Julius Malema Says they are ready to Govern South Africa

Julius Malema Says they are ready to Govern South Africa

we are only six there will always out vote us when we say let's take the land and when we come back to you to explain you will say our politicians you are like that you always explain who are ready to take government we can take it anytime when I'm scared of anything to run government is the simplest thing because you employ people with qualification and you pay them so simple thing you just hire qualified people and not to this meet York of NC of hiring a teacher of geography to phot of health [Applause] you look for the right man and the right woman for the job just look at the e FF we hired a doctor to be a spokesperson a doctor the highest form of qualification this journal is da when they go to questioning they think twice for because it's qualified more than them [Applause] they know that he knows his story but when you hire Milan banner to be a spokesperson they will just run all over that person because they know this fellow is challenged but once you hire the best of the best who will run this PE we can run it successfully we would have gone into an alliance with the ANC to run PE but we said one thing fast and South Africa doesn't seem to appreciate that we said to the ANC give us a visit on us or anything close to mutevazi Jonah's which has got a history of fighting corruption right till today the ANC looked inside they even tended their back upset down there is no one who is close to motive in situ on us you don't see that as an opportunity to expose a new tone that even a new tone doesn't have a person who is corrupt free but I sniggers away no mod because they checked inside they there's no one no one who have exposed them that a new tone is actually an old torn and it's not even in a new portal of dawn illusion it is in the world torn button there's nothing new about Rama pause there is nothing new about the ANC the Aryans impact us they said to us don't give us PE don't give us Ronnie maybe topic why because there is no NC coherent and see in Tony in PE they still have some remnants of something like that in Joe Peck that's why they are asking for Joe Peck they've said you can take PE and track the Newton is unable to produce the new canva so there is a problem here where a problem but let me tell you we not going to vote for truly and I want trollop to continue leading I don't care as long as he is leading without the mandate of the e FF so that we can give a historical account of why we withdraw our vote if he wins is no problem they will not be a war is a democracy in action tomorrow we must be there in our numbers to support our councillors if anyone wins we live peacefully to our home but would have officially withdrawn our vote we will not vote with them when they pass budget we will not vote with them for anything until they correct the mass of the land because we are serious about the sea I mean even if you want me to be a good Samaritan you want me not to get a fundamental vote from the DA and after that I must fold my arms as if nothing happened what type of a political parties this when you are challenged on your fundamental policies you don't take a stand to demonstrate your seriousness when we said this Cardinal pillars are non-negotiable way minute were not playing we told we shall deliver free education in our lifetime more than hundred thousand kids are getting free education in this country because of the efforts of the e FF the NC voted with us in Parliament for expropriation of land without compensation today they've turned against it they say no there is no need to amend the Constitution the Constitution is clear why they voted with us because they were under pressure from us but now they are white horses say to them silly why did you do what you did in Parliament because silly accounts to rupert accounts to Oppenheimer's they told him were you thinking we'll give you all the resources to become a president once you become a president you turn your back at us I said to Cyril we will see if you are bluffing about land expropriation without compensation it didn't take long already now they say ha ha ha ha we didn't mean expropriation we mainly land redistribution we fill the food parcels and what I don't hear what you see our position is very clear we don't want any piece of land to be paid for because it was taken by force it was taken through genocide and people say no what about traditional leaders we need to democratize the process of traditional leaders when it comes to distribution of land in the rural areas because some of our traditional leaders even refused to give women land we cannot have that under democratic dispensation women must own land man must own land white White's must own land we Cole and who have never said any white man must leave South Africa we said to them who are going to share according to the Democratics of this country meaning a bigger portion will be owned by black people no white man shall leave South Africa because of us we will never do that today we are told that we are a fascist organization you know fascist the people who kill their opponents fascists are those who believe in sameness so when a leader dresses like this all of you and you come in here you must dress like this when a leader works like this you must all look the same that's what fascism is about any different opinion you are not punished you are killed but this fascist da were standing before you they voted the opposition they have not killed the opposition we voted in opposition into power here in Nelson Mandela in Joburg intron but a new definition of fascism but emphasis is the one that would for opposition that's who we are we are fastest and fastest in South Africa is an organization that goes to God to protect the powers of a Public Protector that's a fastest a fastest in South Africa is an organization that makes a corrupt president to pay back the money and stop down that's a new definition of fascism in sort of Li because we are fascists who are useless like that a fascist is the one that says we meet equal rights and opportunities in South Africa between black and white in South Africa a fascist is the one that says the children of the poor must go to school for free of touch a fascist in South Africa is the one that goes and help the truck drivers to be paid proper salaries they say to me you said you will kill for Zuma and then you change and then you apologize therefore you are a fascist but llama person ever said is going to kill for anyone he said he needed and concomitant action against the workers in maracanรฃ they were

