Judge rules impeachment inquiry is legal

Judge rules impeachment inquiry is legal

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  1. President Donald J. Trump for at least four more years!! There is no alternate viable choice. He knows what should happen in order to get our country back on track and he is obviously fully capable of leading us there. It's quite possible that, had the Senate and House given him even minimal assistance since his election, our country would have blossomed even more quickly.

  2. Republican action to block??? If you lay a coin on the end of a spatula and slap the other end, the coin flying off the handle isn't the action. Its the reaction.

  3. You can tell the US is an unbelievable rich country. They can throw away money on court cases. Except the homeless live on the streets and use it as a toilet. Which makes you wonder, where is justice for the people. Cause the countries really,really,really rich.

  4. Even democrats are disgusted with the focus of their party. Socialism, Hate, Blame, and Secret interviews are not attractive and accomplishing nothing. Americans are smarter than leftists.

  5. What judge? Most likely one that has ties to clinton and soros. Americans will not allow the impeachment of our chosen president. Demorats will have to get over the fact that thiscountry is no longer led by hollywood.

  6. It all boils down to the fact that the Dems wanted a 'politician' elected as President, not an outsider. Period. And they will continue to stop at nothing to demean this man until his 8 years are up.

  7. Well, 1 brave judge decides to follow the law and constitution, another nail in the impeachment coffin. Way to go judicial branch. We need more people to tell the truth like the whistleblower and all the public servants and we need more judges to follow the law.
    Trump can't simply pretend he's the victim here. He's the one who's lied so many times that if we find his responses suspect, he's the one to be held accountable for it.

  8. USA: CO2 emissions from fossil fuel per person (2017): 16.2 metric tons, China: CO2 emissions from fossil fuel per person (2017): 7.1 metric tons. US is not taking responsibility. Trump is your choice, and he denies climate change. Your vote is your responsibility.

  9. If you only watch CNN then you think Trump withheld $1bil in aid to have a prosecutor fired to protect Hunter Biden.

  10. Shiff is acting like a child and it needs to be in the open NOW the tax payer wants to see what the interrogation is doing.

  11. Throwing a tantrum is what you do to take attention away from the fact that you don't have a defense. This isn't rocket science. If you violate the constitution you are likely to get impeached. DUH!

  12. Crooked Hillary keeping secrets taught Democrats nothing it seems? What a waste of resources that's gonna be for Democrats relearning that chapter of history? Donald already said it will go to Supreme Court, not there yet.

  13. Can a President under impeachment run for a second term? It seams the only people seeing this impeachment as lawful are the Dems who know they need to use any means or face another loss.

  14. Dems won the 2018 elections because of the Clinton Russiagate conspiracy that was proven unfounded. Why are those elections valid. And who was this anchor?

  15. Even this article doesn’t have the clickbait header, and blatant disrespect for the US constitution as some greased up mental case uses verbal tai chi to defend our president’s decisions.

    It’s just….news….amazing.

    I Appreciate that 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Fox!

  16. Democrats need to keep in mind, what goes around, comes around. All the vicious hounding of this President, the incessant schemes to bring him down, this will all be done to them if they should gain power…they have set the bar very low and it won't be raised up just because they are in charge…God forbid.

  17. This is all BS and ridicules! Trump is doing EVERYTHING RIGHT and the little bastards cannot stand it. That is ALL THERE IS! Stop the nonsense!!! For the love of God, DO YOUR RESEARCH ON TRUMP and the HORRORS of OBAMA!!!!

  18. Won't it be Great to have a presidential administration that works toward some goals good for America and provides a good example of leadership and vision instead of one always breaking the law, lying, and putting personal interest before the public's? It''s only a year or so away! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. : )

  19. Host: So are Democrats quaking in their boots now that is is a criminal probe?
    Doug Schoen: No, but they should be.
    EPIC. Be sure to revisit this page a year from now.

  20. If Trump actually did something to be impeached over, sure, it SHOULD be carried out. IF he had done anything wrong, anything they had PROOF of, Adam Schitt or James Comey, or John O. Brennan would have leaked to their presstitutes in MSM before Trump was even elected! Obama was having Trump spied on as far back as 2015! IF THEY HAD ANY EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING IT WOULD HAVE BEEN LEAKED TO US A LONG TIME AGO! All this is about is muddying the waters so much Trump loses in 2020! SHAMEFUL!

  21. Title, what judge?
    The system here has a massive hole, if the judicial is corrupted, because by nature some human wil be, then what kind of absolute power should a minor corrupted individual should have over a country?
    Appeal right away.


  23. Yeah, sure! Why is it a crazy thing to here when you are a puppet controlled judge, of course their going to do what the elite says to do…..either do what they say or theyll ruin that judges life and his families! Of course this is going to happen, any logical person would know this, problem is, you have milions and millions of very untillegent people. Most of America is stupid as sh*t! The dumba$$e$ outnumber the logical people, enough said.

