone else like when she's working with Sanders or when she's been working with other senators or Congress or whatever she gets very passionate and I think that's what I like about her and last night the people she was with I think just didn't bring her to her top game I think if you get her engaged with people who are more engaging you're gonna we're gonna see her shine more so as it gets whittled down and maybe we only have five or six people on there and they're the you know the top runners I think that she will shine more I I just feel like everyone last was kind of lackluster and the energy wasn't really there for her but you get hurt in a in a room with people who are also bouncing ideas around and all of that she gets passionate and I love her so I I just maybe it's just the psychology working on me of who she was up there with and that the engagement was not pop-pop-pop on point like she usually is I like Tulsi too and one thing I like about Tulsi is her stance on military things I like her I think we have a couple really badass women running I do – Evelyn yes Krystle just says anyone but rum well and you know that that may be what it comes down to because at this point I would vote for any of those people up there over Trump there's just you know I would I would I could logically and rationally just check out and say anyone but Trump at this point but my expectations because and I even think there were a couple people who mentioned it tonight that their only goal is to beat Trump but our problems in this country are not I mean at the moment he's a pretty pressing issue and so you know we we do have to beat Trump but we had these problems before Trump he's just accentuated them he's just you know been the glitter on top of the the balloon display or whatever he he has just accentuated everything that was wrong in our country and trust me it was still wrong before he even got in there you know the issues of for-profit everything you know the issue of corporation running everything they bought the the race issues the immigration issues they've all been there before Trump he's just really you know glittered this bitch up and made it so apparent that we can't deny that these things are going on anymore yep that's something I'd like to hear about I'm sorry I'm chewing ice I'm so rude same here Reggie I would I would vote for a Republican if they were up there and they had good plans and said it you know I just wish and I know I was thinking this tonight and I know it's it's impossible but I wish they would let these people give not just answer questions but let them give what are they called I know the word the word is just gone like you do when you work for a business and you go in and give your idea and you use a slideshow and you show statistics and all that what's that called again I know the work this is such a dumb word not to remember when I need it presentation let them give us a presentation show me I would like to be shown on paper how it works I would like to see okay it Bernie you say we can afford public health care for everyone I want you to show me in numbers and words in a presentation how that works what money will come from where how much of the money do we need first of all what's the total that we are going to need how much of that is going to come from new taxes and how much of that is going to come from like future why are my words missing anyway like how much where you like are you gonna cut other things are you going to cut some spending in other places show me on paper where you could make cuts and where you could make you know the money that you need yes Warren does have that on her site and actually Bernie does too but I wish they could do that on on the debates because it's easier to stand up there in the debates and have the right words because you can't people coach you on what words to use and I mean they hire people who know linguistics and about semantics in the psychology of language who tell them what hot words are going to be for negative and positive reactions it's it seriously is a game mindset the psychology of the game and they hire people who coach them don't say this word instead use this word don't say this word and you know so I it's easy to sit up there and say the words but show me on paper how it's gonna work exactly Ritchie because number one I don't mind paying higher taxes for things to be better but also I think that we need to reimagine the funds that we're already paying in and rework those two right right Jenna i shanked Chuck that it was a little bit planned I think that they are giving pinpoints if you can work this in it sometime use it so I think it was probably up something that's been put in her pocket to be pulled out if she needed it and she got to use it tonight I don't think there's any denying that they go over all the possible responses that could come up or questions that could come up and if it goes this way here's how we're gonna handle it and if it goes that way here's how we're gonna handle it I think it's a lot like litigation is when you're in court and lawyers know the same things they know what words to use that strike emotional reactions they know what words to use a strike at rationality and they know when to use them and I think you know they put little things like little bits like that in their pocket I don't know that it was necessarily meant to be used tonight but it's probably something that that was pre-planned for at some point you know to think that they're not thinking ahead about things like that would be silly these people have to know their game oh yeah deflection in these things Evelyn is is a major tactic you know look over here and what's going on here so that you don't notice what we're doing over here you know the old bait-and-switch the old you know deflection projection they're all those tactics are being used the all the fallacies going around you know and language is a big part of that it which is one of the one of the things is that I've always been interested in language first of all especially when I got into