39 thoughts on “Julius Malema Says they are ready to Govern South Africa

  1. yes malema is the best of the worst…fought corruption with zuma…works for the zionist and globalist cabal…perfect candidate for destruction…and thugs…yes please dont vote,,,we need less votes from this group.

  2. My CIC is very intelligent ๐Ÿค“ Jealous down donโ€™t care who says what or whatsoever Viva โœŠ๐ŸฟโœŠ๐ŸฟEFF Amandla ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ

  3. we as Afr24News we will vote for the EFF as the truth organisation we are tired for corruption news from the ANC they were defending corruption let the corruptions vote for them

  4. This is what we called a great politician in Africa, EFF please don't give up forward we go.our Africa leaders too has problems, they love the white more than anything in the world.

  5. What if Malema become president of South Africa, & physical revel us ion broke out in South Africa against the white minority, that will even become the fail of South Africa.

  6. after what you did in Gauteng to hired Permanent Securities in Johannesburg Municipality i trust in you we are already running this country we are coming to cape town we want 51% for our GOV of that GAS Total find in Cape Town.

  7. What in this world, can blacks fight over lands in Europe, damn no. Give the lands back without compensation.

  8. malema can be a good friend to Africa union members he has the vision for Africans and thats what we want in this africa we are one africa lets brake the borders with malema๐Ÿ‘Š a guy from east africa Rwanda – Rwanda for julius malema

  9. Black Americans stand with you brother trump is trying to set laws so he can start a war with you guys every day heโ€™s been talking about South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ I donโ€™t feel safe I feel like if we can we should move to Africa and fight for our real country and our real ppl we need to unite now trump is trying to pass these laws so he can declare war on Africa if any of us wants to survive this we need to unite and fight

  10. African are like caged birds, After been enslaved for too long, even if you open the door wide open for them for they will be hesitant to go free..they are waiting for approval from THE WHITE MAN to say it's okay to support MALEMA. This is the ONLY politician in Africa to represent THE TRUE INTERESTED OF SOUTH AFRICANS AND AFRICA AT LARGE

  11. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Speak brother Malema . Time to get the eurocentrically brainwashed African puppet leaders out of the way . We have an African continent to reclaim from white supremacists.

  12. So if a person has the right education and experience is a none black will be aloud to be a minster under a EFF goverment because you said the best people should be in those jobs.
    And has he not said in parliament on many occasions that the state should have the ownership and be incharge

  13. Am a kenyan and more HAPPY WITH this man. I would have voted you in sir. Keep your potential to rehabilitate South Africa more strong actually you shall.

  14. South Africans l swear these revolutionaries talk the talk but can't walk the walk. They just talk l'm from Zimbabwe they bambozooled us with that bankrupt communist ideology of fake revolution and destroyed our economy. Please please South Africans be very smart find a capitalistic system and work with the whites believe me the devil you know is better. Revolutionaries are FAKE and LiERS they are so corrupt a Nigerian is a saint compaired to these fake revolutionaries. Watch the suffering of Zimbabweans on Youtube. Just watch.

  15. Simple thing to run a country….. Mgmmm hell no, however correct that it requires capable skilled people thou unlike cANCer party

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