Judge Jeanine: Trump is transparent unlike other politicians

Judge Jeanine: Trump is transparent unlike other politicians

21 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: Trump is transparent unlike other politicians


  2. you need to talk to chris fogarty he is a old school irish talking with proof about the irish actually being held at gun point and mass killing of the irish after they stripped their land of everything food livestock ect… for nearly 1000 years some one needs to put this story out no one knows the truth

  3. God bless you judge Jeanine… you always have the best opening…. I want to see Adam Schiff and Hillary investigated. … they and all of the deep state have done the exact thing they accused President Donald Trump of doing… for two years President Donald Trump’ was being investigated for something he never did but Democrats did……I’m eager to see how AG Barr and John Durham ‘s investigation goes with investigating the real criminals… these people should be behind bars…

  4. Wish I could single out just one, but there are just too many corrupt idiots in out government and it's time we over them. It's not only our God given right but its our right as American citizens. We stand united help clean the swamp and protect our president and our way of life. Not just for us but also the people of the world.

  5. They just don’t like him because he talks like all of us he is not a drone politician he is transparent and keeps it real

  6. Why’s the issue u have to hear it to report it and yes why was it legal for mark warner — great question

  7. I don't believe these democrats hate Trump. They liked him before he became president. They are horrified by what he's doing, which is exposing their secrets, corruption, and crimes.

  8. Where is that fountain of youth (don't you start with botox and fillers, jokes, please, cos they're gonna fall flat) Ms. Judge Jeannine is drinking from??? I wanna know!!! If she wrote a book on lifestyle and self care describing her daily routine, diet, exercise, cosmetics treatments she's undergoing… etc, I'd be the first one to pre-order.

  9. Everyone of the politicians in the democratic party are liers and most Republicans as well. The Democrats are pushing to impeach the president simple because they hate his style and he's not one of them. They think they can get the American people to sign a petition to impeach him. For what he hasn't broken any laws. They want to impeach him for keeping his campaign promises like cutting taxes building the border wall,stop terrorists from coming into our country, negotiating better deals for our country interests with foreign governments like China,N.Korea,Mexico, Canada,Britain and others. We The People want you and your buddies in the news media to know until you put Obama and Hillary and gang in jail you can stick your petition where the sun doesn't shine.

  10. rumor has it that Hillary wears those giant overcoats because she has one last laptop in there with all the evidence against Obama in case she gets busted

  11. so lets see… had foreign operatives offered Trump dirt on Clinton he should have called the FBI, the same FBI who was out to get Hillary elected and stop Trump at any cost??? that FBI?

  12. the girlie clothes they put their girls/women in, are just not "them", especially our dear Judgette here. Even in Dayglow colors, gimmeabreak!

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