  24. Trump: Draining swamp

    Demorats: Been saying impeach before he took office.

    American people: Trump 2020🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸🎊🇺🇸

  25. Impeachment is been the only tool they have to win 2020. which in my mind is not a win at all, it will of course be a coup,. It will invite repercussion. I have and will vote republican every where on ballot from here on out. this is a pure curse of too much estrogen in congress

  26. An Obama appointed judge. They are supposed to be impartial and yet side with Dems 99% of the time and that is not because the Dems are legit.

  27. How stupid can people be?!?! It's an inquiry NOT impeachment hearings. IF there is enough evidence for high CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS, then there will be impeachment hearings. Not everyone is unintelligent enough to be manipulated by you. You're just trying to start more drama in a drama filled government. Pathetic!!!

  28. Ain't gonna stick! Take to the Supreme CT. Dems are crazy as 💩 may they end up with egg on their faces! Trump 2020!! 🇺🇸

  29. The judge is wrong. Must be some Obama judge that has no brain, like the rest of the people Obama hired. The Constitution says otherwise, fake judge.

  30. First of all, FOX doesn't report on which court, or which judge, made this ruling. They just cut to the two guests, without a bit of context. You call THAT reporting?

  31. Who cares what some crooked leftist marxist judge says, I bet you can find 5000 other judges who do NOT agree. Everything about this whole operation is an absolute fraud, including it's chairman.

  32. @ 0:55 + No, You are wrong Mr. Schoen. People are elected TO make JUDGMENTS FOR their constituents. Miss Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Al Green, and the Honorable man of the utmost highest integrity, Adam Schiff are doing what We want.

  33. Republicans can appeal. As you can see from the case law, the Federal Courts can enforce House rules. The following demonstrates that the House is not immune from judicial review of the constitutionality of House procedures, "…for the purpose of determining the essential character of the inquiry recourse must be had to the resolution or order under which it is made.” What resolution is there to authorize an impeachment inquiry? And what are the 2019 House rules regarding access to transcripts? (Hint: Rep. Crenshaw has read the rules to Rep Schiff and has insisted that the Chairman follows the rules.)
    Congressional Investigations
    Broad as the power of inquiry is, it is not unlimited. The power of investigation may properly be employed
    only “in aid of the legislative function.” Its outermost boundaries are marked, then, by the outermost boundaries of the power to legislate. In principle, the Court is clear on the limitations, clear, “that neither
    house of Congress possesses a ‘general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen’; that the power actually possessed is limited to inquiries relating to matters of which the particular house ‘has jurisdiction’ and in respect of which it rightfully may take other action; that if the inquiry relates to ‘a matter wherein relief or redress could be had only by a judicial proceeding’ it is not within the range of this power, but must be left to the courts, conformably to the constitutional separation of governmental powers; and that for the purpose of determining the essential character of the inquiry recourse must be had to the resolution or order under which it is made.”

  34. LOL! Trump and the GOP TRAITORS he was with greeted with thunderous boos and “lock him up” chant at the World Series! Outside of the Fox FAKE News bubble the MAJORITY of PATRIOTIC Americans are for IMPEACHMENT and REMOVAL of CRIMINAL Trump!!!

  35. Despicable lie from the mouth of a child of Perdition! An Impeachment inquiry IS NOT an Impeachment! You cannot hold someone guilty until proven innocent, neither can you try anyone without due process…i.e. Initiate an Impeachment without the collective vote of the House, by open vote each name recorded in the Register, without an enpaneled Grand Jury to subpoena, cross-examine and the like, and without a final vote of guilt or innocence. I pray my Heavenly Father deliver to those, our country's enemies that are doing this immediate and complete destruction for even daring to do such wickedness.

  36. The issue is not having an enquiry, but in its methods & attempts to frame a duly elected President , without due process

  37. Graham speaking out about the way they’re handling this but forgot how Nixon and Clinton’s impeachment went 🤔 he was the main person asking for it to be deposed…oh, but now it’s different lol they also misinform… select republicans are allowed ! imagine being one of the republicans that are able to be in there and you protest 😅🤡

  38. Can someone get a grip. This clip is totally disingenuous. There is nothing secretive about the impeachment process. This is just a fact finding exploratory stage.100% normal to do it in private so witnessed feel comfortable and it doesn’t turn into a circus. There will be open testimony in a couple of weeks and then the trial in the senate will be public as well.

  39. Meanwhile in the real world the evidence against Trump is piling up in this legitimate inquiry 🤣🤣🤣 Dems don’t have to manufacture it. Trump and Mnuchin have already exposed the truth

  40. Hypocrites. Republicans, wasting years and years on Benghazi and Emails (with no results) now say…people want no inquiry, they want to hear about policy 🤣🤣🤣 Oh, the irony. And that from the people who f*cked you over on your taxes, your healthcare, your environment and your democracy. Really FOX viewers?

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