psychology I seriously got into into the psychology of language and how certain words are meant to trigger when you want someone to think emotionally about something you may use the word when you want them to be okay say we're talking about children at the border okay and we we know that it's a terrible thing how and all that but if I use the word we're imprisoning children that will evoke a different response than someone who says we've detained immigrants if we say we're imprisoning children that brings on an emotional reaction but when we take more of their humanity away and we call them immigrants and we use a word like detaining which I was going to have a whole conversation about this the other night because I heard someone arguing that arguing semantics was was dumb no arguing semantics is very smart because I can make you feel one way by saying we are imprisoning children and I can make you feel a whole different way if I say we're detaining illegal immigrants okay because I put in your mind that they're less than human they're illegal first of all and that they're immigrants so on two counts put into your mind that they are less than you are but if I call them children or babies you get emotional and if I say we're detaining them that could just mean we're just holding them here for a couple minutes we're just stopping them checking them out and you know we're just detaining them they've just been detained for a couple minutes they got off off the beaten path and we're just detaining them but if I tell you that we are imprisoning them that evokes a whole different response in your brain so never underestimate the semantics especially of politics yes and and that's how I feel Theresa you call them what they are they're called concentration camps for children who have been kidnapped from their parents I you know that's what it is but you can understand that if I'm someone who doesn't want people to think that that's what we're doing I'm gonna say you know we've detained some illegal immigrants and you know that just makes you feel like we're just making sure everything's kosher we've just detained them I've been detained in traffic I'm gonna be 20 minutes late so these people these illegal immigrants are just gonna be a little late to where they were going they've only been detained no see semantics matter semantics definitely matter and anyone who wants to argue with you that they don't is either a fool or someone who likes to use some angels so Oh Teresa that cracks me up yes and and I think it felt a little bit manipulative because they weren't asking questions in the beginning in Jenny people that were held in Nazi concentration even hurt with it people who were held in Nazi concentration camps are hurt by that comparison right um I wouldn't think they would be I think they're hurt by the fact that it's happening again I don't think they're hurt by by the comparison I think they're hurt because they thought that just was something that couldn't happen again in their lifetimes of course that's just my opinion that's how I think I would feel I think that I think that they see it for what it is especially since you know they they went through it Elizabeth Warren has always impressed me but I just wasn't impressed with her my life but what she said last night hopefully she gets back to her regular energy level and they put her up against some people who can get her spark going being able to minister is okay too should have learned that simple idea yeah many people say they were very upset with the comparison many people who were in actual concentration camps because one person who I follow who was in the Japanese detainment camps back in the war I can't think of his name right now my brain is not working tonight because I've been thinking over time so I'm losing names and words George Takei I'm sorry that's his name George Takei has said that it is extremely reminiscent of his internment camp experience and that it was horrible and that you know I just I haven't come in contact with a whole lot of concentration camp people because there simply are not that many left but this is how that started so I think the comparison has to be made yes things got much worse they started gassing them and and line making them dig their own pits and lining them up naked and shooting them in the head things got much worse but this is exactly how that started what didn't Steve say I missed it who did I like last night step um from last night I would have to say you know Elizabeth Warren is still probably my pick from last night last night nobody really I mean nobody really put that big of an impression on me why are we detaining them instead of sending them home um I can't answer that question Ridgemont I really can't I'm thinking about it and everything I think that I mean it could be why but I don't know all I can think is that whatever's at home has to be worse than what they're meeting with when they get here because they keep coming and that makes me sad whatever they're leaving has to be worse than the journey they go through first of all with people who are criminals trusting them to bring them through you know I do I can't answer that question I wish I could that's your opinion Remy it is not my opinion I think that it does have to be made because this is exactly how concentration camp started they were just you know just holding them just making them live in the ghetto and that is the proper use of the word ghetto because that's when a ghetto became a thing you know we're just making a move to the other side of town where we don't have to be with them into the ghetto and eventually it turned into the genocide of of millions upon millions of people if you know history you have to make that comparison to how it started right Jenna we'll just we'll just tell them we're just detaining them a little bit they're gonna be 20 minutes late that's all and that's exactly why if we're going to to detain them as they say we need to be responsible for them we need to then be getting them medical care feeding them healthy three