June 2019 Current Affairs in ENGLISH - 26 June 2019 - Daily Current Affairs for All Exams

June 2019 Current Affairs in ENGLISH – 26 June 2019 – Daily Current Affairs for All Exams

hello everyone welcome to study IQ in this video let's start the current affairs for 26th of June you can follow me on instagram i'm available my ID is tireless sony now today i'm starting something new which is that every day now I will ask you five questions and I will tell you the answers at the end of the video you need to pause the video here and you need to attempt these questions you can write down the answers on a piece of paper every day five questions at the starting of the video man Amati Man 3 exercise was held between India in which country shreya scheme has been started by which ministry Shreyas scheme PM Modi has declared the financial year 2020 as the year of what what is the name of the first Braille laptop designed by IIT Delhi scientist and India's first oil museum will be set up in Mid City so these are your five questions for today these are from the current of as of last three months and you can judge your own preparation with these questions okay let's start the current affairs of today which country has gifted Museum of Peace to money put in the memory of Second World War which country the country is Japan now remember you know the Battle of him fall do you remember the Battle of him fall which was fought between the Japanese people and the Britishers you know and more than seventy thousand Japanese soldiers they tied in this very fierce battle of him fall and battle of Kojima there were two battles and both battles recently celebrated their 75th anniversary so the answer is Japan now with respect to money pool remember that there is a place in money poor qualifying pH a ye and G firing and firing is the first carbon positive village of India okay it is India's first carbon positive settlement called firing village and the government of Manipur started something known as school fun got a C which means go back to villages and this is a part of the go back to village scheme and recently the government of Jammu and Kashmir they have also started go back to village initiative model Mulsanne II passed away recently he was the BJP president of which state he was the BJP president for Rajasthan Rajasthan and Ashok Gehlot is the Chief Minister which among the following has launched complaint management system for the grievances redressal this is basically listening to the complaints of the consumers and taking action on the same complaint management system has been launched by the Reserve Bank of India recently veeral acharya he was the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India he put down his papers he resigned and there are four deputy governors in the Reserve Bank of India world bank has signed a one hundred and forty seven million dollar loan agreement with which Indian state for its municipal development project 147 million the loan will be given by world bank to darken gherkin now remember World Bank you know World Bank's president is David Malpass from America and there is a person from Jharkhand called Arjun Munda and he is the Minister for tribal affairs and his Lok Sabha constituency is Kunti who has been appointed as the national president of Indian bullion and jewelers association what is his name he is parrot V Raj Qatari and he will replace Mohit harpeia Maruti Suzuki India they have joined hands with which Bank they have collaborated with which bank for vehicle financing the bank is Bank of Baroda Bank of Baroda recently merged with Dana Bend and Vijay event and Maruti Suzuki there is a car called CS and Ranveer Singh is the brand ambassador for the same data sovereignity the pursuit of supremacy data is the new oil as they say and the country that will rule data will rule the world data sovereignty the pursuit of supremacy this is a book penned down by which person this book is recently written by mister we need the Goenka we need Goenka can you tell me who has written the book recently called called gun island Grand Island is a book written by which person and that person recently won which award both the questions are important and yeah that's enough one question is enough which state has released a flood hazard atlas for efficient management of floods in the state which state is it it is Odessa Odessa Odessa they every year you know there are there is at least one disaster that what he surfaces every year mohamed old khazzani he has become the new president-elect that is he has won the presidential elections of each country this country recently conducted elections for the first time in 60 years it is mauritania mauritania they got independence from France government of India they have distributed free do darshan set-top boxes to people living in the border areas of which state the state is Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir which malayalam movie has become the first Indian film to win outstanding artistic achievement at the Shanghai International Film Festival which movie the movie is called Valmer angle and Shanghai is the headquarter of what new Development Bank also called BRICS Bank and just a little bit about the movie so Velma Randall it is called trees under the Sun you know if you translate it to English trees under the Sun it is the first film to win this award it is directed by Vijay Kumar the mother on b-joo Kumar the mother on which of the following temples will get a dedicated in-house Disaster Response Force by September 2020 the temple is Mata Vaishno Devi shrine it is located in Jammu and Kashmir in contra to be precise national TV day of the Seafarer 2019 was observed on which date day of the Seafarer CFA what is the meaning of Seafarer Seafarer simply means the person who travels by see you know like boat man and always evilly who use sea as a mode of transport or Seafarer it is 25th of June 25th of June and they started a campaign also with the hashtag I am on board with gender equality I am on board with gender equality June the 25th it marks how many years of the emergency that was imposed by indra gandhi national emergency under article 352 so it is the 44th anniversary of emergency in 1975 in the Regardie imposed emergency which went on till 77 which state has stopped the needy i oaks health index 2019 so it is the second edition of the health index last year Kerala was number one among the larger states and this year is no different Kerala has the best health care in India and among the smaller states Mizoram it has the best health care in India among the smaller states if I talk about the union territories then Chandigarh is the best yeah the second best is Andhra Pradesh and third best is Maharashtra okay the worst healthcare you know one of the worst healthcare in India is in you P Bihar and Orissa they are the worst performing states you P Bihar and Odisha India's Health Minister is dr. Hirsh warden who has been appointed as the new chief of the Indian Coast Guard very important question Indian Coast Guard takes care of our long coastline Gujarat has the longest coastline of India followed by Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh new chief minister is Jagan 100 D so Krishnaswamy nitrogen k nitrogen is the new chief of in him Coast Guard and recently there is a ship called vigraha it was decommissioned by the Indian Coast Guard named the freedom fighter who led the NGO elaboration movement in 1950 who passed away recently his name is Mohan Ranieri Mohan Reddy who has won the prestigious red ink award for journalist of the year what is his name she is Regina Kara Reznik Kira has won the journalist of the year for her expose a hard data link who has become the first ever Bangladesh batsman to score 1000 runs in the history of the welcome he is Shakib Al Hasan he is the first Bangladeshi to score 1000 runs who has become the first Australian in 43 years to climb to the top of the WTA singles ranking Women's Tennis Association basically not many great tennis players we have from Australia in the current crop maybe Lea 10 who it was the last after that I don't remember any good Australian tennis player now coming to the women's ranking she is world number one now in tennis her is Ashleigh Barty Ashleigh Barty tetralogy is the study of work so petrology is the scientific study of rocks rocks what they are made up of their texture their structure and so on buh doo buh doo is a form of shifting cultivation in which state podu is a shifting cultivation in Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh shifting cultivation is also called zoom cultivation it is also called slash-and-burn okay now let's come to the answers of the quiz so mana meta metric sir size is between ne and Bangladesh important thing is that this exercise is not conducted by army navy or Air Force rather it is conducted between the border security forces of both the countries Sri scheme is started by the Ministry of HRD human resource development and our HRD minister is Ramesh VOC really Schunk his Lok Sabha constituency his Haridwar PM Modi has declared the financial year 2020 as the year of construction technology construction technology name of the first Braille laptop is dot book do DB double okay dot book India's first oil museum will come up in Guwahati in Assam Assam has two important refinery also the big boy refinery and normally garden refinery so this was the video of oil 25th off not 25th 26th of June I hope you liked and enjoyed the video if you did give me a thumbs up do like comment share and subscribe and do check out our fine drive forces these are self prep courses and check out the course is on study I could come I'll see you tomorrow same time morning 5:00 a.m. take care

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