just quickly wanted to say at the beginning of this video big shout out to Gekko on Twitter or his at is g3 ck 0 underscore CS he helped me a bunch with getting some of the screenshots for this video and it really means a lot that he came out and helped me so yeah thanks hey guys it's your boy progress and today we got a brand new video for you and this time I will be going over a very very requested artist which I actually previously did talked about on my Twitter before anybody even mentioned his name but people have been trying to request me to talk about the guy zoomx and today I will be going over why I believe he is an industry plant for those you guys who don't know what an industry plant is it's basically where a label or someone works for a label sees a lot of potential in somebody during the current markets that are moving and they just pump a bunch of money and connections and random shit into them in hopes that they'll stick to be able to get some kind of financial gain out of it and once again this is usually a very enticing offer to new and up-and-coming artists who are often younger because they don't understand the negative connotation that comes with doing all of the shit basically that somebody else wants you to do now this one's slightly different because the way that I actually found out about him was because I kept getting recommended his new song which was trapped at least I thought that was the first time that I had heard about him until I realized ha he looks a lot like this dude and that's because yes this guy is the same kid who ran around the classroom yelling wolf star and they didn't think I would do this I mean I would hope they wouldn't think that the fucking celery stick haired kid wouldn't be just running around the classroom smoking a blunt in the middle of a lesson that's just my thought though the first reason the people thought that jumex was probably gonna be an industry plant was because they noticed like oh my gosh I don't even know who this kid is he's got almost 3 million views on his music video like he came out of fucking nowhere he's got to be a plan and yeah I'll say right now one of the easiest ways to detect if somebody might be an industry plant is if you go onto their channel and there are other social medias and they have one song and that one song is exploding well beyond what their follower count or anything else that they've had in the past and they just seemed to randomly grow out of nowhere from you know for seemingly no reason just like the baby goth situation you know jumex actually does have more songs that he's made in the past she's just removed them all and they are very much so lower quality than this stuff that he has out now so maybe that's why he removed it and he also did rebrand his name from being little Zhu max to jumex which you know at least he removed a little but I mean the fact that he had it there in the first place isn't looking too hot already but obviously that isn't the only way of being able to tell that he is an industry plant in any way there are a couple parts and I will explain those if you look back on Zhu Max's actual stats that came from last year as provided by socialblade you'll be able to see that he didn't really have any subscriber growth or even that many views that got accumulated in the span of from like the past March or whatever it ends up being it shows that he had roughly a hundred subscribers gained in the entire like last nine months up until before the music video had dropped and back then as well he gained maybe I think it was roughly about a thousand views or something in that time span so obviously he wasn't you know exploding or a massive up-and-coming artist up until the point of his random music video being dropped but you see that little bump right there that right there is the day that the trapped music video came out it got almost 4.5 thousand views that day and then the following seven days it dropped well below those numbers and at one point was actually getting less than 700 views on its worst day then the most noticeably weird section is right here where it shows that his video was getting less and less views for about four days straight going all the way down to only 31 K in a day to then boom out of nowhere a hundred and two thousand views the next day but then it was weird because all of a sudden after the hundred and two thousand views the very next day he only got 32 thousand views and then the following day after that he got a hundred and thirty two thousand v Jews what the fuck is going on with those numbers this dudes views would die explode cut in half and then explode again that's not normal so he might have been actually getting put into recommended and that's what those low points were was the recommended section just taking over but that's not where all the views came from it also makes me suspicious because you can see in his youtube analytics on socialblade it usually tells you what your percentages are in difference from the month before but basically that's not at all what this did it showed – – for each his subscriber count and his view count meaning that it had nothing to go off of for previous months cuz he had no other content now there's two things that could obviously be able to make him get that many views one being that he got promoted which is confirmed but in a way that's a little bit different that I'll go into more detail later and then there's also the possibility of sub botting or view botting we may not have full evidence obviously of him view botting on the YouTube video although it's pretty compelling when his views were massively skyrocketing then dropping really low cuz that doesn't look like natural growth at all there's also another thing though which is on his soundcloud we can look at right here you can see that a song trap had 3.2 million plays which is an insane number but what's wrong with that well just look at the interactions less than 10,000 likes and less than 700 reposts what for those of you don't use soundcloud let me break this down for you that straight up literally impossible to get a better look at a comparison to see what his stats should look like if they were real I took other artists who are semi known and put them against his song with either when they had less views than his or if they had slightly about the same amount just you guys can get a general idea of what a normal ratio looks like so just remember that Jim X's song trapped had 3.2 million plays with less than 10,000 likes here we got skinny from the 9 song crush 3 with only 3.1 million plays but it has 22 point nine thousand likes then we got two songs by global Dan one of them with two million plays and 28 thousand likes the other with only five hundred and seventy six thousand plays but over ten thousand likes and finally we got two songs by Oliver tree one with 3.8 million plays and almost 80 thousand likes and the other with 1 million plays and 21 thousand likes when you see those numbers stacked next to Jim X's you start to realize that what he's doing is a little impossible another way to tell that he's probably viewbotting is that I had gone and screenshotted his soundcloud like this on January 11th of 2019 where he had only one song on there and that was the one with the 3.2 million views but then for some reason six days later being January 17th of 2019 I go and all of a sudden there's a new song that claims it's been there for the same amount of time and apparently has over a million views yeah I don't know about you guys but I don't think it's possible that 8,000 followers can get you a million plays in six days now let's go back to what I mentioned that the promotional stuff was actually confirmed because that stuff is also a little strange to me if you go back to the music video you'll see that the music video was directed by a guy named taco whose taco you ask well he's a massive DJ and a member of Odd Future which is a really big group so how the fuck did taco know who Jim X was I don't have an answer for that question I'm just I'm just literally asking how did somebody with almost a million followers know somebody who had like less than 15,000 before their music video came out go ahead and type in the comments like oh he probably had a friend who had a friend and they probably were the ones who said that you know oh he's getting connections with him and then they got in contact with him or oh maybe maybe he's just a friend of his maybe that's how he directed it and okay that's cool but when is the last time that one of your friends paid for an entire music video that had three executive directors a cinematographer a production designer a heron makeup artist and editor a graphic designer and a fucking production assistant I will sit here and wait for you to be able to tell me which one of your friends was going to put tens of thousands of dollars into making a music video for you I'll cut you off right there none and there's gonna be other people who are gonna say well what if his label paid for it well I doubt that since the one label he signed to is an absolute nobody that has no followers or any social media stuff that's active and the other one is just one of those online services that's basically a distribution center and the final argument that most people will try and make is oh well what if he just has rich parents and he was just able to pay for it himself once again no because then why would he have a fake chain yes this is a photo that was deleted off of his Instagram that I ended up finding and if you don't believe me there's also a picture of him on his Instagram right now that has him wearing the exact same chain but it's from far away so you can't see what it looks like but yeah why would he own fake chains if he was able to pump tens of thousands of dollars into a music video I'd also like to point out that Jew Mex is violating the YouTube Terms of Service when it comes to abusing of the tags it also was bad when you look at the fact that he decided to put two recently past artists in his tag description as well as adding in some of xxx identity on song names in there as well off of his recent project to try and generate more views and obviously there's stuff like ninja and fortnight and just other popular artist terms which once again that's against the YouTube tos and now here is where I think that him being planted into the industry is the most visible and that's with some of the people who were promoting his stuff one of the people jumex got shouted out by was DJ snake one of the biggest producers in the entire world how the fuck does DJ snake know who Jim X is okay him being you know the other person taco being an artist or whatever and being in the industry I could see that but when in the hell did DJ snake find the time of day to look and search through this random ass kid song I don't get it at all he's got massive artists and massive producers throwing him into the industry with no one knowing where he came from and no one knowing who he is I don't care how much money you get paid to do it why are you throwing trash artists into the industry it is not a good look even if he brought something new to the table when it came to rap or music in general I could at least see your reasoning for wanting to do that he doesn't even do that he rhymes fucking wavy with wavy again that's not original oh and he he ends up throwing in another wavy down at the bottom of that verse to make things worse he's basically a shittier low pump yes I'm actually going to compare him to low pump but worse when it comes to lyricism and even just his actual scream rapping in the song is very unprofessionally done it sounds like he isn't vocally trained at all as soon as I heard him it actually reminded me for any of you guys who know who he is immortal HD a few years back there had a little group that he did music with he tried doing that and it sounds exactly the way that jumex does so it leads me to think that he is so underprepared to be an artist of any kind why is he being so promoted by these dudes like I said money is cool but why would anyone do this I guess the equivalent comparison to that is we've never had lettuce come into the trap game before so at least they took a spin on it and one quick thing that I actually wanted to bring up is well is the fact that his face tattoos that you see like the heart and the X's across his face that isn't even an original thing that he did it was actually stolen from a previous person that he worked with back in the day before the dreads and before everything else like any of tattoos that he had the the design was stolen from one of those people he worked with back in a traffic group like jumex is the epitome of an originality complete creative drain and just everything that we don't need in the industry right now but anyway guys I hope you did enjoy this video and that you learned something from it if you see somebody come out of nowhere with no previous muse except for the one song that's blown up then be careful out there you might be inside of the forest but yeah guys hope you enjoyed the video thank you for watching and I will see you in the next one [Applause]