meals a day if you're going to take them as your your prisoner or your detainee they become your responsibility and if they don't have the vaccines then we need to be taking care of their medical needs look at the Irish and Italians who came through Ellis Island people were turned away for having eg eyes yes III don't know what that has to do with with why we're detaining children away from their family but you know Anne Frank was on a boat that was turned away and we know what happened to her so we should learn something from that we all you know we've all had to most schools I would say had well at least back in my day they may not now we had to read you know the Diary of Anne Frank and to know that she was right at our source and we turned her away and she has become such a large name in a Holocaust history then should we not learn from that I think first and foremost everyone who shows up at our border should be seen as a human being and seeking asylum is how we've always looked at them and I think that should continue and you set up a legitimate way for them to become then part of our country do you think we should have complete open borders should there be a number should we regulate at all okay I think in terms of regular regular immigration into our country no we should not have complete open borders I think there should be a number of how many people we allow to become regular citizens on a regular path citizen ship each year yes should we regulate that yes in times of terrorism and war in other countries I don't think you can treat people seeking asylum people running for their lives – the same as someone from Germany who is wanting to come over here for a job that they've been offered and they need to become a citizen I think that is a completely different path and I think they need to be completely treated completely different so if someone from Germany wants to become a citizen or wants to come here and live legally that's going to be a different experience for a job than someone who's running from from saying that we're gonna slaughter your entire family if you don't give us your 10 year old kid – to fight in our war that's you know you can't follow the same path – coming to our country for those two situations good night Deb the funny thing stuff is that I mean it's not funny haha it's it's just one of the odd things about this is that a lot of people seeking asylum need that asylum because of things that we our country has helped them and it's gotten out of hand nowhere is that more apparent than in everything going on in the Middle East you know back to the Reagan era when arms were were used as trade for hostages things like that and you know on through it nothing happens in a vacuum a lot of it is stuff that we have our policies and our wars have maybe not directly caused but over the years have helped to fester and now people are running from that so I think we have some responsibility for our part in that I definitely think marijuana should have been legal years and years ago I don't partake and I wouldn't even if it was legal because it makes it just doesn't do for me what it does for other people but you know maybe if they may have legal people would chill the fuck out I don't think it's possible he says a lot I actually am envious of people who can hit it and feel better I hit it and get paranoid as hell it turns on my anxiety instead of turning it off same Remy my anxiety goes straight through the roof – I never thought about it but maybe because it's illegal maybe if it wasn't illegal I wouldn't get paranoid so I'm going to talk down now if you guys don't mind me being quiet I can just sit back and watch the chat and let you guys talk awhile you guys seem to be having a good conversation and I'm enjoying it exactly Evelyn and I you know I had never even thought about that before but maybe if pot wasn't illegal I wouldn't get paranoid when they smoke it because the first thing I start doing is think oh my god everyone knows I have marijuana on me if they test me I'm gonna pee dirty you know yeah I mean I think that's what it is for me too is my PTSD with it I have a lot of control issues not like I can't control myself but a lot of issues that are triggered by not feeling like I am in control of myself and so when I start feeling a little bit stoned that could be why I get paranoid because I feel less in control of myself less like I know what's going on around me I have a lot of hyper vigilance with my PTSD when I'm out in public I like to know everything around me see everything you know and when you get laid back in a little bit stoned I start feeling like I'm not vigilant and something could happen to me I love that y'all are respectful enough to agree disagree and explain great job Jenn you gotta check in on a friend get some sleep good night Reggie yeah that's another thing Evelyn I I've also worried about that because of the substance issues in my family too the weird thing is is I feel like addiction could have been a path that that I could have been put on myself my siblings and I had a lot of the same life experiences because we were growing up together of course so I feel like I could have you know had those issues and on some level I do because like smoking I'm addicted to smoking cigarettes but I think if it weren't for my I I don't have the attention span to sit and drink beer after beer after beer or shot after shot after shot or you know the attention span to to fight against ok first of all I got to go find the drug then I got to make sure I have the money to buy the drug and then I have you know I have to get the drug to somewhere where I can do it and then I have you know I don't have the attention span for that kind of an addiction cigarettes are a pretty easy addiction if I want a cigarette and I don't have when I go right to the gas station I pick it up and within you know three minutes of wanting a cigarette I'm smoking it it's just not that way with other things that are illegal and so I think my short attention span probably is what saved me from following