Julius Malema Destroys A French Journalist | You Wont Believe What He Had To Say

Julius Malema Destroys A French Journalist | You Wont Believe What He Had To Say

and there are no tension since all of them that tensions in France this burning in France there's never been an SI PC that left here and went to France and asked your president what is equal to two with tensions in France solve your tensions in front and stop imagining tensions in South Africa they are not you are about the first question first question though the first question was never perpetuated hatred the a cuttable institution called South African human life of all the statements you want to complain about they said these are not hate speeches please do not swear any problems there might be robust you might be scared but that's how democracy is like in South Africa it's a robust sometimes we engage each other to a point you think what even going to attack each other fiscally it will not happen so stop the imagination unless my normal tension there is no equality directly instigating violence were in the air for five years we've been speaking the same language has never been violent actually if anything we are the one to go amongst violent communities and defuse tension especially between South Africans and fellow African brothers and sisters we're the ones who have done that not to impress were born into those communities addressed them ourselves directly so you are imagining a tension between black and white communities caused by EF is not true the attention that is there is an inequality which exists in some lovely it can only be resolved by not aircraft keeping right no it will be resolved by sharing the wealth yeah I think because you think that is not my point what am i what I'm telling is that according to some people there are people who claim that you have been to intentions that was my question I'm not coming here and saying this you're afraid of the country but I'm asking you how you politic – don't you believe that but if you want mention their names the only reasonable conclusion I can come to is that you imagine things if it is not you the people you are with you have a collective they are not changes yeah I'm not my candle flame is mine you can leave your camera's game and watch the tunxi and water the cities you will never find that attitude our people will engage you and tell you of the problems of inequality than you experiencing in this country that is the biggest problem the problem of whiteness the problem of white superiority which think is untouchable and anyone that threatens its comfort it's an enemy and must be projected as a monster and Robert worried about that we are making the comfortable to feel uncomfortable and we are making the uncomfortable T will come and have hope that tomorrow will be better than today we don't apologize AMA that we want equality we want white supremacy our last in South Africa we want an equal society if that is free of tensions I'm happy to full changes thank you

15 thoughts on “Julius Malema Destroys A French Journalist | You Wont Believe What He Had To Say

  1. That's our traditional at limpopo we fo not tolerate nonsense especially from white people who thinks their more superior than black

  2. Corrupt.Inept.Clown Malema talking shit again, typical left thing is to do is erect a Straw man argument. This man is a fraud, time will show.

  3. Western propaganda at it's best smh. You can tell the French journalist doesn't even know what he's talking about hence he just froze. White supremacy must fall and the wealth must be shared. End of!

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