  1. His dad "Charlie Luis" supported him throughout his beginnings… Check out jumex's dads..new song…"Perreo" with over a million views already…

  2. newsflash
    all artist are "industry plants". literally if u go from unfamous to famous, its because you get the attention of a label somehow then blow up. its the history of literally every artist ever in history you're fucking retarded lmao.

  3. It's one thing if supposed plants are actually good. But he's not. If Post is a plant, at least his music actually slaps and adds something to the industry. This is just some kid stealing from a bunch of rappers. I even saw a video saying Oliver Tree was a plant (which he isn't, he made music for years indepenedently and did stunt tricks before he did the OT act), and if that were the case, it still hella slaps.

  4. Jumex is not a industry plant because in lnstagram. he said that he deleted his old music because its quality was trash .so check your info

  5. I went to high school with that guy and also skated with him to used to be sort of friends after I started making videos about him we started talking crap about me two other people and also his real name is Mark and also he used to be a part of a punk rock band I watched him before him a couple times with his band but they split up

  6. I would never go anywhere harboring hate or malice. I do not agree with him in some parts and he got kind of petty with the whole tattoo thing at the end. People get Lil Peep's tattoos, I'm actually planning on getting one of his tattoos as well. Look at Lil Tracy and Wiggy. His whole arguement about Jumex's face tattoo was just a little too opinionated in the end.

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