the same path that my brothers did like I said I don't have the attention span to sit and drink I'll drink just one after another you know I get bored with things very quickly and if it's not an instant gratification if I can't have it you know within 5 minutes of when I want it I forget it and then I'm you know I'm off to something else ah I guess my my drugs of choice have been cigarettes and probably chocolate because they were both both available to me you know at any time I can go and grab cigarettes and go and grab chocolate and go on my way but you know we have retail THC and right now nail retail THC cool we just have CBD available in my little town I was thinking mega theaters I mean it just presents another way it's not substances oh yes Evelyn um work addiction was a big thing for me when I am working I am work well I will work myself into mania I get so addicted it's like a competition with myself and I'm I'm very competitive anyway but I have worked myself and into the psychiatric ward before because it's not I can't work long enough I can't work hard enough I've got to do better than I did did you know five minutes ago make more money do that I was crazy with working well I was hoping that that nipi was gonna answer me back but she must be either a sleeper maybe out running around hopefully whatever she's doing she's doing something good for her because she needs to take good care of herself that was not a fart if you heard that that was our dog scooting her she has like a playpen play yard area set up and she likes to scoot it around on the hardwood floors with her nose so it really doesn't keep her out of anything because she just scoots oh it was she threw her dish okay she must need water and food anyway I guess I'm gonna go ahead and go I was all excited when I first started out when to talk about the debates and then I got off track and we started talking about other things but I still had a good time sometimes I like talking about stuff like that Evelynn I know exactly what you mean and it was only once there were other stressors on me that I realized how much damage how much I was working was doing and you know working three jobs believe it or not I know it sounds impossible but there was a time when I was working three full-time jobs and you say but Janie there are only 24 hours in a day you would be working every hour of the day well no not necessarily because the way I worked I worked Monday through Thursday mornings at one job I worked Friday night to Sunday night straight through at another job and then my other job was a second shift job Monday through Friday so I had little bits of time like two or three hours in between jobs where I would I would actually sleep in the parking lot of my next job I would leave one job go sit in the parking lot of my other job and wouldn't need to be there for like three hours so I would play my seat back and sleep in my car and get up and then go into work and it was crazy I I worked myself crazy three full-time jobs and I did that for a little over two years and when when my my husband was cheating on me and I found that out that was close to that was probably the stressor that that made me realize that I could not keep it up Oh Jenna there is so much good information about PTSD on these internets there really is but there's also stay away from the the pop psychology articles on the Internet I mean Psychology Today is okay if you just want a general overview of something but you know I wouldn't be going to psychology too or or a psychology living internet mag or whatever if you want like real real real meaty information I probably have several articles research articles saved that I could maybe send you yeah Jenna like like I said if you want it go to Psychology Today if you just want a brief overview of what it is but if you want real in-depth stuff I'll see what I have research wise saved where I could send you something I may even have several articles that I've written that I could send you I may I don't remember if when I got this new computer if I transferred them over to this so I'll see what I can find for you Jenna and I'll send you some stuff I love Biden as a person but I'm just not feeling him right now as a president I'm just not but I love the man I think he's a wonderful person I think all that sex harassment stuff is just I think it's ridiculous he's just one of those people who who likes to connect with other human beings cool Janna all right guys well thank you for coming in and discussing this stuff even if you didn't agree with me I appreciate you know seeing what you had to say and how you feel about things and where we can agree and you know where we'll just have to disagree and Kimberly I I can see how you know that's that's been talked about but I just I don't see it I see him as someone who is just a touchy person and he sees someone especially you know from his generation if you put your hand on a woman's back when she's going up or down the stairs or something like that it is nothing but trying to be helpful and if the woman didn't want him to touch her after that she could always have said you know please Joe I don't like to be touched or whatever and I feel like he would have been the kind of guy who would have been apologetic so but that's me you don't have to see it the way I do but I love y'all and we will talk soon I hope hopefully Monday I hope we're still planning on doing the talk about the death penalty good to see you too Krystal alright guys love ya see you later bye

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  1. Thanks for being “bold” enough to talk about all this. Our generation was taught to avoid discussing politics & religion to keep the peace. It’s 2019 & we have to talk through these issues or we’ll keep taking steps backwards as a country. I watched the debates with a bias of what I’ve already seen from some. Still so early & can’t wait for clear badasses to emerge!
    We should all celebrate that Americans care now more than ever. 🇺🇸

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